New Year is just around the corner and everyone is thinking of a place to enjoy their New Year celebration. A fabulous way to enjoy New Year is by traveling to amazing places. India is a land of some of the most enchanting places on the globe. If you are looking to celebrate your New Year at magnificent places instead of your house then here we mention the amazing places in India to celebrate New Year 2022. You can pick from plenty of destinations and plan the best New Year.

With almost all destinations unique in their way, it becomes a tough task to pick a place to visit on New Year’s eve to make it all the more perfect. So let’s pick a magnificent and amazing destination to celebrate your New Year 2022.

Here Are The Amazing Places In India To Celebrate New Year 2022

1. Goa


Goa is one of the favorite places for party lovers. It’s a perfect destination to enjoy New Year Eve. In the list of amazing places to celebrate New Year in India, Goa cannot be missed. It is a fabulous destination that makes your New Year memorable. The Goa is famous for its innumerable beaches, stellar nightlife, eclectic seafood, and many more. The numerous beaches of this place are some of the fabulous experiences that you will get throughout your visit with your family.

2. Ooty


Ooty is one of the best destinations to visit in India in the New Year. This is a wonderful place to visit for mountain enthusiasts. Ooty is also recognized as the Udagamandalam and a famous hill station of Tamil Nadu. This tourist destination is at the height of 2,240 meters above sea level and nestled between the Nilgiri hills. This place is the Queen of Hills, and every year a number of people visit this destination to encounter its worth. Its dense green vegetation, botanical gardens, and enchanting lakes make this place the most fabulous place to visit.

3. Delhi

Delhi is a hub of party freaks and one of the amazing places to celebrate New Year. From songs, lights, drinks, and dance there is so much to relish here. With some of the most elite and expensive parties, the people can enjoy New Year Eve either at a private lounge or exclusive nightclubs in Delhi. Your New Year in Delhi can be fascinating gratitude to several exclusive events and parties held in the city.

4. Mumbai


Mumbai is another fabulous destination to celebrate New Year Eve. Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, Mumbai is completely one of the best places to go for New Year. Be it a house party or at a beach, you will relish every sip of your drink when you see the city lit up with lights and crackers. The hotels and lounges of Mumbai also gear up for parties where one might also spot the star celebrities of the film industry.

5. Auli 


Auli is one of the amazing hill stations to celebrate New Year Eve. It is nestled in the Gharwal region of Uttarakhand state of India. The snow-capped mountains of the Nanda Devi, Neelkant, and Mana Parbat offer a captivating scenic view of the slopes. Auli is affectionately associated as a destination where nature comes alive in all its brightness and glory. This destination is rich in natural reserves and gives an amazing panorama of the enclosing hills.

6. Jaisalmer


Jaisalmer is one fantastic destination to celebrate New Year in India. This is one of the primary tourist places in India nestled in Rajasthan which welcomes visitors at the time of New Year and gives a wide variety of things to explore. Jaisalmer is also known as the Golden city because the city is enclosed by castles which are made of golden sandstone and golden dunes. Apart from this, the city is also known for its excellent structure in temples and forts which depict the rich culture.

7. Pondicherry

Pondicherry is also the best destination to celebrate New Year Eve. From biking on the beaches to carousing on the rooftop cafes, there is a wide range of things to do in Pondicherry make it an amazing land. This ancient French colony is the most immeasurable amalgamation of the traditional Indian sensitivities and French structure, making it a dreamy escape that gives the best of both worlds. This destination is known for cozy cafes and chic boutiques that provide delectable French cuisine and beverages.

These amazing places in India to celebrate New Year 2021 are going to make for the best holiday destination. Have a great time in any of these amazing destinations.

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