There are many captivating and enchanting places in India each and every place is unique and has its own specialty. Some places are popular for their natural beauty and some for their architectural beauty. When it comes to experience natural beauty in India Kashmir is one of the fabulous places. Kashmir a land of unimaginable beauty is known for splendid places to explore. With snow on the hills, green land, tall trees of Chinar, and valleys, Kashmir looks to be one of the most mysterious destinations on earth.

Kashmir is nestled in the Himalayas and is also known for its many-sided culture. Mesmerizing landscapes, amazing snow-capped peaks, majestic waterfalls, the tranquility of smooth lakes, radiant flowering grasslands, and dazzling weather all-around the year are the words we identify with Kashmir also known as “Heaven on Earth”. Kashmir has been widely recognized and embraced for its enchanting natural beauty.

Kashmir has a mixture of terrains varying from lakes, snow-capped mountains, coniferous kissed slopes to glacier-fed rivers. On the other hand, Kashmir is covered with wild untouched terrain, and on the other, there are fields of saffron and orchards in their perfect shape during springs. The visit to Kashmir will allow you to explore the beauty of nature to its extent. A valley between the Great Himalayan Range and the Pir Panjal hill range, Kashmir is a destination of incredible purity and natural scenery.

Best Places To Visit In Kashmir A Land Of Unimaginable Beauty

If you are traveling to this part of India for the first time, then you cannot dare to miss these splendid and picturesque places in Kashmir and enjoy the scenic beauty of the state at its best.

1. Srinagar


Srinagar is one of the most beautiful and renowned places to visit in Kashmir even in India. From trekking to boating, water skiing to bird watching this place has it all. Srinagar is also known as the mirror to the mountains by local people. It is the first stopover for every traveler. Srinagar is the most magnificent city of Kashmir, this place is enclosed by the green hills and the major highlight being the Dal Lake which is the jewel of the city.

2. Sonamarg


Sonamarg is a picturesque hill station in Kashmir, nestled 80 km north-east of Srinagar. At a height of around 2800 km from sea level, Sonamarg is famous for its snow-capped fields, enclosed by majestic glaciers and serene lakes which cast subtle spells on the visitors. Sonamarg is encompassed by the majestic Himalayan glaciers- Machoi Glacier and Kolhoi Glacier and will thrive on the renowned Three Sisters of Kashmir Valley. This destination also houses some stunning waterfalls and the Rhajiwa glacier which is the major attraction of this place.

3. Gulmarg


Gulmarg is well known as the Meadow of Flowers, it’s a treat to the eyes with its spread of vibrant flowers against snow-capped mountains as backgrounds. Gulmarg is deemed to be one of the greatest places to visit in Kashmir for all the best reasons. This region of Kashmir is also identified as the adventurer’s heaven because of its wide variety of skiing in the snow while enjoying the scenes around.

4. Patnitop


Patnitop is endless meadows and picturesque views describe it best. Blanketed by the sky-high Himalayas covered with snow, Patnitop has created a niche in the tourism industry because of its surreal charm. With this, the destination also provides some exciting activities that will treat the adrenaline junkie in you. It shows to be one of the top traveler destinations in Kashmir for both families and friends.

5. Pahalgam


Pahalgam is regarded as an illustration of the paradise on earth which is nestled at a height of 2740 m. It is located at a distance of 95km from Srinagar and enclosed by dense forests, wonderful lakes, and meadows of flowers. Peace and tranquility are the other names of Pahalgam. This small town is known to suck out all the stress of every tourist and is hence counted amongst the best places to explore in Kashmir.

6. Sanasar


Sanasar is also one of the top captivating places in Kashmir to visit. This place is a hidden gem of Kashmir. It’s a heaven for adventure admirers as this place provides several exciting and thrilling activities to indulge in such as rock climbing, paragliding, abseiling, and trekking. The area is formed in a cup-shaped grassland surrounded by massive conifers. Sanasar is named after two local lakes and will provide you a quitter side of Jammu and Kashmir infused with adventure and excitement on demand.

Best Time To Visit Kashmir A Land Of Unimaginable Beauty

If you want to Experience the Tulip Gardens, visit Kashmir throughout the month of April, or otherwise the time between March to October is perfect to enjoy the scenic views of the valley and along with exploring the mountainous grasslands. But with you wish to witness the snowfall then visit Kashmir from December to March, it’s the time to enjoy snowfall because the whole valley is covered with snow.

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