Bhainsrorgarh Fort is an ancient and historic place that has became a popular tourist destination in India. It is located in the state of Rajasthan,  the Bhainsrorgarh Fort was established in the second century BC. Situated on the banks of the Chambal and Brahmani rivers, this majestic fort was built by the second son of Rawat Kesri Singh of Salumber, Rawat Lala Singh. Tourist from all around the world get attracted towards the beauty of the fort.


Dramatically settled between the two rivers named – the Chambal & the Bamani River, this undeniable fort holds a great significance to the Chundawat clan of Sisodia Rajputs. After giving up the Mewar throne for his younger brother, the fort was granted to Rao Chunda as a jagir by Maharaja Jagat Singh of Mewar in 1741 AD.

Located at 50 km to the south of Kota, the Bhainsrorgarh fort of Rawat bhata is popular as Vellore in Rajasthan which is 260 years old. Standing 200 feet high on the steep ridge, this historical fort is worldwide famous for its breathtaking spectacular views & sparkling locations.

Main Attractions

The wildlife Sanctuary of Bhainsrorgarh is the main attraction for tourists here. There are various species of wildlife animals you can explore here which include Deer, Fox, wild boar, chinkara, jackals, etc. You can also enjoy hiking at nearby places or can make the most of the garden. At cafeteria, continental dishes or La Carte breakfast is offered here for the travelers & guests.

Located in Bhainsrorgarh district, this fort also has room service with amazing view of gardens for those coming to stay for a couple of days. Also, there is a restaurant where different tasty cuisines are served for the guests. The fort hotel offers perfect hospitality & treats its guests like royal kings.

Best time to visit

The perfect time to visit bhainsrorgarh fort is from September to March.

Bhainsrorgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhainsrorgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the best wildlife sanctuaries, Bhainsrorgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. The scenic beauty of nature is best for wildlife activists and photography lovers. This wildlife sanctuary is home to many birds and animals.

One can visit the sanctuary at its best in the morning  as it is the best time to observe various species of birds and animals like chinkara, Fox, Hawks, Stocks, Sarus, Crane, Goose, Black-bellied Terns Owls, etc. At the monsoon time, tourists can visit the Bhainsrorgarh Wildlife Sanctuary to see lush greenery everywhere and to explore natural beauty.

Motorized Boat Riding

Motorized Boat Riding

The Chambal River Safari gives the most unique experience while visiting the Bhainsrorgarh fort. One can explore the hidden places of the Chambal River while enjoying a motorized boat safari. One can also enjoy the charming voice of nature and birds. With the sipping of your favorite tea, you can explore the beauty of nature here.

Bhainsrorgarh Heritage Hotel

Opened in 2006 for welcoming guests from all around the world, this heritage hotel provides an archaic atmosphere and royal feeling. At alfresco dining area, best kind of gourmet meals is served in its dining rooms. Awarded as the best Heritage hotel in 2008 & 2009 by Tatler travel Guide, UK, this is among the most popular heritage hotels of Kota.

Rooms at Bhainsrorgarh heritage hotel

Bhainsrorgarh heritage hotel rooms

Bhainsrorgarh fort has five Suites and four deluxe rooms. The largest suite of the fort is the Mewar suite. There is a balcony to explore the river view and with most Deluxe Rooms, one can perfectly enjoy the view of the village around. The ground floor was named after a popular poet Late Rawat Himmat Singhji. Private balcony and open-roof terrace at the suite offers the perfect view of the Chambal River. Two small balconies are there at the second floor of Bhainsrorgarh fort that shows the views of the River and Hotel Garden. Also, there are two suites: Bhainsrorgarh suite and Mewar suite.


Flowing north-east through Madhya Pradesh, the Chambal River passes though Rajasthan and joins the River Yamuna in UP. Chambal is also the home of rare and various species. One can go fishing in here. There is Mahseer Fish or Silund fish, also popular. Here you can see snakehead fish which people called Murrel or sole.

Hotel Details

Address: The Palace Via Kota, Bhainsrorgarh, Rajasthan 323304

Mobile : 9714 22224