Set on the shores of pleasant Lake Gaibsagar, Udai Bilas Palace is an excellent nineteenth century Art-Deco Palace that was some time ago the private home of the Maharawal of Dungapur. This changed over castle advanced over a time of 125 years and still contains huge numbers of its unique apparatuses and also the individual memorabilia of the Dungapur imperial family. Convenience at Udai Bilas Palace is in 23 rooms and suites each of which has its own atmosphere and is finished with unique craftsmanship deco furniture, 1940s backdrop from England and handpicked upholstery. While a few rooms have heavenly lake sees, others neglect the castle gardens.


The Maharawal Suite was beforehand the private assembly of the leader of Dungarpur and highlights a private patio and in addition mind boggling decorate work. Food at Udai Bilas Palace is prevalently Indian. Suppers at Udai Bilas are served in the royal residence’s terrific primary lounge area where visitors are frequently joined by individuals from the Dungapore regal family. Private eating can be orchestrated with notification ahead of time. Recreation offices incorporate an outside pool, floodlit tennis court, exercise center and a little spa offering unwinding kneads. Exercises on offer at the Udai Bilas Palace incorporate special access to the disintegrating thirteenth century Juna Mahal, nightfall pontoon rides on Gaibsagar lake, and the chance to visit Dungarpur Mews and see the illustrious family’s gathering of vintage autos.



Udai Bilas Palace, has 23 delightful Rooms :Single Rooms: 02 ; Double Rooms: 04; Superior Suites: 05; Grand Suite: 08; Art-Deco Suites: 03; Maharawal Suite: 01;.


Smorgasbord Breakfasts and Dinners particularly amid winter months will now be served in the somewhat open to sky eating territory – Zenana Chowk . For snacks Guests for the most part favor the calm of the pool side.

A flawless table in marble with decorate work along the edges is the focal fascination of the Zenana chowk while stone work dividers add a dash of lavishness to this unordinary feasting space. .The inside of the Zenana is cooled and has singular tables . Open curved passageways lead into the Zenana and are secured with ethnic bamboo shades, truly necessary amid the hotter months.

Celebrations and Excursions:


Not at all like the later Udai Bilas, the Old Palace or Juna Mahal as it is privately known, is never again possessed. It is as yet claimed by the family and can be gone by just on welcome. Nearly as old as the town itself, the development of the royal residence was begun at some point in the turbulent thirteenth century among the heavenly regular guards of a rough pinnacle somewhere in the range of 1500 ft. from the ocean level.


This seven-storied structure takes after a stronghold with crenelated dividers, turrets and restricted passageways and entry approaches to back off the foe. Inside, one will see the most brilliant and lively royal residences decorated with frescoes, scaled down artistic creations, glass and mirror trim work. The city royal residence can be come to by vehicle on a street which twists through the tight paths of the town, a grand drive through towns and farmland, or just by trekking over the very much lush slope tracks.

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A Bird Watcher’s Paradise:


Nature darlings can anticipate that visits will the Sitamata Wildlife asylum, a 423 – sq km backwoods which possesses large amounts of feathered creature life and creatures, for example, the panther, four horned pronghorn, spotted deer, sambar and even the goliath dark colored flying squirrel ( 140 Kms) Another haven is at Jaisamand which spreads around one of the biggest manufactured pools of India (90 Kms).

Dungarpur Mews:


Dungarpur mews — this is an old legacy building worked by my incredible granddad Maharawal Bijai Singhji between 1910 to 1914. It was utilized at first to stable his stallions and carriages and afterward my granddad

extended it to make it a gigantic carport in the 1930 to 35 period , it can oblige around 40 autos .


Shape the nineteenth century and two are twofold carriage guns which are very uncommon .We likewise have an old steam street roller of 1910 from marshall and children – uk.Amongst the autos we have an extremely uncommon austrian auto – the Steyr Daimler 220 – 1936 which is a two entryway cabriolet .

Ramathra Fort Near Udai Bilas:


Ramathra Fort is owned by descendants of founder king of Karauli and is currently owned by Thakur Brijendra Raj Pal. The Royal Fort was given to Thakur Bhoj Pal by his father Maharaja of Karauli in the year 1645. The property is located between two national parks of Ranthambhor Tiger reserve and Kaldeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary. Now it has been converted into a heritage hotel which offers 6 suites and 6 tent rooms to guests with all modern amenities.

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