Travellers to Uttar Pradesh would accomplish nicely to examine the state beyond famous destinations like Agra and Varanasi, for there stand hidden treasures that offer immense information if you put in the effort to see them. The 600-year-old Fort Rampura, a four-hour campaign from Lucknow, has been one such gem.

Located also in the Chambal ravines of the Uttar Pradesh flank of Bundelkhand, Fort Rampura stood as the defence of the Rampura family for fourteen years. the son of the current Raja and his wife have opened their historic place as well as visitors and offer four rooms as part of a Heritage Rural Home stay adventure.

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HISTORY OF Fort Rampura

HISTORY OF Fort Rampura

Fort Rampura is a heritage rural homestay located in the town of Rampura is famous for its rich history. The fort was built by the British as a defence against attacks from the Maratha Empire. The fort has been converted into a beautiful tourist destination with a hotel, restaurant, and lounge. It even has a little museum that showcases relics from the state’s wealthy past.

Fort Rampura is a historic site which houses one of the oldest forts in India. It was built by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1679 AD, who was also known as Alamgir I (The Great) for his contributions towards building up India’s military might at that time. There is some historical evidence which suggests that this fort may have been constructed even earlier than 1679 A.D but these cannot be verified at present.

The Rampur Fort was built by one of the most powerful kings during medieval times, who ruled over this region for many years and had a very good relationship with his subjects. The total area of Rampur Fort is about 10 acres, but only one part of it is visible because some parts have been destroyed due to natural disasters or invasions by other people. The main entrance gate to this fort is called Hathi Gate.

Rooms In fort Rampura

Fort Rampura is a homestay located in the beautiful city of Rampur, Uttar Pradesh. There are four rooms on offer which are available for booking. The rooms live big, clean, and nicely equipped with all skills to create your stay relaxed.

A room with a double bed and attached bathroom. The room also comes with TV and Internet access. It’s the ideal location to visit if you’re examining for a quiet getaway or if you’re just looking for somewhere to relax behind a lengthy daytime also the city.

Here are the rooms :- 


Room price in Fort Rampura 

Rampura fort is a great place to visit in Uttar Pradesh. It is located in the heart of the city and offers a beautiful view of the city. There stand numerous rooms open at the fort which can stand booked online or offline. You can book your room online with us or if you prefer to book offline you can call us on our customer care number.

The Rampura fort room price starts from Rs.7000 to Rs.12000 per night depending on your choice of accommodation facilities like room size, room type and others. And include all meals and refreshments.

Landscaping and Infrastructure of Fort Rampura

The property has been designed with best-in-class landscaping and infrastructure. The property has been surrounded by lush leafy greens and a wide-open lawn area. This gives you the freedom to walk about your room, park or lawn.

The property has been completely furnished with stylish extras like cable TV, Wi-Fi internet access, AC, fans, etc., which makes it an ideal place for families also expend grade moment together out from the city hustle and bustle.

Home-made Indian cuisine In Fort Rampura  

Heritage Rural Homestay Uttar Pradesh is a great place to stay in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The homestay has been covered by a lovely park. It has been created to provide an atmosphere that will make you feel at home.

They offer Homemade Indian cuisines such as butter chicken, malai kofta and many more vegetarian dishes. they also offer snacks like papadums, pakoras, and samosas at reasonable prices. They offer the best Homemade Indian cuisine.

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