Khajuraho is an ancient monument and sculpture of Hindu and Jainism, found in the Chhatarpur region in Madhya Pradesh, India. This is quite far from Jhansi and the temple established by the Nagara architecture, which is the most idols of the erotic arts. The monuments of Khajuraho are counted in the UNESCO world heritage sites. There are a total of 85 temples in Khajuraho and were established in the 12th century by the Chandella dynasty. Many people come across the world, too see the ancient Hindu culture and traditional design in these temple stones.

The History of the Khajuraho group of temples

The History of the Khajuraho group of temples

At the time of the Chandella dynasty, today it is famous as Bundelkhand. They built the Group of Temples of Khajuraho in their empire. Most of the temples were built under the Hindu king Yashovarman and Dhang, The proof of their classical work is the Lakshmana temple, nowadays famous as Vishwanath temple. The most famous temple of Shiv, the Mahadev Temple was built by another ruler of the Chandela dynasty The Vidyadhar. The building of this temple was done between 970 to 1030 BC.

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In the 13th to 18th century, Khajuraho was ruled by many Muslim regions. They treated these temples as unholy and many temples were destroyed by these Muslim empires. Many Hindu people of Khajuro have come first to protect these Hindu and Jain Temples from the Muslim Empires. After many centuries, The Khajuraho temple and place took over by the vegetation and forest 

In 1930, many Hindu people of Khajuro helped British surveyors to restructure the Khajuraho Temple. After the revision, many Hindu yogis and more than a thousand people of Khajuraho secretly celebrate the Shivratri festival. These temples are a fantastic model of Indo-Aryan architecture. Here you will see the vision of amazing stone friezes dedicated to gods, goddesses, heroes, and many Kings. The designs and structure show ancient and great architecture, royalty, courting, marriage, deep spirituality, meditation, and many more.

Here is a list of certain Sites and things that do on the Khajuraho trip

Here is a list of certain Sites and things that do on the Khajuraho trip

1. Go to the famous temples

Khajuraho group of temples is known for their historical architecture and beautiful designs done on the stones. This temple is counted among the most ancient temples all over the world. Here you see a great mixture of Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist architecture and temples. The Khajuraho group of monuments is the place to enjoy Nagara-style architecture and erotic sculptures that make the temples more beautiful and antique.

Go to the famous temples

These temples were built in 1030 BC and in these times many empires came here to rule in Khajuraho many Muslim empires tried to destroy these temples but these temples are built with great sculptures and designs that prove their strongness. Many of the temples were built by the Chandela dynasty. These temples are the most famous places visited by tourism so when you make a plan to visit Khajuraho, you must explore these temples.

2. Enjoy Light and Sound Show

Enjoy Light and Sound Show

Khajuraho light and sound shows are popular just like temples. This is an evening event and around ten thousand people per day come here to see the magic of light. Along with lighting, you explore the history, learning facts and myths of Khajuraho temple. The temple complex has two rounds, one round in English and one in the Hindi language. If you want to enjoy this moment, you have to pay for it. Here you enjoy a Western group of temples with magical artificial light in the evening. Along with this light view, the management team also arranged the sound show. In this show they explain all the Khajuraho history, and more information about empires, and temples. And the valuable things of the Chandela dynasty. This is the finest location to partake in the Khajuraho.

3. Explore Panna National Park

Explore Panna National Park

This park is located 40 km away from Khajuraho, the UNESCO world heritage place. The Dark, exuberant and uneven terrains of Panna national park, is the home of a minimum of 40 tigers and other animals like Leopard, Chital, Chinkara, Nilgai, Sambar, and 200 species of avifauna. This is the most pleasing spot for animal lovers.

There was a private hunting center, from the old time of Panna. But today, this is counted in the fifth tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh. You can explore the tiger closer with the safari van and behind the tiger. The best time to explore national parks is November and February but if you want to see the tiger then come in April, June, and May. And you can easily stay in a jungle house and cottage. The various varieties of animals and birds make it a National Park.

4. Dance festival

Dance festival

Khajuraho is also known for its classical dance festival. The Khajuraho is an experience lived when these arts and dance festivals started. This festival is started in Khajuraho and is organized by the culture department and arts academy in Bhopal. At this festival, you see the great performance of classical dance and historical moments by the artists. Through this festival, they try to show the glory of Indian classical dance like Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, And Kathakali also. Along with classical Dance, Modern dance has also been added in recently. This dance and arts festival is present in the open-air auditorium in front of the Chitragupta Temple.

5. Try to explore the Tribal and Folk Art

Try to explore the Tribal and Folk Art

This state museum of Tribal and Folk Art is the presence of Chandela Cultural in Khajuraho. This is the popular tourist point in Khajuraho, many people come here to see ancient artifacts and ruins. Here you see the beautiful work of Tribal. If you have any questions about Khajuraho history then visit this museum, here you get all the answers about Khajuraho and Chandela dynasties. Along with History, You see the amazing work of tribals, ancient culture, traditions, and many religious things. Also, see an art gallery full of ancient eras.

6. Calm your soul to see Raneh Falls Canyon

Calm your soul to see Raneh Falls Canyon

This beautiful lake is created with crystalline granite and many birds make their home. This is the flawless zone for nature fans. Here you see many large and small waterfalls with greenery. This spot is also known for trekking and you relish fresh air with a calm mind. So add this place to your list to explore in Khajuraho.

7. Take a visit to Ajaigarh Fort

Take a visit to Ajaigarh Fort

Ajaigarh Fort is far 80 km from Khajuraho and is situated 688 meters on a beautiful hill. This is the most important place in Khajuraho history. This fort is the home of the Chandela kings, and that’s why this place is counted in history. This fort offers a vision of the Vindhya ranges border and an amazing view of the landscape. So I must visit this place to explore the history of the Chandela Dynasty.

8. Experience the Ayurvedic spa at Ayur Arogyam

Experience the Ayurvedic spa at Ayur Arogyam

Along with all history and beautiful things, this is also an Ayurvedic hub. This is a site for those individuals who want to seek to shed off the day’s stress. The Ayur Arogyam gives you many offers to relax your body like head, neck, and back massages and the massages with oils give you a pleasant experience of calmness. These Massages are given by highly qualified trainers. And this Ayurvedic Spa was founded by a Kerala couple.

9. Explore the Ruins of Mastani Mahal

Explore the Ruins of Mastani Mahal

In 1969, This beautiful place was built by Maharaja Chhatrasal, 60 km away from Khajuraho. The beautiful structure and ancient work is the main point of attraction in Mastani Mahal. Many rulers come and go from this place and Peshwa Bajirao got married to Mastani after his victory in Bangash. This is the best place to capture the era of Bajirao and Mastani.

10. Take a short trip to Orchha

Take a short trip to Orchha

This place is located 173 km from Khajuraho and takes 4 hours to reach. In the 16th century, Built by Maharaja Rudra Pratap Singh. Here you see many wonderful places like Raj Mahal, Jehangir Mahal, Chaturbhuja Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Sunder Mahal, and Phool Bagh. Here you see a mixture of Rajput and Mughal architectural tones and designs. This is a hidden gem of Khajuraho and you peacefully cover it for one or two days. Here you see the bank of the beautiful river Betwa and many ancient temples, monuments, and many more.

11. Go for Jungle Safari at Ken Gharial Sanctuary

Go for Jungle Safari at Ken Gharial Sanctuary

This Sanctuary is located near Panna National Park. The Sanctuary is the home of many Gharial, who stay at the river Ken. Along with Gharial, here you see many Wolves, Chinkara, Spotted Deer, Nilgai, and South Bear. You experience a beautiful sunset on the hill, and you do a short trek to the hill. This gives you a beautiful view and nature relaxes your mind. You can also do boat rides here. So You must count this area to your favored list to visit in Khajuraho.

Food and Market

Food and Market

Food is a basic need of everyone’s life, and Indian Street food is like a booster. Every Indian city presents its best street food to the tourist and Khajuraho also presents many varieties of street foods like Indian chaats, Tikkis, Samosas, Bhajiyas, Dal Bafla, and many more dishes. Here you enjoy mouth-watering food and pocket-friendly prices also. Street food is the most remembered thing in Khajuraho.

There are many famous markets in Khajuraho, Like Gol Market, Raj Nagar Market, and Shilpgram. Shilpgram is run by the government foundation. Here you see traditional artwork and many cultural products. This is the best tourist market in Khajuraho. Here you purchase as a memory from Khajuraho like Traditional Craft, Handmade paintings, clay items, stone carvings, sandstone sculptures, and regional outfits.

Best Time to Visit Khajuraho

Best Time to Visit Khajuraho

Winter is the best time to visit Khajuraho. In winter, the weather is pleasant and perfect for exploring places. January to March is the best month to visit because these months are not too cold or not too hot. So this is the perfect time to make a plan and visit Khajuraho.

Khajuraho is an amazing and historical place. If you are interested in seeing heritage sites, ancient culture, tradition, and architecture then Khajuraho is the best place for you. Here you see ancient temples, monuments, and many mind-blowing hills. So add Khajuraho to your next trip and explore all the untold history and best places of Khajuraho.

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