Cardamom County, a Nature withdraw is set in delightfully finished greenery enclosures against the green clad heaps of the Periyar Forests. The cabins are based on different levels , taking after the normal forms of the hillock inside the resort. Every bungalow with its extensive room and private verandah is straightforward yet trendy speaking to the finest in current living.

cardamom-countryYour heartbeat enlivens in the slopes. Kerala’s offer of the Western Ghats is one of the planet’s most imperative biodiversity hotspots. Cardamom County fringes the highlight of the district, the Periyar Tiger Reserve, where a trek gives access to review the whole tiger natural pecking order. At Cardamom County our fantasies are made of hazy mornings, world-class fledgling watching, mountain crests embraced by mists, wandering streets with shocking perspectives, silver trails of waterfalls and zest scented ranches.

Responsible Tourism:

thekkadi-resort-indiaThe resort has its own particular regular water gathering lake. Moreover, two more wells have been added to the property through a movement started by the resort staff itself. No water is sourced from outside our premises.

Water to the flush tanks is diverted through gravity water stream which stays away from the utilization of an electric engine pump. This recoveries very nearly 3 units of energy for each day, adding up to 1095 units in a year. We make it an indicate utilize just vitality proficient knobs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) at our properties.


accommodation-cardamom-countryComfortable bungalow with extensive rooms and a private verandah disregarding the magnificence of the Periyar Hills are our mark. Completely outfitted with each component for an agreeable stay, each room is a declaration to our logic of dependable tourism.


thekkadi-indiaThekkady, the eastern portal to Kerala-God’s own area, loaded with thick green vegetation, potent fragrances of flavors, all encompassing perspective, lakes, evergreen woods, crowds of elephants and feathered creatures.

Periyar Wildlife Reserve:

periyar-wildlife-reserve-keralaPeriyar Wildlife Reserve is a secured territory with no human settlements inside the timberland. This permits Periyar’s mosaic of wet deciduous living spaces to thrive over all strata – grasses, herbs, bushes, creepers, epiphytes and trees.

Periyar Lake:

periyar-lake-thekkadyThe Periyar Lake is a supply; an overwhelmed zone that was made in 1895 by the structures of the Mullaperiyar Dam. The tree stumps offer amazing roosts to Periyar’s rich birdlife. One of only a handful couple of spots where a dam has been useful for an environment.

Ayura Spa:

ayura-spa-at-cardamom-countryAyura is our Green Leaf guaranteed wellbeing focus, where we offer a prologue to Ayurveda, an old lifestyle that advances solid living. Ayura gives push diminishing treatments, however not the same as you may discover in a spa in resorts in different parts of the world.



nature-walkAn interpretive 4 to 5 km climb through different living spaces of the save, this half day excursion offers a fantastic chance to watch winged animals, butterflies and other untamed life.


border-hikingThis testing, entire day trek takes visitors more profound into the hold, permitting further open door for creature sightings and communication with the earth.


bamboo-rafting-at-Lake-periyar-keralaThis throughout the day program joins customary boating and range climbing through a portion of the wealthiest backwoods tracts of the Periyar Tiger Reserve.


gavi-tour-keralaWith beautiful areas and radiant natural life saves, Gavi is perfect for exercises, for example, trekking, night safaris, untamed life viewing and outside outdoors regulated via prepared local people.


boating-at-thekkady-keralaThe above all else action of a visitor in Thekkady is Boating in the Lake. One can see the wild creatures along the gringe of the lake scavenging, washing, drinking and resting.


cardamom-country-jeep-safariThe street prompting the pleasant Gavi is covered by tea manors. Regulated via prepared local people it is an extraordinary trekking background.