Lansdowne, is a cantonment town in Pauri Garhwal area in the Indian province of Uttarakhand. Lansdowne or Lansdown is a wonderful town and a prominent slope station arranged on the Kothdwar – Pauri street at a stature of 1,706 mt in Uttarakhand, India. Lansdowne is situated in the Pauri area of Uttarakhand, 45 kms from Kotdwar. Initially known as Kaludanda after Kalu (Black) and Danda (Hill) in Garhwali, Lansdowne was established and named after then Viceroy of India (1888-1894), Lord Lansdowne in 1887, and by 1901 it had a populace of 3943. Lansdowne was created by the British for cooking for the Recruits Training focus of the Garhwal Rifles. Lansdowne was a noteworthy place of the exercises of flexibility warriors from British Garhwal amid British period.

Bhulla Tal:


Bhulla Tal is a fake lake committed to the youthful Garhwali youth of Garhwal Rifles, who rendered help for development of this lake. This vacation destination gets its name from the Garhwali word, Bhulla which implies more youthful sibling. Here the travelers can likewise appreciate drifting and paddling. A kids stop, bamboo machan and wellsprings have been raised here for stimulation of travelers.

The Garhwal Rifles Regimental War Memorial:


The Garhwal Rifles Regimental War Memorial at Lansdowne was built up on eleventh November 1923. Ruler Rawlinson of Trent, the then Commander in Chief of India, established this historical center. A noteworthy vacation spot of the goal, this war commemoration is situated at the Parade Ground. It is one of only a handful couple of vacation spots that is gone to by practically every explorer coming to Lansdowne.

Tip-In-Top View Point:


Tip-In-Top otherwise called Tiffin Top is arranged in the edge close St. Mary’s Church. This is a well known spot among voyagers going to Lansdowne. From this spot, travelers can get perspective of the delightful snow secured Himalayas and a few sections of Tibet.

Regimental Museum:


Regimental Museum is a motivational corridor named after the popular Darban Singh Negi. This historical center was introduced in the year 1983. The Regimental Museum houses various classical pieces, having a place with the Garhwal Rifles.

Lansdowne Resorts:


Withdraw Anand has been created as a ‘Wilderness Resort’ Retreat Anand has been found 3kms rough terrain into thick pine timberland and created as a ‘Wilderness Resort’ a resort cover by a wilderness, far from the buzzing about of the fundamental Lansdowne town,its just 2 km far from the lansdowne showcase. It is impeccable escape for individuals living in fields of North India and even from everywhere throughout the india who need to make the most of nature’s faultless excellence in peace and tranquillity,the unique magnificence of the nature.

St. John’s Church:

st. john's-church-india

St. John’s Church, situated at the Mall Road, is a Roman Catholic Church built up in 1936 under the supervision of Agra Diocese. The development of this congregation was finished in the year 1937. In 1947, after the British left India, Agra Diocese could never again manage this congregation because of the lack of clerics. From that point forward, this brilliant church has been ignored and neglected, and was in the end given over to the Government of India in 1951.

Hawaghar Lansdowne:


Hawaghar is a peaceful place in Lansdowne from where voyagers can appreciate perspective of the snow-topped Himalayan Range. This place is likewise awesome for trekking, which prompts the Khyber Pass along the street to Jaiharikhal. Visitors, for the most part nature sweethearts, visit the appreciation for appreciate the magnificence of the quiet encompassing.

Lansdowne Wedding Place:


Lansdowne Resort and Spa offers a beautiful setting and different indoor and open air wedding scenes to make each minute unmistakable. we can give different rooms and spaces to have numerous days of functions and customized exercises without a break. With so much space and adaptability, families and the wedding couple are allowed to make the life-changing exhibition they had always wanted. The resort additionally gives the ideal spot to medications and unwinding at the Spa at Lansdowne.