Jaipur is a captivating and breathtaking city of Rajasthan, state of India. This beautiful city is also known as the Pink city. Jaipur is well-known for its vibrant culture and tradition. There are several mesmerizing places to explore in Jaipur-Pink city. Along with this, the Jaipur is known across the world for its astonishing palaces and splendid forts which express the eminence of Rajputs and the Indian architecture. The spectacular forts of Jaipur are identical with the vibe of the city. This city is renowned for its architectural beauty and attracts numerous tourists from across the world.

Forts of Jaipur possesses a rich and vibrant history and tell the tales of the battles fought and won. Along with this, the monuments and best forts in jaipur  stand erect also represent the story of courage and romanticism of the royals. The Forts of Jaipur are enchanting because of the wonderful marble temples, mirrors dotted in the ceilings, carved and vibrant walls and small windows for the scenic views of beautiful green valleys of Aravalis. These amazing forts and monuments have a massive contribution to the rich cultural heritage of the pink city and enhance tourism.

Here Are Most Popular list of forts of jaipur:

1. Amer Fort in jaipur

Amer Fort

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Amer fort is one of the fabulous & famous forts in jaipur. This wonderful Fort is situated in the Jaipur- Pink city and nestled on the peak of the Aravali hills. Amer Fort is one of the most spectacular forts of Jaipur which attracts several tourists from across the globe. Amer Fort is commonly known as the Amber fort and set up by the Maharaja Man Singh I in the year of 1592. Rajput Rulers used this beautiful Fort as the primary residence. Amer fort is huge, and its architecture is doubtless enchanting. This Fort is entirely made from marbles and red sandstones with courtyards and luxurious palaces. Amber fort is 11 km away from the main city of Jaipur. This Fort is one of the largest forts of the 16th century and is doubtless an iconic attraction of the town.

The Amer Fort also enlisted into UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the “Hills Forts of Rajasthan”. Some of the fantastic places to visit in this Fort are Jas Mandir, Shila Temple and the spectacular Sheesh Mahal (Mirror Palace). Because the pink city is fantastic throughout the autumn and winter months, so the best time to visit the forts of Jaipur is from September to March. The opening timing of Amer Fort is 9.30 am, and the closing timing is 4.30 pm.

2. Jaigarh Fort in jaipur.


Jaigarh Fort is also a prestigious fort to explore in the beautiful city Jaipur. This Fort is the magnificent structure nestled in the top of the ‘CheelKaTeela’ hills in the Jaipur-Pink city. Jaigarh fort was established in the year of 1726 by Sawai Jai Singh II. The Fort got its name after the Sawai Jai Singh II. This enchanting Fort is enclosed by the lush green vegetation and huge battlements. Through subterranean passages, the Jaigarh Fort is linked to Amer Fort and is popularly known as the ‘Fort of Victory’ because it never defeated. This Fort is one of the strongest Fort and never faced any major battle. Thee splendid beauty and the scenic views of the Jaigarh Fort is astonishing and worth watching.

There is one amazing thing about the Jaigarh fort that it comprises the world’s largest cannon of wheels which known as the Jaivana Cannon. The wide walls of this Fort are made up of red sandstone and run to about 3 kms. Jaigarh fort was amazingly designed in the Indo-Persian style. The other best places to explore in this Fort are the museum for arms and ammunitions, Ram Harihar temple and KalBhairav temple. The Jaigarh fort is open at 9.30 am and closed at 4.30 pm.

3. Nahargarh Fort in jaipur


Nahargarh Fort is another amazing forts of Jaipur to explore. This mesmerizing Fort is the most iconic Fort in Jaipur. Nahargarh fort was established by Maharaja Sawai Singh II who was the founder of Jaipur in the year of 1734. This beautiful Fort is nestled in the Aravalli hills and the aim to built this Fort to offering a strong defence to the city. This Fort is the best place to view the captivating beauty of the Jaipur. Nahargarh fort is embellished with delicate stonework and carvings.

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In the year of 1857 throughout the first war of Indian Independence, this Fort was commonly utilized as a place of protection for the Europeans comprising the British wives of the area. This Fort was also utilized as the hunting residence of Maharajas of Jaipur. With captivating views of the city, the Nahargarh Fort is known for its extended was that connected to the Jaigarh Fort. The other attraction in the Nahargarh Fort is the Nahargarh Biological Park which includes the numerous animals such as leopards, Asiatic Lion and Tigers. The opening time of Nahargarh fort is 9.30 am and the closing time is 4.30 pm.

These are the major forts of Jaipur, but along with this it also offers some amazing places to visit such as HawaMahal, JantarMantar Jaipur, City Palace and many more. Enjoy the marvellous environs, attractions and history of Pink City Jaipur.

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