Haflong is a town and central command of Dima Hasao in India in the territory of Assam. It is the main slope station in Assam. Haflong Hill Station Assam is a dimasa word meaning Ant slope. The peaceful slopes, great scenes, wide valleys and surrouding mountains all make up this stupendous slope station and the solitary one in Assam. Haflong is a goal that is cherished by the campers, climbers and nature lovers. Haflong is a domain of nature showed in its actual soul. It has greenery all around, with blends of blooms and natural products.The town looks stunning with its purplish blue slopes, extraordinary orchids such and brilliant green waterways. The slope station gives enormous degree to undertakings, for example, coasting, paragliding and trekking. The delightfully wonderful climate of the place makes it a practically year around goal. The perfect time to visit Haflong is from winter, which is additionally the winter season for the place.

Haflong Lake at Haflong Hill Station Assam:


Haflong Lake, arranged in the core of the slope station, is a standout amongst the most mainstream vacation destinations in the township of Haflong. The delightful water body is likewise alluded to as Scotland of Assam, as it is among the biggest normal water bodies in Assam.

Jorhat to Haflong Road Trip:


Take the roadtrip for Haflong while driving from Jorhat, appreciate this time with your companions, family or drive solo. We can drive on an auto, a bicycle or contract a navigate to fly out on the streets to Haflong. The briefest separation amongst Jorhat and Haflong is 368 kms(230 miles), Driving headings to go to Haflong, for the roadtrip to Haflong from Jorhat is furnished with the guide.

Panimoor Waterfall Assam:


Panimoor is a waterfall situated at around 120 kilometers from Haflong and around 8-10 kilometers from Tiniali. The River Kopali falls moving down from the stones of panimoor.

Hanging Bridge Assam :


The hanging span over the Haflong Lake is an extraordinary sight to watch. This scaffold is the best way to cross the Lake other than the Lake Road. It will get the wide perspective of the Haflong lake comfortable center of this extension. This little enterprise will finish the energy of go toward the North East India.

Jatinga Bird Watching Center:


Jatinga, well known for winged creature suicides is prominently alluded to as ‘The valley of death for Birds’. It is a beautiful town arranged nearly 9 km south of Haflong in the Dimo Hasao locale of Assam. The Jatinga Valley is popular for orange orchids. Countless move to this place.

Haflong Hill Assam :


Haflong Hill is most renowned vacation spots known for its experience exercises like paragliding and trekking. The all encompassing perspective of the nearby mountains, excellence of the slopes is entrancing and will blow your mind. The lavish backwoods makes it a diamond of a place in nature worth going to once.

Maibang Town:


The residential area of Maibong is rich in beautiful magnificence and characteristic glory. It is the old capital of the Dimasa Kachari Kingdom. The place is situated at a separation of around 45 km from Haflong and holds the remains of the kingdom even today. Its significant focus of fascination is the two-roofed solid sanctuary, known as the Ramchandi Temple, which bears an engraving going back to 1761 AD.

Hangover Cafe:


Hangover Cafe is one the best eateries close Hāflong found Halflong East, Haflong, Assam. Local of haflong the youthful proprietor has returned from Bangalore outfitted with a degree in business administration . Flawlessly beautified in exceptional thoughts the place has an unobtrusive comfortable siting space. Menu is restricted , yet every thing is presented with affection .Price is sensible. kitchen is spotless.

Best Hill Station of Assam:


Haflong is a town and in addition the central station of the region North Cachar Hills of Assam. Haflong is a such an excellent and stunning slope station that it is affectionately called as the Switzerland of the east. The town is brimming with tenderly streaming streams and waterfalls and loads of drifting fogs and mists which touch we while moving along the slopes.