Nagarhole National Park, otherwise called Rajiv Gandhi National Park, is a natural life save in the South Indian province of Karnataka. Some portion of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the recreation center is sponsored by the Brahamagiri Mountains and loaded with sandalwood and teak trees. The Kabini River twists through wilderness scenes, home to tigers, Asian elephants and an assortment of fowls. Adjacent, the Irupu Falls course down tree-lined rocks.


Nagarhole National Park is limited by Kabini River on the north while Bandipur National stop shapes its southern limits. A dam of the Kabini River alongside its repository divides the two national stops and is an incredible sight. Other than that, the recreation center likewise houses shocking vegetation and manor alongside verdant tropical and deciduous backwoods arrive.

Wildlife and Fun In Nagarhole National Park:


Nagarhole is thrived with imperative predators and flesh eating to bring the most wildering consequences for the untamed life darlings where they can witness huge tallies of tiger, panther, wild pooch (dhole or Cuonalpinus), sloth bear and the hyena (Hyaenahyaena). Indeed, even the braced zone is likewise followed with numerous herbivores like spotted deer, sambar, woofing deer, four-horned eland (Tetracerusquadricornis), gaur (Bosgaurus), wild hog (Susscrofa) and elephant.Their aggregate populace in southern India is currently around 6500, about all living in the region where Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala append in the shadow of the Western Ghats. In addition, there are extensive assemblages of water fowl in the KabiniRiver alongside different scopes of Nagarhole feathered creatures from blue-hairy honey bee eater, red minivet and Malabar shrieking thrush to the more typical ospreys, herons and ducks.

The most regularly discovered reptiles are the swamp crocodile, screen reptile, shake python and a few different animal types can be spoken to in the territory. Amphibian and earthly tortoises, frogs, frogs and tree frogs and horde bugs, including some extremely beautiful butterflies, decorate this stunning southern wilderness of India.



The principle trees found here are the financially critical rosewood, teak, sandalwood and silver oak. Types of trees of the dry deciduous timberland incorporate crocodile bark, Lagerstroemia lanceolata (Crepe myrtle),Grewiatilaefolia, Indian Kino Tree, rosewood and axlewood. Other tree species that are found in the timberlands are Lagerstroemia microcarpa (Crepe myrtle), Schleicheratrijuga, Kadam, cotton tree and a few types of Ficus.

Places of Interest

Kutta, National Park :


Managing not so far path from Nagarhole National Park, the place is named after Kutta, the child of Goddess Kali. It is trusted that Goddess Kali resulted in these present circumstances put and lived here with low-position Kurubas. It is here that she had a child named Kutta. A noteworthy celebration celebrated here to respect the goddess that can be seen on the event.

Irppu Falls :


However another group puller close Nagarhole National Park, this spot is amazingly beautiful. As the dilute spouts Brahmagiri, a fall is shaped at this spot which is named as Irppu Falls.

Ishwara Temple :


This is an essential pioneer and vacationer focus close Nagarhole, where legends trails that a Shivalinga was set by Lord Rama himself. The sanctuary is rushed by lovers in the mornings and is shut amid the evening.

Safaris In Nagarhole National Park:


Nagarhole is where the safari experience can be felt with extraordinary amazements. With the nearness of wealth of untamed life, this place brings gigantic horde of natural life sweethearts for locating of elephants, sambhar, spotted deer, gaur, wild hog, sloth bear, wild pooches, and so forth which is very guaranteed. What’s more, on the off chance that anybody is exceptionally fortunate without a doubt, he/she can likewise have an entrancing experience with a tiger or a puma as well. The vacationers are truly allowed to shoot; yes they are, however not with the weapons, with their cameras and recordings and that really bring a remunerating background.

Vehicle Safari:


Amid the vessel safari, you can see numerous huge and little herbivores, for example, Asiatic Elephant. Further, you can likewise get an opportunity to recognize the predators like the Leopardare and Tiger.

Boat Safari:


While getting a charge out of the vessel safari, you will go upstream on the River Kabini from the resort and touch base at the zone which partitions the Bandipur and Nagarhole National Parks. Aside from seeing numerous creatures on the shore of the stream, you can likewise witness the Marsh Crocodile and numerous other water feathered creatures.

Coracle ride (On River Kabini):


Coracle is a conventional round formed pontoon intended to take ride on Indian Rivers. You can ride on a Coracle and gradually float down the Kabini River while holding near the shoreline. Amid this undertakings travel, you will have a fantastic ordeal of interfacing with the stream in a roundabout way. With numerous moderate floats, you will come to think about numerous intriguing certainties about the stream.

Lodgings Near By Nagarhole National Park:


The Nagarhole Tiger Reserve region is palliated with awesome living alternatives in the zone in order to influence the wilderness to visit more bold and exciting with the headways of comfortable administrations. One can remain in the Nagarhole Forest Guest house with earlier reserving from Wildlife division in Mysore. Also, number of private cabins and visitor houses are accessible at Kutta, the zone accessible exactly at the edge of the recreation center while in transit to Irrupu Falls. Murkal is likewise the most requesting place in the Nagarhole region to get various private hotels and resorts.

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