Location: Kochin

Brunton Boatyard Hotel Kochi Overview:

The beautiful colonial-style hotel Brunton Boatyard proudly stands in the historic Fort Cochin as being ideal for the affluent modern traveler. The Brunton Hotel’s past is somewhat unusual. As the name suggests, it was formerly a boatyard established more than a century ago by Mr. George Brunton and his two sons. They quickly established themselves as well-known boat builders. In actuality, a few of the boats they produced are still sailing the waters near Kochi!

The Bruntons were frontiers person who embarked on other businesses in addition to the boatyard. Locals remember them for establishing Kochi’s first movie theatre. But let’s get back to the boatyard, which prospered over time like all the other boatyards in South India. Shipbuilders complained about the harm this did to their industries back in Britain, which caused the once-famous boatyard to gradually deteriorate and ultimately collapse.

CGH Earth bought the structure and set out to give it a fresh lease on life after years of neglect and deterioration. In Fort Kochi, the structure was renovated and turned into a one-of-a-kind heritage hotel, combining the old with the new, a leisurely, laid-back atmosphere from a bygone period, and all the comforts and amenities of a luxury hotel. When pepper from Kerala was regarded as being as valuable as gold, this period building that has been renovated today mixes in well with its colonial-era surrounds and the nearby large trading houses of British India.

The lounge’s lofty ceiling and the vintage fans known as “punkhas” bring to mind the British Raj era. The interior design and architecture are a mash-up of English, Portuguese, and Dutch elements, with displays of items and oddities that harken back to Fort Kochi’s colonial past.


Tourism gives each one of us a choice. We can either take nature for granted.


The Brunton Boatyard’s rooms and en-suite baths feature sea views; the other rooms enjoy a charming view of the pier and Fort Kochi town.

There aren’t many pleasures that compare to the one watching dolphins play while performing your personal hygiene. Additionally, you will witness some breathtaking sunsets over the nearby palm-fringed shores of Vypin Island and hear the cries of cormorants and gulls from your room, which will transport you to a different dimension.


Restaurants:- The Brunton Boatyard is highly known for its diversified cuisine and varied culinary techniques in addition to being the preferred Fort Kochi heritage hotel. This is an unpretentious result of the assortment of the groups who have coexisted peacefully in Fort Kochi for generations, including the Syrian population, the Paradesi Jews of Cochin, the coriander, and the Dutch puddings.

Pool For All Seasons:-  At Brunton Boatyard, you can indulge whenever you like. You can use it to unwind after a strenuous stroll around Fort’s old streets or whenever you feel like doing some brisk laps to get your circulatory system moving. For those who were born with a love of water, the pool is still tempting even during the monsoon.

Ayurveda:- To relax and brighten up, try a variety of medicinal herbal massages and soothing therapies.

Gym:- This place is a great place for a fitness freak. It enhances your ability to observe and is a superb sort of exercise that everybody can appreciate. For those who desire something more energetic, there is also yoga. However, this resort also provides workout equipment to satisfy the needs of individuals who believe that exercising requires strength and sweat.

Brunton boatyard contact number :- 0484 284 6500

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