Punjabiyat Farm, articulated punjabiyat, signifying ‘being Punjabi’, ‘pith of Punjab’, ‘quintessential Punjabi’, is intended to be a statement of the quip and foam of the Punjabi culture and its vast heartedness.

Set in the midst of unfathomable sprouting green fields, mismatched by long waterways, Punjabiyat resort is situated around a hour’s drive from Amritsar, all around associated by street and rail. Be that as it may, when you achieve the homestead you would think you were a million miles away in unbelievable disengagement, outside of anyone’s ability to see of any streets or houses. Rich green fields the extent that eyes can see, sparkling in the sun and converging into the far off skyline.

sunset-at-punjabiyat-amrisarPunjabiyat offers a chance to experience life on a live ranch tucked away inside the rural possess a scent reminiscent of the nation. Beautifully straightforward four independent cabins and a roomy parlor settle in the shining span of farmland offering quiet yet invigorating condition.

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Sustenance is a genuine matter in Punjabi culture and thus the nourishment at the resort is significant of how Punjab invites you with its abundance. The roasted food and in addition grilled snacks are the highlights of a visit to Punjabiyat.

pool-outside-the-cottage-punjabiyat-amritsarReconnect with your foundations, encounter the quietness of farmland and ranch life, and stroll along the sprawling sections of land of deliberately supported yields. Look at the rustic idylls as the shadows stretch and a stupendous nightfall takes after, and when night comes be entranced by the sky with its a great many sparkling stars. Genuinely, this is a mystical Punjab getaway with a touch of simple extravagance.

Accommodation Punjabiyat Farm Resort:

punjabiyat-hotel-amritsarThe 4 remain solitary houses are elegantly styled in conventional Punjabi design and perfectly set to amplify the fantastic perspectives crosswise over tremendous fields of farmland. Straightforward yet trendy, these roomy, high-roof houses offer you the healthy and genuine experience of remaining at a ranch.

Every cabin has an en suite lavatory, a secured front deck and a private open rooftop patio. The most noticeable component of the room is the forcing four-notice bed with lavish sleeping cushion.

Kumaon Walks and Treks Punjabiyat Farm Resort:

kumaon-walks-and-treks-punjabiyatThe excellent Kumaon locale is otherwise called ‘Dev-Bhumi’ or the Abode of Gods. This is the place that is known for rich social legacy, age-old sanctuaries, glorious Himalayan pinnacles, picture postcard terraced fields and enticing natural product plantations.

Cooking Styles of Punjab Punjabiyat Farm Resort:

Punjabi nourishment has been the kind of India for some time, to such an extent that when somebody discusses North Indian sustenance, they really allude to Punjabi nourishment.

Punjabi cooking is the stuff legends are made of. The city of Amritsar was the point of convergence of the ascent of Sikh culture. It has, through the ages, seen and absorbed the social advancement of this lively group. It keeps on holding one of the wealthiest parts of Punjabi legacy — the food. Kulcchas dribbling with spread, stuffed naans, keemas and the celebrated around the world Maa ki Daal all rise up out of the roads of this brilliant city. The city has parts to offer for both veggie lovers and also non-vegans, aside from the incredible Indian desserts.

Photography Punjabiyat Farm Resort:

photography-at-punjabiyatEncounter glimmering experience and photographic view as you are guided through the most inconceivable scenes that the Himalayas bring to the table. Our mark travels in Bhimtal, Almora, Mukteshwar, Binsar and Nainital are intended to help you de-stress and put city-living behind you.

Itmenaan Estate and Fredy’s Bungalow is a heaven for picture takers. The domain offers all encompassing perspectives of the Himalayas including the lofty Nanda Devi. Bhimtal is well known for its lake and feathered creature viewing. Rich greenery commands every last bit of the moving slopes that encompass the slopes of Kumoan. The emerald tints of the Pine and Deodar timberlands and the thick wildernesses embracing the grades go on everlastingly, with mists playing a round of light and shadow on the slants. Impeccably still waters of the lake at Bhimtal and Sattal mirror the show of the slopes and mists above. The Mountains, trees, greenery, water bodies, rushes of edges connecting with the sky, foggy dawns and bright nightfalls are a regard to your eyes and also for the camera.


Birding Punjabiyat Farm Resort:

bird-watching-punjabiyatThe condition of Uttarakhand, is deservedly prestigious for its characteristic magnificence, the kind disposition of the nearby slope individuals and the assorted qualities of the greenery.

Uttarakhand is a heaven for avifauna and a prevalent goal for birders from everywhere throughout the world. Undoubtedly a large portion of the species exhibit in India can be found in this district. It is likewise one of the best places on the planet for watching fowls of prey. A hefty portion of these feathered creatures are transitory.

birds-watching-punjabiyatIn view of this novel area the winged creature populace is high consistently, with winter guests, summer guests, altitudinal vagrants, section transients and neighborhood transients. Bhimtal, the famous slope station, worked around an excellent lake, is encompassed by mountains and backwoods, where natural life flourishes and more than 500 types of flying creatures can be seen. It is an informed winged animal haven.. There are more than 500 species in this region,including Forktail, Blackbirds, Laughing Thrush, Kalij Pheasant, Nuthatches, Parakeets and Monal. Kausani, and Himalayan display, likewise gloats various feathered creature species, including the excellent Blue Magpies. Regardless of which birding trek you choose, you will appreciate the characteristic excellence and peacefulness of the Kumoan, awesome perspectives of the Himalayas and encompassing farmland.

Bhimtal is a heaven for Bird darlings. The region is green and thickly forested and offers amazing for feathered creature viewing and photography. Consolidating Bhimtal and Sattal there are 400+ occupant and transitory feathered creatures, 20 types of well evolved creatures (barring rodents) more than 525 types of butterflies and 11,000 or more types of moths, bugs, bugs and different bugs that are found.

Cycling Punjabiyat Farm Resort:

cycling-at-punjabiyatKumaon area, situated in the Himalayas, is regularly alluded to as the Land of Gods (Dev Bhumi) because of the numerous essential journey focuses found all through the state. Sublime perspectives of the Himalayan pinnacles, stunning setting of the little towns specked on the slopes and beguiling neighborhood societies – give the ideal mix to a huge Himalayan bicycle visit.

Ideal from the playful charms of the shimmering Rhododendrons to the sombreness of stately Deodars, the magnificence of Kumaon is best investigated on the curious provincial streets on a bike. We don’t just demonstrate to you the fabulous scene of this land additionally acquaint you with it, in order to impart in you the well established conviction that awesome things are conceived when individuals and mountain meet.

The highlights of this bicycle visit are sublime perspectives of Himalayan pinnacles, burnning through curious towns, valleys and woodlands and close association with agreeable town people.

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