Restrictive and cautious, Samode Palace has been host to sovereignty, VIPs, specialists, and the recognizing explorer. Stir to the peaceful day break, or have a mixed drink on the porch garden to the backup of society artists. Run your fingers over the mind boggling story of an antiquated painting on an uneven divider. Rise up out of a tender recuperating knead at the spa, or maybe simply sink into the extravagant bed in your room. Samode Palace weaves its enchantment on you.

The Palace:

samode-palace-jaipurA mind blowing case of superb Indo-Saracenic design, the Palace consolidates the best of Indian and Mughal styles. The 475-year-old royal residence is a festival of the faculties, underlined at all circumstances by contemporary extravagance and the mark administration of Samode lodgings – an enchanted friendliness and uncommon kindness.

The Accommodation:

accommodation-samode-palaceThe settlement in Samode Palace reclassifies the word comfort. Each carefully and extravagantly outfitted room has its own remarkable identity. Four notice beds hung with sheer, fragile texture and impeccably cut love seats welcome you to unwind. The blooms tail you wherever – in the yards, the painted parlors, the beguiling prints on the streaming drapes, on the material that delicately brushes against you, with the flower petals that buoy in your bath in the lovely mind boggling designs on the rich covers underneath your feet.

Come alone, or even better, accompany somebody – for in Samode, sentiment is the quintessence.

The Dining:

samode-palace-diningFeasting at Samode Palace is a treat for the faculties. The two eateries offer a decision of Royal Indian delights or delicious Asian and European passage.


samode-palace-jaipur-indiaAt the Samode Palace you will never be shy of things to do. You can start with a mobile visit to find the magnificence of the inn. Swim in a reasonable marble and mosaic swimming pool or laze by the housetop limitlessness pool and catch a stunning dusk with the vistas of the Aravali Range. The Spa offers luxuri-ous rub treatments via prepared experts.

Weddings and Celebrations:

samode-palace-jaipurAt Samode weddings are in reality made in paradise. The Palace is perfect for great festivals and is uniquely requested for weddings. A festival at Samode is an ordeal that will endure forever.