Kasol is a rural area situated on the banks of River Parvati in the tranquil house Himachal Pradesh in North India. This peaceful and quiet place is settled in the Himalayas and is considerably more than a joy for all the sack packers. It is a perfect goal for a two-three day escape for those of you that adoration snow. Pleasant areas around this dreamlike place has some delightful traveler goals which can be ticked off effortlessly. Arranged in the midst of various other beautiful goals, Kasol is an accommodating yet an exciting visitor spot for unique goal sweethearts.


Kasol is a little slope station in Himachal Pradesh, well known for its grand magnificence and little traveler goals. A portion of the Kasol spots to visit have everything arranged for the visitors with not too bad number of vacationer spots and fun exercises.

Malana Village:


Shadowed by the magnificent pinnacles of Chandrakhani and Deotibba, Malana is a little villa in Himachal that has self-disconnected itself from whatever remains of the world. This tranquil area is a visual treat to eyes of the visitors and a mind calming spot to visit in Kasol.

Kheer Ganga :


In the midst of all the excellence of scenes, there lies another goal that will guarantee you comparative experience. Kheer Ganga is one of the least demanding treks and furthermore considered as the most glad one. It is around nine kilometers in length and goes through simple trails that prompt tough.

Tosh Village:


However another town goal in Kasol, Tosh is a green treat to the travelers that visit the place. The most ideal approach to get to this town is by trekking up the slope and seeing the stunning astonish of this little township in Kasol. Entrancing peak see and invigorating trekking knowledge will keep you near joy the whole day.

Tirthan Valley:


Head out for around 60 kilometers from Kasol to hit this separated paradise in the midst of the wild, called Tirthan valley. The heavenly perspective of the valley, non-concretised ways, the wild feel, all simply astound the travelers that visit this place.

Parvati Valley:


Moving through the Parvati valley, River Parvati is one of the real attractions in Kasol. Excellent scenes of the valley and enchanting waterway side, improves this place than the normal. Visit to River Parvati is the most unwinding and restoring background in Kasol. The place is appropriate for touring and a couple of fun exercises with your gathering. It doesn’t offer any significant experience action and consequently is an awesome place to visit in Kasol to simply lay back, unwind and appreciate the quiet of nature.

Manikaran Sahib:


Worked in the middle of the two thundering streams, Beas and Parvati; Manikaran Sahib is a gurudwara that invites several Hindu and Sikh enthusiasts consistently. At the pinnacle of Manikaran Sahib begins a hot spring that courses through the sanctuary premises. A few lovers take a plunge in this sacred water and trust that it washes away their wrongdoings.

Pulga Village:


At a separation of around 16 kilometers, settled is this celebrated place to visit in Kasol called Pulga. Not so distant from the city, this town respects every one of the visitors of Kasol. Pulga is best known for the sanctuary or gurudwara in Parvati valley. The quiet living space has shockingly substantial number of nonnatives going to the place consistently. Pulga town is one of the must visit for all the sack packers as it will upgrade their adoration for pack pressing and also odd goals.

Naggar Town:


Naggar town is one of the lesser known or virgin towns that encompass Kasol. This villa is home for a couple of sanctuaries, military structures, exhibition halls and displays making it one among the best Kasol spots to visit. One can tick them all off and go to investigate the rustic flawlessness of this town.

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