Khajjiar is a residential area situated close Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh It is a similar place that is alluded as the “smaller than normal – Switzerland of India” in view of its beautiful magnificence that has an immaculate mix of backwoods, lakes, and fields. The excellence of this place has been taken as a motivation by numerous kingdoms in past circumstances, including the Rajputs and Mughals. It is situated at a height of 6,500 feet and the view from here will undoubtedly leave an everlasting engraving at the forefront of your thoughts.

khajjiar-himachal-pradeshKhajjiar is known for various things, one of them being the nine – gap golf – course which is situated amidst all the greenery. It is additionally known for its thick woodlands and perfectly made sanctuaries. Various daring exercises are offered here, including paragliding, horse riding, and zorbing and trekking.

khajjiarThe hypnotizing excellence of this place has incredibly affected and motivated numerous kingdoms consistently, including the Rajputs and Mughals. Situated at an elevation of 6,500 feet, the common magnificence and pleasant scene of this place will undoubtedly leave an everlasting impact on a traveler. Khajjiar is known for its nine-opening fairway which is settled amidst lavish greenery and an amazing scene.

Spots to visit at Khajjiar:

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Khajjiar Lake and Ground:

khajjiar-lake-dalhouse-himachal-pradeshKhajjiar Lake and Ground is an excellent place and is a genuine treat to the eyes. This place looks somewhat like lavish green Switzerland and can be come to through Bakrota Hills from Dalhousie. While you move towards Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary, you would have the capacity to see the Lakkad Mandi. When you move additionally down, you can see the Khajjiar Ground and the greatly delightful lake found halfway in it.

This place has been a piece of parcel of Bollywood Movies including Shahrukh Khan, Kajol and Rani Mukherjee Starrer “Kuch Hota Hai”. The Khajjiar lake is viewed as a heavenly lake as a result of its relationship with the symbol of Khajji Nag Temple. Khajjiar Lake is situated at around 20 km from Dalhousie and it is spread over a territory of 5000 sq yards. The lake has been a noteworthy traveler spot on account of the grasses and weeds that have developed on it which resembles a gliding island.

Kailash View:

kailash-view-khajjiar-dalhouse-himachal-pradeshLooks of Mount Kailash are obvious on crisp mornings from the Khajjiar ground. Legends have it that Mount Kailash is Lord Shiva’s home. Ruler Shiva is the principle God loved in Himachal Pradesh and subsequently this mountain is an extremely holy spot for these individuals.

Khajji Nag Temple:

khajji-nag-temple-khajjiar-dalhouse-himachal-pradeshThis sanctuary is by all accounts as old as twelfth century AD. The idom “old is gold” stands valid here as this is the holiest and the most essential sanctuary in the lives of the general population of Himachal Pradesh. The principle god in this sanctuary is that of Khajji Nag, who is said to be the Lord of the Serpents. The sanctuary has a “mandapa” (outlines made on the roof in a round example) with hanging pictures of Pandavas alongside the crushed Kauravas. Wood was utilized to make the council of this sanctuary. As per the investigates, it is trusted that the development of this sanctuary started in the tenth century AD. The design style of this sanctuary is a mix of both Hindu and Muslim style. This sanctuary is gone to by the aficionados consistently.

Panch Pandav Tree:

panch-pandavtree-khajjiar-dalhouse-himachal-pradeshPanch Pandav tree is arranged in the ground of Khajjiar. Known for its shoots, the principle roots and the shoots are believed to be the same. Six shoots come fanning out of the tree. As indicated by local people, out of the six shoots, one stands for Draupadi while whatever is left of the five symbolize the Five Pandavas. In these woodlands, shoots are a typical thing. A deodar tree has 13 shoots of standard tallness! This tree is known as the “Mother Tree” of the area.

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary:

kalatop-wildlife-sanctuary-khajjiarKhalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is encompassed with oak trees and coniferous trees. It extends broiler a range of around 19.63 km. Deer, serow, jackal, panther, mountain bear, wild felines, Himalayan dark marten and numerous other such species live in this haven. This natural life haven is even a home to many jeopardized types of creatures and flying creatures. It extends amongst Dalhousie and Khajjiar. A visit to Khajjiar is fragmented without a visit to this haven.

Khajjiar Villages:

apple-orchards-khajjiarKhajjiar is additionally prominent for its lovely and little Villages like Rota, ladi and so on which are arranged close to the slants. Inside the tall deodar woodlands of Khajjiar these towns are very close to the ground of Khajjiar. These little towns are very mainstream here for Apple Orchards.

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