In the land where life comes wrapped in a large number of tints and energetic hues blasted through forsake cloudiness, Alsisar Mahal takes you through the captivating universe of Rajasthan’s formal attire, provincial rises, and eccentric Festivals!

A fantastic universe of intriguing hand-painted havelis (manors), the whole town painted with amazing stories; Shekhawati grasps the semi-dry town of Alsisar inside itself. Arranged 23 km from Shekhawati’s locale headquarters – ‘Jhunjhunu’, Alsisar is outstanding for the variety of hues it gathers somewhere inside the heart of its natural betray.

pool-alsisar-mahalInside this legacy arrives raises an eminent and stunning royal residence of Alsisar – “Alsisar Mahal”. The seventeenth-century fight solidified Alsisar Mahal stands tall with its breathtaking loftiness and radiates a grand history that we are glad for.

An unparalleled portal to Rajasthan’s Royal Lifestyle Holidays, Alsisar Mahal bears stunning frescoes, great yards, sublime eating arcades, and complimenting legacy rooms and suites; each talking without any difficulty about the lavishness of imperial Rajasthani friendliness.

Accommodation: Alsisar Mahal Rajasthan

accommodation-at-alsisar-mahalYour initial step into Alsisar Mahal, the supreme gathering region offers a feeling of acknowledgment that you are transported into a period of power and glory. Magnificently outlined with many-sided works of art and superb outfitting, the lobby will escort you towards the rich illustrious Rajputana rooms and suites where you will enjoy glorious luxurious occasions.

alsisar-mahal-rajasthan-roomsEach of the 51 all-around prepared super fancy aerated and cooled rooms bears a declaration to the liberal way of life and grandness of Rajasthan’s recent sovereignty. The seventeenth-century royal residence of the Thakurs of Alsisar unfurls fortunes of history in each of its elegantly rearranged ethnic rooms and suites. The wood framing on entryways and niches finished with unique works of art gives a quality of illustrious Rajasthani engage and the royal way of life. Handpainted dividers and roofs, rich decorations and fine woven artwork supplemented by quieting sees make the living in these rooms an exceptionally unique withdrawal.

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EXPERIENCE ALSISAR: Alsisar Mahal Rajasthan

A peaceful smoothness lingers palpably on Alsisar as soon you enter the limits of this town of old and medieval havelis. The traveling tint of the way of life, visit peacock calls, and some half-overlooked chateaus set against the scenery of sky blue sky and ordinary betray, speak for Alsisar, which has absorbed its excellence the rural spell of its way of life. A cut of Shekhawati’s painted town would drift before your eyes when you look through the beguiling havelis, step-wells, and low ascent cenotaphs-some brightened while some in their vestiges strewn around the relentless Alsisar Mahal. A visit to the town will abandon you in stunningness for the momentous engineering and artistic creations of Alsisar.

HERITAGE WALK: Alsisar Mahal Rajasthan

alsisar-mahal-safaris-rajasthanFind the sublime legacy of Alsisar, it’s in that spot holding up to be investigated and shared There are heavenly havelis and cenotaphs to see by means of strolling ways all through around the Alsisar Mahal. The legacy stroll in Alsisar town and Jhunjhunu offers to investigate other vital recorded locales, sanctuaries, and structures. In the event that you are excited about shopping, Legacy Walk likewise causes you to take some time to gather nearby curios and trinkets from road markets for yourself and those back home. You may likewise visit the Souvenir Shop at Alsisar Mahal.


alsisar-mahal-safariThe immense Indian Countryside has its one-of-a-kind interest to the explorers. Alsisar Mahal is encompassed by heavenly semi-dry betray close by commonplace Rajasthani verdure. Alsisar Mahal orchestrates some energizing Safaris like Horse Safari, Camel Safari, Bullock Cart Rides, and Jeep Safaris. A one-day safari on our Mark Jeep offers to see the limitlessness of the Desert in Alsisar. Camels are organized to encounter the forsake from profound, while Bullock truck takes you through the comfortable, intriguing paths of the town. Town safari in Alsisar renders a nearby investigate the way of life of local people where you get the chance to talk, eat, click pictures, and appreciate doing some family unit exercises with the neighborhood individuals.


yoga-at-alsisar-mahalWander into the universe of Yoga and Meditation and experience untold luxury in surroundings of otherworldly interest. Our expert Yoga Trainers. In spite of the fact that many consider yoga just as a physical exercise where individuals wind, turn, extend, and take in the most complex ways, these are in reality just the most shallow part of this significant investigation of unfurling the endless possibilities of the human personality and soul.


spa-at-alsisar-mahalBy going into our Spa today, you have tended to a call of your body and mind. Be it to retouch, ruin, reestablish, or recharge, rest ensured that your internal longing today will be our most extraordinary mission. The spa and salon at Alsisar Mahal, welcome you to the universe of excess and ruining, so soaked with culture and untainted greatness of nature. What you get with our specific guides are the world’s best spas and magnificent pharmaceuticals with rich things to suit your skin.

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