Canacona is a city and a civil chamber in South Goa area in the province of Goa, India. Canacona or Kankon Taluka incorporates places, for example, Patnem, Chaudi, Poinguinim, Loliye, Agonda, and Gaumdongre. Chaudi is the taluka central station and the most created town in this taluka. The well known Palolem Beach is situated in this taluka. Canacona is situated at 15.02°N 74.02°E. It has a normal height of 10 meters (32 feet). It has a normal rise of 10 meters (32 feet). Canacona is the southernmost taluka of Goa.

Palolem Beach:


Palolem Beach is an extent of white sand on an inlet in Goa, South India. It’s known for its quiet waters and for its nightlife, including “noiseless discos” where partygoers wear earphones. Fixed with palm trees and beautiful wooden shacks, the shoreline faces Canacona Island, known for its inhabitant monkeys. Toward the south, turtles settle at Galgibaga Beach. Inland, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is home to feathered creatures, wild pigs and gaur.

This white sandy beach, located at around 2km west of Chaudi is popular among travelers for fishing trips & dolphin cruises. Known for its crescent shape, the beach is situated at 37km away from Margao. The beach shacks offer different types of seafood such as lobsters, fishes & prawns. Many pubs & bars at the beach are also there which are opened till early morning hours.

Go for dolphin spotting, eat traditional Indian food, go for adventure out, get an ayurvedic massage, visit Monkey Island and indulge in yoga & meditation for rejuvenating yourself. These are some of the top things to see & do at Palolem beach, Goa.

So, laze down on the beach & swim in the Arabian Sea.

Oxygen Palolem Resort:


This property is a 1-minute stroll from the shoreline. Offering a youngsters’ play area and perspectives of the garden, Oxygen Palolem is arranged in the north side of Palolem Beach. Visitors can appreciate the location bar. Each room at this resort is aerated and cooled and has a level screen TV. A few rooms have a seating zone to unwind in following a bustling day. A gallery or porch are highlighted in specific rooms. The rooms are fitted with a private lavatory. Oxygen Palolem includes free WiFi all through the property.

The Oxygen Palolem is located on the North side of the beach and is a sprawling, spacious 50,000 square feet open space. Ultra Luxurious spacious pine wood huts are placed in such a way that total privacy is ensured. Each Ultra Luxury wooden huts have 36 square meters private lawn to Relax, Party. Enjoy open, calm free space in privacy.

Shri Navdurga Temple:


The temple is situated on the Margao-Karwar road, on a picturesque hilltop. It enshrines a beautiful idol of Goddess Navdurga. The temple can be approached by flights of steps. The five major temples, called Panchayatan are the nearby attractions. Parshuram Temple is very aged among them.

Shri Navdurga Temple is a highly revered shrine located Poinguinim in Canacona taluk of South Goa District, This sanctuary is situated around 31 km north-west of Karwar and around 66 km from the town of Ponda. Vacationers can go through Margao-Karwar street to achieve this Shri Navdurga Temple.

Banana Boat Ride:


Banana Boat Ride, Mobor Beach – A Fun Watersport To Enjoy With Family And Friends looking for a fun watersports movement with family and companions should attempt our Banana Boat Ride at Mobor Beach, South Goa. It is an inflatable pontoon that is formed quite recently like a banana and associated with a speedboat, which pulls it along the water at high speeds. The banana pontoon ride is a fun and energizing movement that the two youngsters and adults can appreciate. One doesn’t need to stress as every one of our visitors are given the security coats.

Tourists coming to Goa can enjoy an extensive array of water sports that this place has to offer. You would indeed be spoilt for choices when it comes to having a pick from amongst the list of Water Sports in Goa. Sailing, Water Surfing, Parasailing, Fishing, Windsurfing, Scuba Diving, and Dinghy Sailing are some of the famous Water Sports of Goa. However, nothing would match the fun of Banana Boat Rides in Goa.

Banana Boat Rides are one of the major attractions, the others being the beaches in Goaforts in Goa, casinos, and others. Goa Banana Boat Rides is one of the funniest Water Sports in Goa. An inflatable boat resembling the shape of a banana is used for Banana Boat Rides in Goa. This boat is linked to a speed boat. 4 to 6 people can be seated in one banana boat. The boat throws off the passengers as soon as the speed boat sprints across the sea. Sometimes, you would find yourself being flung into the water even before you have hardly started off the beach. After being thrown into the surf, the passengers pull themselves back into the banana boat and start afresh. All passengers taking Banana Boat Rides in Goa wear a life jacket for safety reasons.

Patnem Beach:


Patnem Beach has many shoreline shacks and eateries that draw in a few voyagers going to the area. This shoreline is reasonable for swimming and sunbathing alongside appreciating conventional fish. There are many seats and umbrellas accessible close by the shoreline, where visitors can sit and unwind. The shoreline street at Patnem is celebrated for offering flavors, espresso, and knickknacks.

The beautiful beach attracts every visitors traveling here, due to its many beautiful shacks & restaurants. Suitable for swimming, sunbathing while enjoying traditional seafood, one can see a large no. of foreign tourists here. It is one of the most peaceful beaches with little fewer shacks & hotel options also available. Nightlife in this beach is also wonderful for being having a variety of pubs, bars, and clubs. There are many chairs beside the beach to sit & feel relax & comfortable.

It is thus probably the most secluded beach that one can find in North Goa, for offering amazing sunset & sunrise view. Great for the people who just want to relax in silence & to enjoy in the sun!

Shree Mallikarjun Temple:

Shree Mallikarjun Temple is a sixteenth-century sanctuary, which was remodeled in 1778. This sanctuary includes the principle divinity, named Lord Mallikarjun, who is thought to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. There are more than 60 symbols of various divine beings and goddess set inside this sanctuary. It likewise includes flawlessly to cut enormous wooden columns.

One of the most famous Hindu temples in Canacona region, Shri Mallikarjun Temple dedicated to Mallikarjun God, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. A very well-maintained temple which is situated near Srishthal village has an extensive arched architecture.

Main festivals celebrated in the temple are Ratthasaptami (celebrated during the month of Feb) or Chariot festival & Shigmo (in April).

Cotigo Wildlife Sanctuary:


The Cotigo Wildlife Sanctuary was established to protect a remote and vulnerable area of forest lining the Goa- Karnataka border. Encompassing 86-sq-km of mixed deciduous woodland, the reserve is certain to inspire tree lovers but also less likely to yield many wildlife sightings: its tigers and leopards were hunted out a long time ago while the Gazelles, Sloth Bears, Porcupines, Panthers and Hyenas that allegedly lurk in the woods rarely appear.

Cotigo Wildlife Sanctuary is around 10 km far from area capital Chaudi and around 12 km in the south-east of Palolem. This asylum is arranged around 60 km far from state capital Panaji. It was set up in 1969 and covers around 86 sq. km of land.

Fresh Water Springs:


Fresh Water Springs are for the most part arranged at Puroner and Gogel. The water springs in Puroner is situated at the property of Prabhu Gaonkar family and is utilized for water system purposes. These water springs likewise have some restorative esteem that can cure certain ailments. The second spring Gogel boasts of a crystal clear water. The charm of the water is such that a splash seems simply irresistible to you. So just do not think, just jump into the water and satisfy yourself to the maximum.

Shree Sanusthan Gokarn Parthagali Jeevotham Math:


Shree Sanusthan Gokarn Parthagali Jeevotham Math, arranged at Parthagali, is a celebrated Math of the Gaud Saraswat people group. This specific math was worked in 1475 by Swami Shreemas Narayanateertha. The math holds a past filled with being going by more than 23 distinctive Swamiji or holy people. Guests can see an old banyan tree at this math, which is situated at the Tapasya Kshetra.

Rajbag Beach:


Rajbagh Beach, also known as Raj Baga is situated 4 km south from Palolem Beach, in Canacona region. The 1 km long beach is undoubtedly one of the best and the tidiest beaches in Goa. The sand here is clean, perfect for an evening walk and the water is safe for swimming.

Rajbag beach is a beautiful beach that lies to the south of Patnem beach. Access to the beach is by means of a road that lies through The Intercontinental resort. The beach lies to the north of the mouth of the Galgibag river. Rajbag beach lies 45 km. away from the city of Margao. The beach is flat and is lined up with pine trees and is sandwiched between a hillock to the north and the Galgibag river flowing to its south.

Rajbag Beach is arranged in South Goa District and is known for the excellent extent of white sand, sand ridges, and casuarina trees. It is a secluded shoreline which is found near Colem town. This shoreline reaches out up to Talpona River, which is around 2 km from Palolem. The beach is deserted most of the time save for a few beach huts and fishing boats. The beach can be reached by bus from the nearby town of Canacona. A small bridge for pedestrians and motorcyclists connects the beach to the southern beach of Galgibag.