The bustle of daily life in Delhi can be a bit overwhelming at times. Naturally, the citizens of Delhi want a break for themselves on weekends. Delhi is connected to numerous wonderful places that offer an essential escape for urban dwellers who are tired of their daily routine. When you are searching for the best places to visit near Delhi within 200 Kms we make it’s easier for you by bringing some of the best places here.

Going to the most popular destinations close to Delhi isn’t difficult and exhausting. This means that you can take a short break away from your routine and enjoy unparalleled experiences. feel blessed and prepare yourself as the capital city of India has a lot of tourist spots. The nearby towns and cities of Delhi are great for road trips with your friends as well as long drives with your loved ones and family.

 Here Know The Best Places to Visit Near Delhi Within 200 Kms:    

1. Damdama Lake- 57 Km From Delhi

Damdama Lake- 57 Km From Delhi

Damdama is among the most fascinating and accessible destinations to discover. It’s the perfect weekend getaway close to Delhi for the family as well as friends. If you’re an avid sports lover in the outdoors Damdama Lake is the place for you. Damdama Lake spikes your adrenalin and keeps you motivated. The challenging terrain of the Aravalis Mountains challenges your skills as a climber and pushes you to climb the mountains. Other adventure sports such as Parasailing, hot-air ballooning, and trekking are sure to enthrall you and will make your day.

2. Sariska National Park -200 km From Delhi

Sariska National Park -200 km From Delhi

Sariska National Park is located within the midst of Aravali Hills is spread over an area of 866 sq km. It is located within the Alwar district in Rajasthan, one of the most renowned nature reserves near Delhi which is famous for its tiger population. Tourists experience the excitement and fear of seeing wildlife such as royal tigers, wild cats, wild dogs, leopards, and jackals in their natural habitats when they travel in a Jeep or open-air van. The park’s two Lakes Siliserh and Jai Samand are home to many species of crocodiles, water serpents as well as amphibian species.

3. Mathura- 183 Km From Delhi

Mathura- 183 Km From Delhi

With a strong significance for devotees, this town has been considered sacred in Hindu Mythology. If you’re looking for the top tourist spots within 200 km from Delhi to enjoy a spiritual and spiritual trip, Mathura should be on your list. The town is touted as the place where the 7th avatar is Lord Vishnu and has numerous holy Ghats, temples and sacred sites where you can attend nightly Aarti on the Yamuna banks is among the most memorable experience. The town was filled with a ritualistic and spiritual celebration on the days of Janmashtami, Radha Ashtami, Govardhan Puja, and Guru Purnima.

4. Neemrana- 128 Km From Delhi

Neemrana- 128 Km From Delhi

In recent times, Neemrana has become one of the most sought-after locations for road trips departing in the vicinity of Delhi within 200 km. However, this doesn’t mean that the holiday here is only for bikers! Neemrana is among the most beautiful places in Delhi within 200km for couples because of its historic fort, which is today a Heritage Hotel located in the Neemrana Fort Palace. There are a variety of local attractions near Neemrana which includes its luxurious historic fort hotel that allows for a hike. In the fort, visitors can engage in various adventures.

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5. Vrindavan- 160 Km from Delhi

Vrindavan- 160 Km from Delhi

This is another spiritual destination located 200km from Delhi for families who want the spiritual retreat. Lord Krishna was raised in Vrindavan, the Mathura district. There are many ancient and modern temples in Vrindavan which provide the perfect combination of culture, history, and spirituality. According to folk fare and mythology, Lord Krishna remains at Vrindavan and is immortal. In close proximity to Mathura is a town that resembles this city almost identically, so it is possible to see both Mathura and Vrindavan in one trip.

6. Alwar- 165 Km From Delhi

Alwar- 165 Km From Delhi

Alwar is still in the top spot on the list when it comes to the most convenient weekend getaways from Delhi within 200 km. Alwar is the initial city of importance that is visible as you travel between Delhi towards Rajasthan. The town in Rajasthan is a popular holiday destination with old forts such as Bhangardh as well as pristine lakes and bygone Havelis. A number of Bollywood films are also shot in Alwar, such as Karan Arjun. The first of the Rajput empires that aligned with that of the British Empire was this town located in Rajasthan.

7. Kurukshetra- 167 km From Delhi

Kurukshetra- 167 km From Delhi

Kurukshetra is the setting of the Hindu mythological epic, the Mahabharata, which is among the most sought-after weekend getaway from Delhi within 200 Km. Hindus love the town for the Kurukshetra Panorama and Science Centre in which you can read the complete reports of the great battle. Within walking distance from here is the holy site of Jyotisar in which the legend says that Lord Krishna read the Bhagavad Gita for the very first time.

8. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary-40 Km From Delhi

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary-40 Km From Delhi

It is located in the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is one of the places close to 150 km of Delhi which entices the interest of bird watchers and families too. The sanctuary encompasses 143 square km, was created in 1971. It was then designated as a National Park on the 5th of July 1991. More than 100 species of birds that migrate include Siberian cranes and greater flamingos, the rosy pelicans, and ruffs travel to this Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary to find food sources and escape the harsh weather back home. From as far as Siberia, Europe, and Afghanistan they migrate. The birds that are resident include Indian cormorants as well as white-throated kingfishers. They also have painted storks, great egrets laughing doves, and so on.

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