COVID-19 cases are increasing rapidly day by day and have a devastating impact. This pandemic situation halts everything not only in India but all around the world. Whether it is educational institutions, public transport, public places, heritage sites, everything is temporarily shut down because of widespread coronavirus infection. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a complete lockdown in India; all the flights are canceled. Everything has come to a standstill due to this strict lockdown. The travel completely bans due to this virus. This Infectious virus spoils all travel plans of people, whether it is domestic or international.

Considering this global pandemic, it is essential to reschedule travel plans. COVID-19 has a huge impact on our daily lives! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are being advised to follow social distancing and stay at home to prevent its spread. You will be unable to travel or go on holiday as India is under lockdown due to coronavirus.


The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that if you want to stay safe, coronavirus stays at home. That’s the reason most of the people canceled their travel plans because staying at home is the only way to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Coronavirus pandemic is the challenging time period for all the citizens in all over the world. Travelers are advised to avoid non-essential travel, but they can reschedule their travel plans. So instead of canceling the travel plans, you can also reschedule them and travel when the COVID-19 ultimately ends.

As the virus continues to spread, most of the people wanting to travel on long-awaited holidays, but due to this pandemic situation, everything is spoiled. Because this virus is spreading rapidly, so it is beneficial to postponing or reschedule the travel plan.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the travel sector at a global level, with several flights being canceled and re-routed. As we all know that it’s a tough time to travel because of the widespread of this menacing virus, but to manage your travel plan, we are doing all that we can do to make it easy for you.


1) The first thing that you should have to do is check to see where you will be going. If your destination has some major travel warnings, ore restrictions, then avoid traveling that destination for some time because it may be not good for you to travel that place.

2) If you plan your holiday with the online booking companies, then there is no need to worry because the numerous online travel companies are permitting people to make changes to their booking without incurring any fee. So you can quickly reschedule travel plans.

3) To cover a new or rescheduled trip, customers may change their plans’ effective dates—the travel companies offering the best services to reschedule the travel plan due to COVID-19.

4) As we know very well that situations are changing on the daily basis, so it essential to pay attention to the latest updates and news. Currently, the lockdown is extended for three weeks, so reschedule travel plan according to the latest news and updates.

5) Even after the end of coronavirus pandemic, there are some necessary precautionary that travelers can follow. Make sure that you will be maintaining a three to six-foot distance from other passengers. If someone is suffering from cough and cold, then stay away from those persons. Wear masks and carrying hand sanitizer with you while you are travelling. We also recommend to get international health insurance, you can visit to get more information.

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