Kannur is a delightful city situated in the northern side of Kerala state.Kannur, additionally known by its Portuguese name Cannanore, is eminent for its local work of art “Theyyam”, which is not at all like some other move frame, a custom performed in old hallowed places. Kannur is additionally renowned for its peaceful and bended shorelines and has some fascinating backwater spots like Kavvayi which is perfect and untouched.


The delightful city of Kannur has parcel to offer to the explorers coming here. From old fortifications, to shorelines, to sanctuaries, to current exhibition hall you will think that its all here in this city. Here are a portion of the appeal of this city offered by Kannur Tourism to the guests coming here.The quiet mountains in the scenery and the charming climate with the cool wind gives it an ideal setting for a remarkable ordeal. Get stunned as you see the mists meandering in a cadence with the breeze.

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Spots to Visit at Kannur:

Watch Theyyam:


Kannur is skilled with a portion of the immense people works of art, similar to the vivacious and energetic “Theyyam”. It is an extraordinary other society workmanship but rather an energetic blend of custom, vocal, instrumental, move, painting, model and writing. “Theyyam” implies God in Malayalam. The idea of this enthusiastic fine art is that men change into God at certain formal and perfect minutes. The thumping of “Chendas” [drums], blowing of channels, musical move steps, splendid hued ensembles, and clear face compositions of various styles, portraying different Hindu divinities, all adds to the vitality of this 2000 year old ceremonial work of art. Seeing Theyyam is accepted to be an illuminating snapshot of a person’s life. As Theyyam is not intended to be executed as a phase execution, individuals who wish to encounter Theyyam should visit “Kavus” or old sanctums which give field to the Theyyam entertainers.

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach:


Drive along the longest drive-in shoreline in India, the Muzhappilangad shoreline of Kannur. It is found 15 kms far from Kannur, lies parallel to National Highway 17 [NH-17] interfacing Kannur town and Thalassery. It extends crosswise over 4 kms on the waterfront line of Kannur. There are different sustenance joints by the side of the shoreline, where you can taste some popular Malabari cooking. Power Boating, Paragliding, Parasailing, water don and different gutsy and fun exercises are the primary attractions of Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach.

Kavvayi Backwaters:


Destined to be another Backwater hotspot in Kerala, Kavvayi backwaters is at the Sangam [joining] or meeting of 5 streams in particular Kavvayi, Kankol, Vannathichal, Kuppithodu, and Kuniyan. It is unpolluted and untouched, perfect and verdant wide open. Cruising along you may feel as though you have entered a private island intended for you. There are different houseboats accessible according to your requests. Day voyage and night journey are accessible. Crisp Malabari food is cooked and served inside the houseboat. You may even witness hard stuff tapping, and on demand can taste some new flavor, a characteristic mixed drink tapped from palm trees, another strength of Kerala.

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary:


Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is the northernmost untamed life haven of Kerala, southwest India. It is 55 km2 (21 sq mi) in territory and situated on the western slant of the Western Ghats. It was set up in 1984. The central command of the haven is close Iritty. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is arranged in the southeast piece of Kannur District. It lies between 11° 54′ and 11° 59′ north scope and 75° 47′ and 75° 57′ east longitude.

Pythal Mala:


A little slope station tucked in the backwoods of Kodagu in the Kannur region of Kerala, Pythal Mala is a standout amongst the most delightful tops in the Western Ghats that hypnotizes any individual who has been here. Standing tall at 4500 ft, Pythal Mala is the tallest top in the region of Kannur and an extremely well known trekking goal for all the nature and enterprise sweethearts out there. A charming slope station with dazzling excellence, exciting trekking trails and wealth of lavish greenery – Pythal Mala is a flawless getaway.Trekking is the best movement one can enjoy here, enabling you to retain and be hypnotized by the shocking magnificence of the place and its environment.



Parassinikkadavu is a town famous for its Muthappan Temple and Parassinikkadavu Snake Park. The Muthappan sanctuary, devoted to Sree Muthappan is the main Hindu sanctuary in the state which witnesses a Theyyam execution day by day according to custom.