India is a country well-known for its rich cultural heritage. With a history precedes around 5000 years or more; currently, India introduces itself as an amazing tourist destination, ideal for learning about several civilizations. Every era and dynast left behind their own architectural heritage, ruling to there being scores of fabulous world heritage sites. Heritage Tourism is one of the arms of tourism in India towards the cultural heritage of the destinations and historical places. Heritage historical tourism also comprises cultural, historical and natural resources. Numerous spiritual leaders and founders of various well-known religions of the modern times existed in the country’s several regions.

There are numerous world heritage sites in India. India’s authentic wealthy inflation of crafts, culture, art, philosophy, mysticism, music, architecture and tradition attracts the travellers, history buffs and scholars from all over the World. From ancient temples to impressive Mughal forts and rock-cut Buddhist caves, these amazing historic buildings are the best tribute to the country’s complex and diverse culture.

Here’s The List Of Some World Heritage Sites In India:

1) Hampi, Karnataka


Hampi is one of the amazing UNESCO world heritage site nestled in the Northern part of the Karnataka. This heritage site is lies within the ruins of the old, flourishing kingdom of Vijaynagar. The most fabulous heritage monument in the site id the Virupaksha Temple, which continues to be a remarkable religious centre for the Hindus. There are numerous other monuments which are a segment of this amazing heritage site; they are unitedly known as the ‘Group of Monuments at Hampi’. The ruins at Hampi are a collection of heritage sites represent the fantastic Dravidian style of art and architecture.

2) Taj Mahal, Agra


Taj Mahal is one of the most magnificent heritage buildings in the World. The fabulous building of the Taj Mahal is declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and also comes under one of the seven wonders in the World. This beautiful Fort was established by the Shah Jahan in the remembrance of her lovingly wife, Mumtaz. That’s why Taj Mahal is also considered as the symbol of love. Taj Mahal was constructed with the pure white marble, and the building is embellished with carvings of precious flowers and stone.

3) Konark Sun Temple, Orissa


Konark is an amazing hub of ancient temples and the most fantastic place to visit in Orissa. This fabulous temple is well-known for its old art and sculpture. The enchanting carvings of Konark Sun Temple in Orissa considered as the seven wonders of India, which attracts huge numbers of tourists from all over the globe. One of the primary reason to visit Orissa is discovering the finest artwork and sculpture of the Konark Sun temple. The sun temple in Konark also comes under the UNESCO World Heritage site.

4) Red Fort, Delhi


Red Fort is a fabulous fort nestled in the old Delhi area. This Fort was set up in the year 1638 by the Shah Jahan. This Fort acquires its name from its impervious red sandstone walls. Red Fort was the primary residence of the emperors of the Mughal ruler. Nowadays, this forts home to several museums that have a blend of precious artefacts on display. The other name of Red Fort are Lal Quila and Quila-e-Mubarak. Red Fort also proclaimed as the UNESCO world heritage site in the year 2007. This is the most prestigious monuments in India and the best tourist attraction in Delhi.

5) Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra


Ajanta caves are one of the first World Heritage Sites in India. These caves are well-known as Buddhist Rock-cut cave monuments and decorated with paintings and frescoes same as the Sigiriya Paintings. Ajanta caves date back to approximate 2nd century BCE to 650 CE and dwell of the most wonderful jewel of 31 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments, paintings and sculpture. Ajanta caves are established in two different phases, First of Satavahana period under the sponsorship of the Satvahana Dynasty and second the caves of Vakataka period under the rule of Emperor Harishena of Vakataka Dynasty.

 6) Bodh Gaya, Bihar


Bodh Gaya is a magnificent destination to explore in India. This fabulous religious site is nestled in the Gaya district of Bihar. Bodh Gaya is a prestigious Buddhist religious or spiritual destination. This destination is famous for the Mahabodhi temple. Bodh Gaya is a place where Gautama Buddha became intellectual, which was the beginning of Buddhism. It is also the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is one of the four important Buddhist sites that comprise: Sarnath, Lumbini and Kushinagar.

7) Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam


Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary is also a marvellous world heritage site in India. This wildlife sanctuary is well-known for its one horn rhinoceroses. Kaziranga Wildlife sanctuary is nestled in Assam, one of the untouched natural regions in India. This wildlife sanctuary is a UNESCO world heritage site, and it is said that this world heritage site in India was a project started by Lord Curzon. Kaziranga Wildlife sanctuary situated on the flood plains of the river Brahmaputra and dwells mainly of dense forest and grasslands. This wildlife sanctuary also comprises the numerous streams and lakes running through it. Other mammals comprise hoolock gibbon, leopard, otter, Ganges dolphins, gaur, sambar, wild boar and many more.

India is dotted with numerous world heritage sites, which offers amazing beauty and experience. Zest the experience of exploring the country’s old artefacts and architectural ruins rising over brimming cities, roads and streets. So let’s pack your bags and explore these fabulous world heritage sites in India.

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