Chikhaldara is a Hill Station and a metropolitan chamber in Amravati region in the indian territory of Maharashtra. Chikaldara was found by Captain Robinson of the Hyderabad Regiment in 1823. The Englishmen discovered it especially alluring on the grounds that the rich green tone of the place helped them to remember England. At the point when the leaves fell, they were helped to remember pre-winter in England. There was even a proposition to make it the seat of the Government of India.

Amner Fort at chikhaldara maharashtra :-

Amner Fort at chikhaldara maharashtra

It is situated past town ‘Kalamkhar’ close town ‘Zilpi’ around 10 km. from ‘Dharni’ on ‘Barhanpur Road’. The Fort is built in consumed blocks and it is situated at the concluence of streams Tapti, Sipna and Gadga. The view from the highest point of the Fort of the concluence from about and hight of more than 100ft. gives one thought of the amplifications of the stronghold.

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Panchbol Point at chikhaldara maharashtra :-

Panchbol Point at chikhaldara maharashtra

Panchbol Point is a renowned vacationer spot in Chikhaldara that untruths near the Bir Lake. The primary claim to fame of this point is that when somebody yells here, the sound is reflected back and heard five times. Subsequently, this place is named as the Five Echo Point or Panchbol Point. This zone is basically a profound valley framed by four mountains, alongside waterfalls.

Wan Sanctuary at chikhaldara maharashtra :-

Wan Sanctuary at chikhaldara maharashtra

Wan Sanctuary is basically an augmentation of the Melghat Tiger Reserve. This haven additionally goes under the Amravati District in the province of Maharashtra and is outstanding for its thick and dry deciduous woods. The Wan Sanctuary is occupied by various types of creatures, including panthers, tigers, sambar, yapping deer and wild mutts.

Semadoh Lake chikhaldara maharashtra :- 

Semadoh Lake chikhaldara maharashtra

Semadoh Lake is a standout amongst the most visted lakes in Chikaldara of Amaravati District. Situated at the passageway to Gugamal National Park, this lake offers astounding offices for sculling and angling. The 25 km long picturesque street from Chikhaldara to Semadoh goes through profound and thick forested ranges and is justified regardless of the drive as one can get the chance to see a wide assortment of creatures like deer, peacock, wolf, wild pig, gaur and many feathered creatures.

Harshawardhan Hotel Chikhaldara:

Harshawardhan Hotel Chikhaldara

Situated at Chikhaldara, Harshavardhan is a spending inn in Chikhaldara. Highlighting an in-house eatery, this inn is 35km from Achalpur Railway Station. This lodging in Chikhaldara contains 22 extensive visitor spaces for convenience. Each room is outfitted with conveniences like connected lavatory with hot and frosty running water and wardrobes.Apart from settlement, Harshavardhan offers offices like room benefit, front work area, clothing and baggage stockpiling.

Bhim Kund(Kichakdara) Waterfall:

Bhim Kund(Kichakdara) Waterfall

It is legendary imperative place for explorers. Bhima murdered Kichaka and toss his body in the valley called ‘Kichakdara’ and he shower in the adjacent lake, which is then reknowned as Bhim-Kund. This place is arranged in south close Alladhoh town in transit from pratwada to chikhaldara through motha. Bhim-Kund is almost 3500 ft. profound. It offers facinating perspective of the waterfall and falls amid stormy season. It is perceiving on the bir point.

Bir Lake at chikhaldara maharashtra :- 

Bir Lake at chikhaldara maharashtra

This Lake is worked under english government administer in Dec 1890. This lake is worked in besalt. It is utilized for troopers in the english government rle subsequently called as Bir Lake. The water was at first utilized for Chikhaldara town. It additionally has an old garden yet it isn’t very much kept up.

Government Garden Area at chikhaldara maharashtra :- 

Government Garden Area at chikhaldara maharashtra

The upper platau territory of Chikhaldara is with brimming with thick trees, and region of living individuals is irrelevant. The administration plant is at upper platau. The garden is open for guests is at morning 8.00am to night 7.00pm. The old name is ‘Organization Garden’. Since it is built by the foreners. Numerous years back, Gawali individuals is arranged on this gardan range. In any case, they are moved in the wast side. This side is called ‘Pandhari Village’.

Hariken (Hurricane) Point:

Hariken (Hurricane) Point

It is arranged at southern district of the upper platau of chikhaldara close government gardan. We can see the Gawilgarh post, Mozari town, Vairat slopes and the tremendous region of the under the slopes side.

Gavilgad Fort chikhaldara maharashtra :-

Gavilgad Fort chikhaldara maharashtra

Gavilgad Fort is near Chikhaldara hill station in Amravati district, Maharashtra. It is believed that the fort is 300 years old. Some beautifully carved idols, which is believed to carve during the period of the Nizams, when Elichpur was their capital are worth to see. Elephants, bulls, tigers, lions and Hindi, Urdu and Arabic scripts comprise the carvings on the walls of the fort. Idols of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shankar are also seen in the fort.

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