Bhagoria Festival The tribal individuals of Madhya Pradesh shape a vital piece of its way of life and add to the bright spray painting of the state. They have their indigenous standards, moral measuring sticks and tribal legacy that they endeavor to safeguard. This interesting convention and energetic culture wake up in the Bhagoriya celebration of Jhabua. Jhabua is an interesting town on the Gujarat-Rajasthan fringe of Madhya Pradesh and is the setting of festivity of the yearly Bhagoriya Haat. The celebration denotes the onset of the spring season and falls a couple of days before Holi. It is disorderly happiness, joined by singing, moving and smashed party.

bhagoria-festival-dance-madhya-pradeshBhagoria Haat Festival

It is celebrated in the Khargone region and Jhabua. The haat is sorted out as a “swayamvar” or a marriage market where young ladies and young men are permitted to pick their accomplices. Bhagoria Haat Festival has a farming noteworthiness appended to it, that is, it harmonizes with the finish of collecting. So a few people additionally praise it to stamp the fulfillment of collecting. Yet, the star fascination of the Bhagoria Haat Festival of Madhya Pradesh is the fleeing of young men and young ladies with their accomplice who is later acknowledged as a couple by the general public. Amid the Bhagoria Haat Festival in Madhya Pradesh, the young men put red powder on the substance of the young lady to whom he needs to get hitched, if the young lady to wishes to wed a similar kid, she needs to put a similar red powder on the kid’s face after which them two flee from that place. In any case, if the young lady does not concur in the primary shot, the kid can go behind her to influence her and may win her heart.


This celebration is held especially in the way of a mass “Svayamvara” or a marriage market. This is demonstrated for the sake of the celebration, Bhagoria Haat and amid the celebration, the youngsters abscond subsequent to picking their accomplices and are later on acknowledged as a couple by the general public through prearranged traditions.

bhagoria-festivalIt can’t be assumed that each time the young men and young ladies aiming to wed each other meet in the celebration surprisingly. As per the custom, the kid should apply gulal, red powder, on the substance of the young lady whom he picks as his better half. On the off chance that the young lady is ready, she likewise applies gulal on the kid’s face. The young lady won’t state yes quickly but rather at the appropriate time the kid may pursue her and succeed.

bhagoriya-danceYoung men and young ladies deck themselves in grandiose garments and gems and gather in the town reasonable amid Bhagoria. As indicated by convention, the young lady smears gulal (hued powder) on the temple of the kid whom she chooses as her husband. The kid reciprocates in a like way on the off chance that he harbors positive affections for her. Right away, the couple getaways to the woodlands and is pronounced as husband and spouse. Prior, Bhagoriya Haat was likewise the meeting ground to settle the account with foes. Today, it is exclusively a positive celebration that praises the blissful parts of life. A celebration of adoration, life, music, and hues, Bhagoria undoubtedly cuts an exceptional specialty among the tribal individuals of Madhya Pradesh.

Things to do at Bhagoria Festival, MP


The state capital of MP, Indore has several places of interests which include the grand Rajwada Palace & the Central Museum. The town is famous for sarees. The clattering of various handlooms & textiles is common throughout the whole town. Cotton & Silk creations, one can buy easily from a no. of small shops in the city.

Tour Duration for Bhagoria Festival

Basically, it is ideally a two-week-long program but can be varied according to the final choice of the visitors.


  • The youthful tribals, attired in bright dresses, turn up at the haats with their conventional music instruments to sing and dance as a piece of the celebration.
  • Foreign travelers too swing up to have a glimpse of the merry-making at the haats.
  • Bhagoria Haat Festival at Madhya Pradesh is celebrated in the month of March before the Holi festival.

How to reach there :- Bhagoria Festival

By Air: Nearest airport is in Indore at about 152km & the other one at Vadodara (Gujarat) which is at about 192km away from the main city.

By Rail: Closest railway station is Meghnagar at 18km & Rattam rail junction which is at 99km at a distance.

By Road: There are plenty of buses that run around the whole day from Indore city in MP to Alirajpur.

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