India has the largest tribal population in the globe. The tribes in India are closely tied to nature, and they inhabit some of the most pristine and splendid atmospheres in the country. There are several top destinations for tribal tours in India. Travel is really to learn from your experiences, destination, and people you come across. Travel should be seen as what you cannot even imagine; it should not be regarded just for relaxing, however more of witnessing thrilling and exciting things. On such a tour is Tribal Tourism India, an amazing and unique experience in the heart of this country.

The tribes of India played a notable role in the Indian National Movement. India’s travel to tribal destinations will keep you in touch with nature because these people love nature. Indian tribal culture is rich in several aspects. As Indian tribes span all over, you will be allowed to peep into diverse Indian culture through these tribes. In tribal regions, you can still get the glimpse of the rich culture and traditions of ancient India and has an unforgettable experience you haven’t had before. The tribal tours in India and most energizing and refreshing.

List Of Some Top Destinations For Tribal Tours In India

1. Odisha Tribal Tour

Odisha Tribal Tour

Odisha is a fabulous place for tribal tours in India. It comprises a large number of tribes; approximately 25 % of Odisha’s population is tribal, and the state has more than 60 unique tribes. You will get enthralled to witness their living in the remotest, deepest forest. They also cross to some of the most difficult hilly interiors. In Odisha, the colorful and cultures and traditions of these tribes are now available for the discerning traveler’s organized tours from Puri.

2. Chattisgarh Tribal Tour

Chattisgarh Tribal Tour

Chattisgarh is another amazing place for tribal tours in India, bordering Odisha. It’s a small tribal destination, but the cultural state of Chhatisgarh used to be part of Madhya Pradesh. The most popular tribal community of this place is Gonds, which is stretched over villages and forest regions. These tribes are gifted artists; you can enjoy their cultural art and performance whenever you want to travel to this destination. Dusshera festival is one of the essential festivals of the region and is celebrated in a unique style.

3. Nagaland Tribal Tour

Nagaland Tribal Tour

Nagaland is one of the top destinations for tribal tours in India. Along with many fascinating travel experiences offered by the northeast states of India in the tribal experience. It is one of the lesser-explored travel destinations of India, sharing a border with Myanmar. Nagaland comprises several tribal villages; it homes to over 16 tribes such as the Naga tribes. You can enjoy their lifestyle, wear clothes, experience their architecture, and many more. For a real tribal tour, do not miss the Hornbill festival held in the Kohima district.

4. Rajasthan Tribal Tour

Rajasthan Tribal Tour

Rajasthan is also a fantastic place for tribal tours in India. Around 15 % of Rajasthan’s population is tribal. The Bhil tribe, the predominant group, were among the original inhabitants of Rajasthan. The tribal areas are mostly nestled in the southern Rajasthan, and certain cities are named after their Kings, who once rules there. If you want to explore the Rajasthan tribes, then do not miss the five-day Baneshwar tribal fair held every January and February in Dungarpur. You can also rejoice in the Holi festival in the fabulous style in Banswara with the Bhils.

5. Maharashtra Tribal Tour

Maharashtra Tribal Tour

Maharashtra is also a fabulous tribal tour destination in India. It has a large tribal population that inhabits several parts of the state but mainly in hilly areas. With a large tribal population, Maharashtra holds approximately 50 tribes in its ambit. The major tribes in Maharashtra are Bhils, Mahadeo Kolis, Gonds, Warlis, Oraons, and Katkaris. These tribal communities live with harmony and peace and are very friendlier as compared to others. Like Gonds, the Warlis are also famous for their distinctive tribal art.

6. Gujarat Tribal Tour

Gujarat Tribal Tour

Gujarat is a top destination for tribal tours in India. It will let you meet with the Naika community of tribes that were really local commanders and rajahs primitively. Along with unspoiled beaches, medieval edifices, and rich Indian culture and tradition, Gujarat is well acknowledged worldwide for its tribal life. These tribes can speak Gujarati and also the Marathi. The tribal tour to Gujarat will enable you to reach unusual tribes of the state and nearly observe their tradition, culture, and lifestyle.

If you are looking to explore another side of India, then tribal tours are the perfect choice for you. There are several top destinations for tribal tours in India, which offer an amazing experience. The tribal tours will take you far from the turmoil of the city and town to the serene and tranquil destination where people yet believe in living a simple life.

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