Travelling is all about experiencing new destinations and storing them in your memories to cherish forever after. And since photography plays such a vital role in our travels today, there is no better way to relish a memorable trip by heading out on one of the several photography tours in India. There are many best packages in India for photographers. So blend your twin passions of travel and photography on the best photography tours in India. The best part about photography tours in India is that they permit you to witness the best sights and sounds across the area you are visiting and commit them to memory.

Photography tours are an excellent way to supplement your trip and the fact that they come in so many shapes and sizes only add to the fun. There are several styles of photography tours in India which complements the several diverse sights to be seen in the country. From wildlife photography tours to tribal photography tours to cultural photography, there is a vast range of choices for you to choose from.

Here Are The Best Packages In India For Photographers

1. Photography Tour In Varanasi

Photography Tour In Varanasi

Varanasi is a city that oozes beauty and captivating charm. This city is amongst the sacred cities in India and arguably in the globe. With a huge number of ghats, shrines and Varanasi is the most fabulous place to explore. If you are visiting Varanasi, then boat riding at the holy Ganges river should be at the top id your bucket list. This would be an unforgettable experience of your life because it gives picturesque views. The wonderful panoramic experience of temples and practices of Hindu rituals would harmonize your heart and soul.

2. Wildlife Photography Tour

Wildlife Photography Tour

If you are a wildlife admirer then pack your bags and plan for a wildlife photography tour that will offer you an amazing experience. India is considered as a hub of wildlife national parks as it comprises 440 wildlife sanctuaries, 42 tiger reserves, and 18 biosphere reserves. The wildlife photography tours in India are conducted to offer an experience of clicking high motion pictures of wildlife animals and capturing the scenic charm of the forest. To get an opportunity to explore some of the magnificent national parks in the country is a privilege.

3. Environmental Photography Tour

Environmental Photography Tour

Photography is a way where one can convey a message and spread awareness. The environmental photography tour is designed for the same motives. Environment tour is based on helping photographers realize the requirement for bringing a change in the atmosphere and equipping them with knowledge about why and how the world requires to be saved. These tours take photographers through a variety of places and areas, wherein they can click natural charm and learn about the hazards that the atmosphere is facing.

4. Photography Tours Of Rajasthan

Photography Tours Of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is known all over the world for its glorious history, bountiful wildlife, colorful culture, and warm hospitality. The charm of the flamboyant state of Rajasthan can be credited to its captivating folk dance and music, majestic palaces, and hill forts. The alluring art and crafts, state’s age-old temples, and vibrant fairs and festivals also contribute equally to its unmatched beauty and allure. When in Rajasthan the photographers can be sure to enjoy a truly exhilarating, action-packed desert holiday.

5. Bird Photography Tours

Bird Photography Tours

If you are a bird lover, then Tal Chapar Wildlife Sanctuary lying in a hidden corner of the magnificent state of Rajasthan is definitely a treasure. A paradise for all bird photographers and admirers, this place is well known for the sights of rare birds. This will protected park is home to two thousand and five hundred blackbucks along with being the best Indian wildlife sanctuary to watch grassland birds.

6. Photography Tours Of Lahaul Spiti

Photography Tours Of Lahaul Spiti

When a huge number of photographers have explored the harm of famous Indian cities and regions there are a few beauties in this country that have not been explored yet. One such set of destinations comprise Lahaul and Spiti. Lahaul Spiti tourism attracts thousands of visitors every year towards its fascinating charm and unadulterated atmosphere. Spiti is adjoined on the northern side by Ladakh, Kinnaur in the South-East, Tibet in the Esat, and Kullu valley in the North.

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