Kozhikode, otherwise called Calicut, is a city in the southern Indian condition of Kerala. It is the third biggest city in Kerala and the home office of Kozhikode locale.

Kozhikode has a long and distinguished history—one of radiant exchange, powerful intrusions and freedom battles. It was named the “City of Spices” for its part as the real exchanging purpose of eastern spices amid the Middle ages and likely as ahead of schedule as Classical artifact. Kozhikode was at one time the capital of an autonomous kingdom by a similar name and later of the recent Malabar District.

Hill Station In Kozhikode :


Peruvannamuzhi is a slope station favored with a delightful dam site and a cookout spot arranged 60 km frame Kozhikode in Kerala. Peruvannamuzhi shapes some portion of the recently initiated Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary and is rich in vegetation. The supply here gives offices to speedboat and skiff travels. Uninhabited islands, a winged animal haven and a crocodile homestead is likewise arranged in Peruvannamuzhi. Creature restoration focus, Bathing office in waterway, Bird haven, Snake stop, Trekking programs, Bamboo rafting, Speedboat and dinghy travels are significant exercises in Peruvannamuzhi.

Waterfalls In Kozhikode:

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Verdant, moving scene, with various creeks, falls and amazing waterfalls, Vellari Mala offers is a genuine house you to loosen up and to drench in the whiff of its boundless natural air. Waterway Kanjirapuzha, a tributary of the River Chaliyar, wanders through the rough territory, making falls and stunning waterfalls at many focuses. The land’s excellence and geography is really a trekker’s heaven and is likewise a perfect cookout spot for individuals of all age gathering to have a decent time. Vellari Mala is arranged close Thusharagiri is in Kozhikode locale. Glimmering waterfalls and velvet green scenes make this a perfect spot for trekking.

Church In Kozhikode:

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Foundear Beach Road in Kozhikode, the Mother of God Church worked in the Roman structural style goes back to 1513 AD and is the just a single of its kind in Kerala. A 200-year-old representation of St. Mary decorates the mass of the eighteenth century Gothic house of prayer worked by Christian teachers. Privately known as Valiyapalli, it is the central station of the Roman Catholic gathering in Malabar. Planned by Italian draftsmen, this antiquated hallowed place is a tribute to Italian know-how and the ability of Indian specialists.

Ananthapura Lake Temple:

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This is additionally the Moolasthanam or unique seat of Ananthapadmanabha Swami arranged at Thiruvananthapuram. Which is set at the separation of 5 km. from Kumbla. Neighborhood conviction is that Ananthapadmanabha had settled down here initially. The modern stop of kinfra is arranged here.Situated at Kumbla, 12kms north east of Kasargod, Ananthapura Lake sanctuary is the main lake sanctuary in Kerala. Devoted to Lord Vishnu (Ananthapadmanabha), this ninth century sanctuary is thought to be the first house Moolasthanam) of Vishnu and the icon of the god is in sitting stance. The sanctuary is situated amidst a pleasant Ananthapura lake and its sanctum sanctorum can be come to by a foot-connect worked over the lake.

Kozhikode Backwaters:


Kozhikode backwaters are virgin and untainted backwaters that give the guests to investigate the natures magnificence taking care of business. The palm bordered rivulets, lakes and trenches offer the visitors with immaculate houseboat cruising. Investigate the pleasant backwater while cruising on a houseboat, watch grand environment and appreciate the peaceful alleviating impact of the captivating backwaters. While cruising along the Kerala backwaters, one can find the entrancing farmland spilled over the wide open of God’s own nation.

Spa Kadavu Resort In Kozhikode:

spa kadavu resort in kozhikode india

It is situated on Calicut Bypass Road and is at a separation of roughly 15 kilometers from Kozhikode Main Railway Station and Calicut International Airport. It is in a perfect world situated in nearness to wonderful points of interest, for example, Edakkal Cave, Beypore Beach and Tali Temple. Relaxing in the radiance of the enchanting environment and appreciating the stunning perspectives this dazzling spot offers you will be changed to a universe of quiet and rest.

Kappad Beach, Kozhikode (Calicut):


The prevalence of the Kappad Beach is attributable to the way that it was where Vasco da Gama, the renowned world voyager first set his foot. A stone landmark is raised on the shoreline to remember the critical chronicled occasion.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary:


The Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is arranged at a separation of 19 km from Kozhikode and has a waterway running crosswise over it. It is spread over a bunch of islands and is encompassed by hillocks, where the River Kadalundi streams into the Arabian Sea.

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