Rajasthan – the royal state of India, is famous for majestic historical forts, colorful festivals, mesmerizing lakes, deserts, palaces and Camels. The history of the place has gone back since the times of Rajputana rulers in India. Many historical places here are known for their natural scenic beauty, from Forts to Palaces, Deserts to Lakes, all are here.

Festivals in Rajasthan mark the great spirit of the people living here. Be it any religious occasion, traditional or cultural ritual or a seasonal change, every fair and festival is celebrated with great pomp and show. Given Below are Some of the Major Camel Festivals that are celebrated in the honor of the desert ship – Camel.

Pushkar Camel Fair


Popularly known as one of the world’s largest camel fair. It is held at the time of Kartik Purnima (full moon). This festival goes for about a week long and is known as the largest traditional fair in the country.

The festival witnesses around more than 40,000 cattle, horses & camels. The massive gathering attracts a huge amount of travelers (about 400,000) during the ongoing of the festival for two weeks. A number of competitions are organized during the festival every year like Matka Phod, Bridal competition, having longest mustaches etc. draws large no. of visitors here every time.
Traders as well as merchants from various parts of the country start the journey with their livestock and gathered in the heart of the city by the time of Kartik Ekadashi. Till the time, the crowd starts gracing tents, shopping beautiful bangles, turbans.

Pushkar Camel Fair 2022 will spread its beautiful colors on the auspicious period of Kartik Poornima from 4th to 12th November 2022.  Major part of Pushkar Camel Festival starts when the atmosphere turns to be busy & chaotic with camel and cart rides, musicians and local vendors. And on the last day, thousands of devotees take bath in the holy lake.

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Nagaur Festival


Nagaur Festival is the second biggest fair in India, popularly known as the Cattle fair of Nagaur. In this festival about 50,000  camels and horses are traded by the cattle owners every year. The animals are decorated while the owners showcase their long mustaches and colorful turbans.

The festival is held yearly in the town of Nagaur in Rajasthan, India. Also, it is famous for storytelling, puppet shows, jugglers and lots of entertainment.

Some of the other attractions here are the Mirchi Bazaar, sale of wooden items, iron-crafts and other camel leather accessories. Sports are organized such as tug-of-war, camel race, bullock race attracts a large number of participants in the festival.
It is celebrated with enthusiasm and zeal among the people of Rajasthan. Travelers throughout the country visit this place to enjoy the feel of the fair. Every year a large no. of the population comes here and become a part of this cattle fair. The people of Rajasthan, especially women dressed in beautiful traditional attires with their cultural dance mesmerizing the tourists.

The Nagaur festival 2022 will be organized in the month of February which continues till four days from 6th to 9th of Feb 2022.  Visitors can feel the amazing camel rides and enjoy a lot of games here like tug of war competition, bullock race, camel race, cockfights etc.

Bikaner Camel Festival


Camel fair in Bikaner is a two-day festival which is organized by the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture. It is celebrated every year in the month of January in the honor of ‘the ship of desert- Camel’.

Celebrations are at par with that of other festivities of Rajasthan. Major events in this festival include neck shaking camel rides, camel races and their dances.

The yearly festival is being dedicated to the animals surviving in tough desert conditions. Bikaner in Rajasthan has been the only camel breeding since the foundation of the city.
The festival starts with a huge parade of beautifully adorned camels with the backdrop of majestic historical, Junagarh Fort. Visitors here can enjoy the display of camels dressed in beautiful bridal outfits, jewelries like a traditional necklace, heavy anklets. They show wonderful footwork to the desert sand tones. One can also enjoy interesting events here like camel race, various camel games and many other cultural performances.

This time also it will be going to be celebrated with great pomp and show, a lot of enthusiasm. In 2022, the Bikaner Camel Fair dates are from 11th Jan – 12th January 2022.

It will offer you an opportunity to savor delicious Rajasthani local cuisines as well as sweetmeats & tea made up of camel milk. You can also do shopping of delightful jewelry, pottery, handicrafts, local items like footwear, clothing etc popular in the region.

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Jaisalmer Desert Festival


Desert festival of Jaisalmer, is the colorful festival which is celebrated every year in the month of February with great zest and zeal. Being a popular tourist destination Rajasthan, the festival adds to its color.

The Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2022 commences from 14th February to 16th February 2022.

This festival was started to attract foreign tourists who wanted to explore the facets & culture of Rajasthan.  It is organized by the Rajasthan State Tourism Corporation. The fair is a colorful and joyous celebration to enrich the rich cultural heritage of the state.

Competitions like ‘the mustache competition” is very popular among them. One can also enrich the customs like ‘Turban tying’ which is more colorful in its look.
Through this festival, a grand display of performing arts, as well as several other events like camel decoration, hand-woven shawls, rugs, embroidered art n crafts, leather bags, wooden & stone carvings, exquisite terracotta and silver jewelry etc, take place which truly gives a glimpse of desert culture.

Shows like music and dramas are held in the evening time, which get continue till late nights. No. of visitors/ spectators increases day by day. On the last final day of the festival under the full moonlight, the whole place gets filled with people makes it a mega show.

With the beating sound of drumbeats, Rajasthani dances are mind blowing with men and women both moving in coordination. Here, men are known for their bold nature, also showcase some of their talents like acrobatic feats and amazing bravery feats like fire eating, swords swallowing & exclusive arts are also shown in the desert fair.

Of course, camels play an important role in the entire festival whereas the rich folk culture of Rajasthan goes along.  The festival concludes with delighting sounds and light shows among sand dunes at night.

If you want to become a part of any of these festivals of Rajasthan, feel free to contact us. We will surely help you to Plan Your Trip. Feel comfortable and enjoy the cultural festivals and explore the beauty of Rajasthan.

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