Situated at the Bay of Bengal, Puri is an antiquated sanctuary town and is additionally known by its option name Jagannath Puri, referencing the Jagannath Temple situated in the city. The name of the city is specified in the old Hindu writings of the Puranas as one of the 7 blessed urban communities in India and is a piece of the Char Dham Pilgrimage. Puri is likewise well known for its lakes, streams and shorelines and is best gone by amid winters. The city is rich in culture and legacy from its history dating since the third century BC. Puri is acclaimed for its sanctuaries, celebrations and social celebrations.

golden-beach-puriThe prevalence of the city likewise lies in its shorelines. With the Bay of Bengal washing its shores Puri is a favored shoreline resort for some. Religious sacredness of the place joined with engineering magnificence and seascape excellence has made Puri a much looked for after goal for visitors.

Spots to visit in Puri Orissa:

Jagannath Temple in Puri Orissa :

Jagannath_Temple_puriWorked in 1161, the Jagannath Temple is one of the real Hindu Temples in India. The essential divinity of the sanctuary is Lord Jagannath, who is a type of Lord Vishnu. Curiously, not at all like the statues found in other Hindu sanctuary, the statue of Lord Jagannath is cut from wood and is supplanted like clockwork. The Temple is a piece of the Char Dham Hindu journey and is an unquestionable requirement visit fascination in Puri.

Puri Beach in Puri Orissa :

puri-beach-orissa-indiaSituated at the shores of the Bay of Bengal the Puri Beach is the site of the yearly shoreline celebration and is likewise a sacrosanct place for the Hindus. The shoreline is a typical sight for sand craftsmanship and is a standout amongst the most serene shorelines to visit while going by in winters.

Atharnala Bridge Puri Orissa :

atharnala-bridge-puriWorked by the rulers of the Ganga Dynasty in the thirteenth century, Atharnala is a medieval extension that is exemplified by the 18 sections it contains. The Bridge is viewed as an ensured archeological legacy and is 85 meters long. The best time to visit again is amid the winter months when the perspectives of the environment can be appreciated taking care of business.

Chilka Lake in Puri Orissa :

chilika-lake-puriLake Chilka is Asia’s biggest harsh water tidal pond reaching out from Bhusandpur in Puri in the North to Rambha-Malud in Ganjan area in the south. It has some lovely islands called Honeymoon, Somolo and Nalabana. It is likewise the home to an amazing assortment of transient winged creatures. Just about 160 distinct types of flying creatures can be found here amongst November and February. Off the Satpada Island dolphins can likewise be spotted. It is an incredible place for nature darlings.

Gundicha Ghar Temple in Puri Orissa:

gundicha-temple-puriWorked in a particular kalinga style, the Gundicha Ghar Temple was worked by the ruler of King Indradyumna the organizer of the first Jagannath sanctuary. The sanctuary is found appropriate beside the Jagannath Temple and is a typical place of the celebrations amid the yearly auto celebration known as the ‘Ratha Yatra’. The design of the sanctuary is a wonder to observe and is resplendent with unpredictable and masterful stone carvings.

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