This reestablished period assembling that is our lodging sits well with its provincial time environment and partners – the colossal exchanging places of British India when pepper from Kerala was considered as valuable as gold. Like the way of life they celebrate and show, Brunton Boatyard is a five star inn whose insides mirror a diverse however classy mix of English, Portuguese and Dutch impacts as found in its high roofs, hanging fans and a plenty of ancient rarities and doodads from an incredible commercial age known for its pageantry and style. The fragrance of pioneer history is surrounding you as you take a voyage through the noteworthy Fort Cochin territory where the lodging stands. In spite of the fact that little stays of the stronghold itself there are inheritances of its pleased history to be seen all over the place.

Living Rooms:


All the 22 rooms of the Brunton Boatyard ignore the ocean as do all their en-suite washrooms. There are couple of delights to equal that of watching languid ships and angling water crafts or romping dolphins while approaching your ablutions.You will likewise get some shocking nightfalls over the palm bordered shores of Vypin Island close by and hear the cry of cormorants and gulls from your room, drawing you into an alternate world.


Cooking up a Melting Pot:


The Portuguese came to exchange flavors however left behind the ‘Indian’ red stew for us to advance with. The Syrian Christian people group concocted an assortment of pork and different dishes that ran extremely well with our own local idiappams, or string containers. The Jews of Cochin discovered coriander both Kosher and scrumptious and utilized it in an assortment of their preparations,while the Dutch saw that their puddings went up against a radical new flavor with a squeeze of crisp cinnamon.


A Pool for all Seasons:


The pool at Brunton Boatyard is a whenever liberality. You can utilize it to chill after a rushed drift through the noteworthy avenues of Fort Kochi or when you feel like some energetic laps to get your drowsy dissemination going. Indeed, even in the rainstorm the pool stays welcoming for the individuals who are conceived water neighborly.

Keep Fit:


Our properties are extremely walker amicable. We trust that there are few substitutes for strolling. It causes you watch progressively and is an awesome type of activity that can be delighted in by everyone. There is likewise yoga for the individuals who require something more dynamic. In any case, for the individuals who compare practice with power and sweat we have wellness machines to meet this prerequisite also. So remain fit in various courses while at Brunton Boatyard.


Sunset Cruise:


Come 6.30 (or something like that, contingent upon the season), the Brunton Boatyard’s trusty specialty leaves from our private pier, for an interesting journey around Cochin Harbor. Fantastic dusks, sublime ocean air and likely a dolphin or two!



You can attempt back rubs and medications for everything from magnificence and conditioning to revival and stress, all in view of India’s antiquated recuperating craft of Ayurveda. Uncertain of what you require? Our accomplished doctors will be glad to give you a free counsel and point you the correct way.

Jew Town , Antique Market:


Home to the local Pardesi Jewish people group in Kerala, Jew Town is lined by old Jewish homes on either sides of a tight road paving the way to the memorable synagogue. Go out for a stroll along the Jew Town and you can inhale artifact. The knick-knack and antique shops along the road are equipped for captivating the guests with their assortment and irregularity. A major vaarpu (bronze vessel) just about three meters in width is one of the significant attractions here.

Chinese Fishing Nets:


These angling net are settled land establishments presented by Chinese voyager, Zheng He from the court of the Kubla Khan. The Chinese angling net is accepted to have been acquainted with the Kochi shores as ahead of schedule as 1350 AD. An unquestionable requirement see when you are investigating Fort Cochin’s legacy.

Marari Beach:


The fisherfolk of Mararikulam and their gentle ways of life have been the inspiration for Marari beach. Everything, from our thatched cottages to the upkeep of our property, echo the simplicity,beauty and harmony that underlie Malabar’s coastal cultures. Nature and wellness are omnipresent at Marari and oversee all your experiences. The bracing but gentle sun here will touch and tone your skin,holding you in its warm and invigorating embrace as you stroll, swim or sit by the sea.

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