When it comes to Rajasthan, there are several amazing and mesmerizing places to explore. Rajasthan is an enchanting state of India where the history fuse with modernity. There are palaces, museums, forts, gardens in this fabulous Indian state, but along with these things, there are splendid and beautiful lakes of Rajasthan to visit. This state has almost everything that a tourist may desire to see in a perfect holiday destination. The Rajasthan is a Royal state and is dotted with exquisite and exotic lakes that give a sense of tranquility along with the fabulous grand palaces and ancient temples situated along with their shores.

Rajasthan has a royal history that displays from every corner and nook of this state. This state is the land of Maharajas provides tales of India’s eminent past. The culture of this state is colorful and vibrant. When one thinks about the Rajasthan, the words that come in mind are arid, mystical, and royal. However and arid land, there are some beautiful lakes in Rajasthan. Some of the lakes are natural, and some are artificially established by the kings in ancient times to deal with the scarcity of water in the area.

Here The List Of Some Beautiful lakes of rajasthan:

1.  Lake Pichola, Udaipur lake of rajasthan

Lake Pichola udaipur

Lake Pichola is one of the beautiful lakes in Udaipur city of Rajasthan. There are many lakes in Udaipur, that’s why the city is also known as the city of lakes. Lake Pichola is the Jewel of Udaipur city. This captivating and exquisite Lake is immersed with the architectural gems and iconic landmarks of Udaipur. Lake Pichola is the most famous tourist attraction in the city. The Lake is enclosed by heritage buildings, lofty hills and bathing ghats, it is a perfect place for nature admirers and peach lovers. Lake Pichola established in 1362 AD by Pichhu Banjara throughout the ruling period of Maharana Lakha. This Lake is 3 miles in length, and 2 miles in width and depth of this Lake is 30 feet. Pichola lake of rajasthan Without a boat ride, a visit to the Lake Pichola is incomplete.

2. Pushkar Lake, Pushkar

Pushkar lake

Pushkar Lake is a Hindu pilgrimage destination to visit in Pushkar, Rajasthan. According to the Hindu holy book, this Lake is Tirtha Raj, which is known as the most essential water reservoir pilgrimage site. This water of this beautiful Lake of Rajasthan is believed to have medicinal properties and has 53 bathing ghats. The major highlight of Pushkar Lake is the temple of Lord Brahma. Rajasthan lakes – Pushkar Lake is nestled amid the Aravalli ranges in Pushkar. It is believed by the people that the Lake was created where petals of Lord Brahma’s lotus fell when he was demolishing VajraNabha.

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3. Mansagar Lake, Jaipur

Mansagar Lake jaipur

Mansagar Lake is also one of the beautiful lakes of Rajasthan. This exotic Lake is situated in the Jaipur- the Pink city. Manasagar lake is another artificial lake in the Rajasthan established in the 17th-century. This beautiful Lake is nestled amid the Amer and Jaipur on the way to Nahargarh Fort. Mansagarlake is the perfect destination for the bird watcher and a migratory zone of birds. Several Migratory birds such as wagtails, grey heron, and blue-tailed bee-eaters can be seen here. This Lake offers the panoramic view of the area.

4. Nakki Lake, Mount Abu

Nakki Lake mount abu

Nakki Lake is an enchanting and exquisite lake in Mout Abu, Rajasthan. This Lake is nestled in the Aravalli ranges and locally known as the NakkiJheel. Nakki Lake is enclosed by the fantastic natural wonders such as mountains, strangely shaped rocks, and lush green vegetation, and this Lake is actually a gem of Mount Abu hill station. This Lake is the first human-made Lake in India with a width of a quarter of a mile and a depth of approx. 11000 meters. This Lake attracts the huge number of tourists and is a perfect destination for nature admirer and peace lover.

5. Ana Sagar Lake, Ajmer


Ana Sagar Lake is a splendid artificial lake situated in the city of Ajmer in Rajasthan. This Lake is spread over the 13 sq km of land area and constructed in 1135 AD. Ana Sagarlake was engaged by the AnajiTomar, grandfather of Prithvi Raj Chauhan. This Lake is enclosed by the DaulatBagh Garden, which is an enchanting garden full of lush green vegetation, and the KhobarBehroon Temple. The best time to visit this Lake is sunsets when the views are captivating and breathtaking. The sight of this Lake is perfect from the nearby temples.

6. FatehSagar Lake, Udaipur


FatehSagar Lake is one of the most popular lakes among the several beautiful lakes in Rajasthan. This Lake is nestled in the north-west of Udaipur. FatehSagar Lake is enclosed by the Aravalli Hills and is the second-largest lake in rajasthan artificial Lake in the city. This Lake is well-known for its exotic and splendid beauty. The FatehSagar Lake is created in the 1680s and spread over the one square kilometers of area and is splits into three distinct islands. The islands of this Lake include the Nehru Park, Udaipur Solar Observatory, and a famous picnic spot featuring an amazing fountain. This Lake also comprises the various water sports for the visitors.

These lakes in Rajasthan also describes the rich culture of the state. The splendid and exotic lakes add a charm to your trip to Rajasthan, so let’s plan an amazing trip to Rajasthan and explore these beautiful lakes in Rajasthan.

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