In West Bengal, Siliguri is an amazing little town, located in the lush foothills of Eastern Himalayas. It has a twin city New Jalpaiguri, Siliguri attached to the remains of West Bengal to the green Dooars and the mountainous landscape of North Bengal. Siliguri attracts several tourists every year around the world. This location also counts as a famous destination for tourists. The finest period to visit Siliguri is during the winter season, from November to February. This is the excellent time to make an amazing trip to Siliguri, West Bengal. Here you see many famous landscapes and wildlife. In this blog, we deliver 15 top places to visit in Siliguri. 

Top 15 Places To Visit in Siliguri

Top 15 Places To Visit in Siliguri

1. Bengal Safari Park, Siliguri

In Siliguri, Bengal Safari Park is a famous terminus for tourists. This is an excellent spot for a day out with family. This park presents the richness of flora and fauna of North Bengal. This is the first park where animal safari was launched. This park is also famous for its medical plants and herbs. Along with this, elephant rides and wildlife safaris attract more tourists. Here management delivers several categories of safaris like Herbivore Safari, Royal Bengal Tiger Safari, Asiatic Black Bear Safari, Leopard Safari, Aviary Foot Trail, Lesser Cat Enclosure Trail, etc. In this park, you also get a children’s play area, a memento shop, and a food court in the park.

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2. Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, Siliguri

Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary extends over a minimum of 158 sq. km. This is situated between two rivers, Teesta and Mahananda. The Bengal Safari Park is only 2% of its area, so you can imagine how extensive and prosperous in flora and fauna this sanctuary is. Due to its diversity of vegetation, and elevation, the special faunal species was found in this region. This is a home of several Indian bison and Royal Bengal Tiger, including many wild animals like elephants, gaurs, wild boars, leopards, spotted deer, barking deer, sambar, wild cats, and other species. This park is also home to several varieties of birds. It recreates hostelers to winged visitors like swifts, swallows, great hornbills , babblers, and rufous-necked Hornbills. 

3. Sepoy Dhura Tea Garden, Siliguri

Sepoy Dhura Tea Garden is one of the hidden gems of Siliguri, West Bengal. Located near to the most notable Tindharia Tea Garden. This beautiful garden is located at the Shivkhola Hills and delivers the amazing natural beauty of the region. You can plan a trek that starts from the tea garden and ends at any nearby village. Take a relaxing wander through the garden, breathe in fresh air, and relish the stunning view of Siliguri. You can also explore the tea-picking method here. 

4.Chilapata Forest, Siliguri

This forest is just a part of Jaldapara National Park in Dooars, Chilapata Forest is a dimly wooded national forest in Alipurduar. This park is located on the banks of the Torsha and Bania Rivers, the jungle also delivers a manifold group of flora and fauna. This park is home to one-horn rhinoceros, bison, leopards, and wild pigs, Chilapata Forest is also home to a large variety of butterflies and over 20 species of snake. In Siliguri, this is the best forest to explore nature and enjoy an amazing view of the pure beauty of the area. If you want to discover more amazing things then go for a safari or elephant ride and to experience a night at wildlife, you stay at the West Bengal Forest Development Agency’s charming ecotourism resort.

5. Hong Kong market, Siliguri

In Siliguri, West Bengal, Hong Kong is a famous shopping destination for travelers. This market is located in the heart of the city. The whole market is decorated with colorful lights and bright banners, making it a most stunning market. This market delivers a plethora of goods and materials at affordable prices. Here you get everything, like Tibetan trinkets, bone china, fancy clothes, traditional clothes, and Buddhist cultural handicraft items.

6. North Bengal Science Centre, Siliguri

North Bengal Science Centre, is the only center in Siliguri, founded in 1997. This center is located in Matigara, the peculiar giant T-Rex statue on the premises is one of the most famous milestones in the area. The meticulous lawns are decked with swings, seesaws, pendulums, eco-tube periscopes, etc. The various manifest and fun science shows are quite illuminating. The Science Centre is one of the prime destinations for travelers in Siliguri.

7. Savin Kingdom, Siliguri

In Siliguri, Seven Kingdom is a castle-themed amusement park. Here you enjoy several rides, play games, enjoy delicious food at famous restaurants and hotels, and many more. These things make this place famous for families and  travelers. This park also delivers several adventure activities and rides that attract youngsters. Along with this, you can enjoy several activities like henna painting, pottery making, magic shows, and fortune-telling. The banquet section in this Savin kingdom delivers event and party spaces.

8. Dreamland Amusement Park, Siliguri

Dreamland Amusement Park is also a prime destination for tourists who seek some excitement in Siliguri, West Bengal. This park delivers several fun activities and rides for every group of age. Along with rides, you can relish a picnic with your family and loved ones on the grounds.

9. Iskcon Temple, Siliguri

In Northeast India, the Iskcon temple of Siliguri is the greatest Krishna cognizance center. This temple is one of the main holy sites for pilgrims and believers. This Krishna temple is located in the middle of an extensive and decorated garden, the prime design of the temple has a pleasant tone of virtue. After visiting the temple, you enjoy a boat ride on the manmade lime lake.

10. Salugara Monastery, Siliguri

This monastery is located on the outside of Siliguri, West Bengal. Salugara Monastery is a notable Buddhist shrine. This monastery was founded by the followers of His Holiness Dalai Lama. This monastery is counted as the most hallowed site for Buddhist pilgrims. Here you see a 100-foot-tall white stupa, which is the main attraction of the monastery.

11. Sevoke Kali Mandir, Siliguri

The Sevoke Kali Mandir is situated near the Coronation Bridge, with the riverbank of the Teesta River. This temple is earmarked to the Goddess Kali and also attracts several tourists and pilgrims every year. The stunning view of Mount Kanchenjunga overlooking the Teesta pushes this temple to be one of the excellent and finest tourist destinations in Siliguri. The peace of the temple is gone with the sound of blessing bells during the festivals.

12. Lokenath Baba Mandir, Siliguri

In Siliguri, West Bengal, the Lokenath Baba Mandir, has a famous temple and carries its own identity. This temple is designed with beautiful artwork and sculptures. The prime interest of this temple is the split idol of Lord Shiva and Lokenath Baba, established on a rock in the backdrop. Here you see a lovely floating idol of Goddess Lakshmi on the pond.

13. Coronation Bridge, Siliguri

In North Bengal, the Coronation Bridge is one of the prime colonial structures and important milestones. This is an extensive arch over the Teesta River bed, encircled by lush green hills. This bridge is a part of NH-17 and is attached to two districts of Darjeeling and Kalimpong. Covered with lush valleys and the calmness of river Teesta, Coronation Bridge is one of the beautiful destinations for tourists in Siliguri. Here you take some stunning pictures at this vantage pinpoint.

14. Dudhia Siliguri

Dudhia is a popular and ideal destination for picnics in Siliguri, West Bengal. Located on the outskirts of Siliguri, is also a peaceful place along the roaring Balason River, on the Mirik-Siliguri Highways. Dudhia is also one of the prime destinations to visit in Siliguri.

15. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR), Siliguri

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is a 2 feet narrow-gauge train line, covering the distance between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling. This is also counted in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, this toy train delivers an amazing experience. During this train exploration, you also visit a photo gallery at Sukna Railway Station, the DHR museum at Ghum Station, Elysia Place, Kurseong, the DHR archives at Kurseong station.

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