Arranged 140 km from Udaipur and 175 km from Jodhpur, Bera is a swashbuckler’s withdraw cuddled in Aravalli ranges that offers a quiet and wonderful background to remain in this one of the nation’s most prevalent panther escape goals. Panthers are slippery, modest and all around covered and know human propensities alright to stay like a phantom in the haziness. To discover them, you require outstanding amongst other panther trackers in the district: Shatrunjay Pratap – An enthusiastic picture taker, panther darling and passionate protectionist. Not exclusively does he know the panthers in the territory well, he is additionally one reason why these panthers still have a home in Bera. A couple of years back, this rough outcropping made of significant rock that gave a home and asylum to a sound panther populace was conceded a mining lease. That would have been the finish of the panther’s last shelter. Shatrunjay and his group swung without hesitation following 2 years of circling from column to present oversaw on persuade the Rajasthan Government to stop the mining. Presently Shatrunjay has committed his life alongside his family to live with these panthers and have made a home among the stones of Bera (in the core of panther nation). Amid the previous couple of years Shatrunjay has invested energy finding out about the panthers, their development examples and propensities. He knows numerous people and tracks them every day. He has invests days in the field and is a fortune trove of data on singular creatures and their biographies.

Panther Safari In Rajasthan:


Bera Safari Lodge offers you a standout amongst other common natural surroundings of panther in the nation: The Jawai panther preservation hold close Bera in Rajasthan, India. We offer 5 expansive and sumptuous free houses with private sit outs in unadulterated regular habitat with a country setting.

Kumbhalgarh Trip:


Kumbhalgarh Fort, an UNESCO World Heritage Site – This fortress was worked throughout the fifteenth century by Rana Kumbha and extended through the nineteenth century; Kumbhalgarh is additionally the origination of Maharana Pratap, the immense lord and warrior of Mewar. You will likewise visit the etched sanctuaries at Ranakpur which is just a 2.5 hrs head out from Bera. With more than 38 km long divider, Kumbhalgarh post has the second biggest divider on the planet after the Great Wall of China. It is likewise the second biggest fortification in Rajasthan after Chittorgarh Fort.

Ranakpur Trip:


Neighborhood legend said that Dharma Shah, a nearby Jain representative, began development of the sanctuary in the fifteenth century following a heavenly vision. The sanctuary respects Adinath, the main Tirthankar and author of the Jain religion. The town of Ranakpur and the sanctuary are named after the common ruler, Rana Kumbha who upheld the development of the sanctuary. The development is very much reported in a 1437 CE copper-plate record, engravings in the sanctuary and a Sanskrit content Soma-Saubhagya Kavya.Inspired by a fantasy of a heavenly vehicle, Dhanna Shah, from Ghanerao a Porwal, initiated its development, under the support of Rana Kumbha, at that point leader of Mewar. The designer who supervised the undertaking was named Deepaka. There is an engraving on a column close to the principle hallowed place expressing that in 1439 Deepaka, an engineer built the sanctuary at the heading of Dharanka, a gave Jain.

Green Munia Bird Photography Tour:


Located at Mt Abu 2.5hrs Drive from the Lodge – India is home to eight types of Munias, having a place with the family Estrildidae. These little winged animals, found in various parts of India, are splendidly hued and have pleasant calls, of these, the green Munia is the most recognized individual from this family, with green and yellow hue, dark banished flanks and a rosy bill. This species is recorded as Vulnerable in the IUCN red rundown of undermined species as their populace is quickly declining because of boundless catch from the wild for the pet exchange. The green Munia occupies dry, rock strewn bush wildernesses, little fixes of prairies with low shrubberies, sugarcane fields, and open shrubby timberland, by and large in marshes and foothills.

Country Village:


Jawai is a place that is known for artifact, wellbeing, enterprise and secret. This area is gradually turning into an experiential medium to encounter the wild in the lap of nature. It is likewise the dwelling place the entrancing Rabari herders and panthers that will spellbind you both on safari and at the Bera Safari Lodge. The enthusiastic Rabari herders have imparted this land to untamed life for a long time and proceed with the same even today to interface the natural life and nearby culture. You will set out upon a superb country town journey with us to see our sense of duty regarding untamed life preservation and culture defending.

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Wild Cycling:


Jawai is a genuine case of unhampered wild, wherein you can appreciate access to destinations that are orderly with enterprise. You cycle around the peaceful fields where wild meadows and Jawai Bandh’s waters meet and consolidation. You can spot cranes, flamingos and other wild creatures too. Additionally observe traveling Rabari herders that are a basic piece of this current earth’s stories alongside tricky cats that vanish voluntarily and effortlessness these slopes. The Bera Safari Lodge is to a great degree resolved to give a chance to encounter the natural life and migrant culture. Thus, we are charmed to impart these encounters to visitors at Jawai.

Fowl Watching At Jawai Dam:


A feature of any outing to the district is a visit to the Jawai Dam. The substantial store in western Rajasthan is home to numerous types of transitory and private winged animals and gives extraordinary sightings of species like the Sarus Crane, Indian Courser, Osprey, Pelicans, Bar-Headed Geese, Water fowl, pipits, warblers, pratincoles, and different raptors to specify only a couple. With over a hundred winged animal categories to see and photo, a day at Jawai is extraordinarily fulfilling.

Castle Bera Heritage Hotel:


Maharana Pratap, an awesome warrior and a legend in ( Mewar ) Udaipur and Indian History, set apart out a region for his fourth child Rana SHEKHA, where he could settle – Rana SHEKHA first settled in a place now called Juna(old) Bera and later he moved his settlement 3 Km West, to a place,now known as Bera. Bera, a little villa arranged in the Aravali scope of Rajasthan and encompassed by lakes and dams.You can see Jawai Dam ( The biggest man made dam of western Rajasthan) from the highest point of Castle Bera and Jawai waterway stream close to the town.

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