Resting in the lap of Sahyadri mountains is Lonavala—a standout amongst the most staggering slope stations close Mumbai. Wearing a shroud of tranquility and generally secured with a layer of fog amid rainstorm, this little slope town has been an ideal hideaway for mountains and storms lovers.There are many spots to visit in Lonavala in blustery season for every one of the individuals who need to encounter the period of affection and sentiment in the wonderful Western Ghats.

lonavala-puneYou should be in Lonavala to comprehend nature’s staggering level of liberality to this piece of the world. You can’t however begrudge the general population for what they can underestimate each snapshot of their life – beautiful scenes, glorious mountains, cloud-embraces, picturesque waterfalls and breathtaking greenery. Notwithstanding a lifetime, you can convey recollections of a lifetime by going to this slope station in Pune.

Attractions in Lonavala:

Bhushi Dam Lonavala :

bhushi-dam-lonavalaBased on the Indrayani River, Bhushi Dam is among the most prevalent spots to visit in Lonavala in stormy season. This is a picturesque spot and its vivacious dilute running the dam influences it to look dazzling amid rainstorm. Youthful and old, everyone appreciates sprinkling in it, sitting on the means, and bathe in rain water.

Tiger Point Lonavala :

tiger-point-lonavalaAt 650 meter stature, Tiger Point, which is likewise called as Tiger’s Leap, offers stupendous perspectives of woods, rich greenery, waterfalls and lakes around. Since it looks like a jumping tiger’s shape, the place is called along these lines. On the off chance that you are here amid rainstorm, you will have an enchanting session with the mists streaming over and around you limiting perceivability yet amplifying the great feeling you encounter here. The dawn and dusk sees from here are hypnotizing. The place, to put it plainly, is a nature sweetheart’s definitive dream goal.

Bhaja Caves Lonavala :

bhaja-caves-lonavalaBhaja Caves are among the most antiquated Buddhist focuses in this piece of the world. They are more than 2200 years of age. The 22 shake cut caverns at the slope top speak to the astounding structural abilities controlled by the experts of the past. Visit the collapses the nighttimes to have an impeccable photograph session. Since the holes confront the west, you can have an incredible perspective of the holes after 3.00 pm and to photo the holes when the daylight shafts on would include an entrancing impact. The best time to visit the holes would be amid rainstorm season as you can appreciate the rich greenery around; one couldn’t neglect to say the waterfalls adjacent, which has dilute streaming in bounty amid storm.

Kune Falls Lonavala :

kune-falls-lonavalaThe fourteenth most elevated waterfall in the nation, Kune Falls tumble from a stature of around 650 feet. On account of its area in the midst of twin slopes in particular Lonavala and Khandala, Kune Falls offers visual pleasure to watchers. The rich greenery around the forcing fall is remarkable. The three layered waterfalls ought to be gone to amid storm to appreciate the perspectives without limitations.

Pawna Dam Lonavala :

pawna-dam-lonavalaEncompassed by woodlands of Lohgad, Vispaur, and Tikona, the beautiful Pawna dam and lake are must-visit places when the town is doused in rain. This is additionally a standout amongst the most beautiful spots to visit in Lonavala for couples to appreciate walks around the lake, climbing, and sculling together. Rainstorm improves the freshness and the excellence of the place and gives you a chance to live at the times of peace. You can appreciate the day around the dam, relax with family and companions, and have a go at energizing watersports.

Rajmachi Fort Lonavala:

rajmachi-fort-lonavalaA well known place to visit in Lonavala in blustery season, Rajmachi Fort offers dazzling and remarkable view. The natural encompassing looks significantly greener and rich amid rainstorm. It additionally offers impressive perspectives of verdant Western Ghats and Shirota Dam. Climbers and trekkers adore going to Rajmachi Fort amid rainstorm and some experience monstrosities ride their bicycles up to the fortress as it downpours.

Lion’s Point Lonavala :

lions-point-lonavalaLion’s Point is a mesmeric and a standout amongst the most as often as possible went by perspectives in Lonavala. Roosted on a bluff, the place offers astounding nightfall sees. The rundown of spots to visit in Lonavala in blustery season isn’t finished without Lion’s Point. Known for night and night trekking, Lion’s Point is among the best places to visit in Lonavala during the evening for experience sweethearts.

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