We all know that India is a land of the Asian Tigers and home to about 2,226 wild tigers. This is about 70% of the total population of tigers in the world. As it is the national animal of India, tiger plays an important role in India wildlife culture and natural heritage. But insignificantly they are hunted, killed and poached to meet various human needs. As the result, the population of tigers started declining at an alarming rate. We are providing best Tiger Safari India Tours which make you all guys crazy

There are many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries established by the Indian government to protect the endangered species of Indian fauna. About 50 tiger reserves are governed by Project Tiger. Some of the best tiger safari tour destinations in India attracts the tourists as well as wildlife lovers.

Out of 102 national parks, 515 wildlife sanctuaries and 44 conservation reserves in India, given below the list of tiger reserves has maximum no. of tigers population in India.

1. Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

The biggest and the renowned national parks in northeast India, situated in Sawai Madhopur district in Rajasthan. It became a national park in 1980. This famous wildlife destination has pulled the attraction of its tourists & wildlife photographers across the world. About 60 tigers habitat in this national park.



2. Jim Corbett National Park, UttarakhandSituated in Nainital district in Uttarakhand, the National Park has been named after the very famous story writer, Jim Corbett, who also played an important part in its establishment. It was established in 1936 in order to protect the endangered species of Royal Bengal Tiger. It has about 208 tiger population. This wildlife destination has been featured in wildlife documentaries to raise awareness towards Bengal Tigers. One can also see a white tiger here.



3. Rajaji National Park, Uttarakhand

After Corbett National Park, it is the second tiger reserve in Uttarakhand. The Wildlife Park was finally notified as the National Park in September, 2012. There are only about 5 tigers in this park. It is renowned for various animals like elephants, mountain goats, jungle cat, leopard, Jackal, Hyena, Himalayan black bear and more than 315 bird species.



4. Sunderbans National Park, West Bengal

Known for the biggest mangrove forests in the world, it is located in the West Bengal state of India. It got its name from the mangrove plant, Sundari. Being a part of Sunderban Delta, it is a tiger reserve and biosphere reserve that provide its tourists with Royal Bengal Tiger to the beautiful estuaries and river as well. The tiger population in this park is about 100.



5. Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Located on the banks of the Brahmaputra River in the Northeast part of India. The national park is in Golaghat and Nagaon district of Assam. People throughout the globe can visit here in the mid-November till the month of April (time period up to 6 months). It has about 104 tiger population. Thousands of travelers come here every year from different parts of the country to unlock the doors & explore the wildlife beauty.



6. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

A renowned national park in South India, situated in the Western Ghats of Kerala. It is made up of deciduous & tropical evergreen forests. Various animals can be seen in this wildlife sanctuary. Estimate, there are about 40 tigers in this national park. It also includes elephants, mouse deer, wild pigs, sambar and Indian wild dog. It was the hunting ground of the kings of Travancore in 18th & 19th Century.



7. Bandhavgarh National Park, MP

It is one of the most popular national parks situated in Vindhya hills in Umaria district of MP. It beholds the large population of leopard & various species of deer. The park consists of mixed wildlife, vegetation ranging from tall grasslands to thick Sal forest and is a perfect habitat to the variety of birds’ and animals. About 60 tigers & 35 tiger cubs are there in this national park.



8. Bandipur National Park, Karnataka

Established in 1974, it is a tiger reserve under Project Tiger. It is located in the South Indian state of Karnataka which has the highest tiger population in India. There are about 382(354-411) tigers in it. The national park was once the hunting ground of Maharaja of Mysore kingdom, now known for its different wildlife biomes. Hence, is the best managed park in India.



9. Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan

National Park, located in Alwar district in Rajasthan, is a tiger reserve and home to the number of carnivores animals which include hyena, jackal, tiger, leopard, wild dog etc. At present, there are about 14tigers in out of which 4 are males, 9 females and 1 tiger cub. It was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1955 but got the status of national park in 1979.



10. Kanha National Park, MP

The largest National Park in Central India, it is ranked among the top 10 famous placed for tourists. It is host to many animals, including Barasingha, Indian Wild dog and Indian Tiger. Because of the large population of tigers in the forest land of Kanha National Park, it is renowned as “Kanha Tiger Reserve”. It has about 83 tiger population and 42 cubs. It is the largest National Park, which has been listed in top 10 famous tourist destinations in India.