Rajasthan, popular previously as the Rajputana or the kings’ land, is the biggest state throughout India. Although, this has been coated by the vast Indian desert, Thar. The Thar desert drives side by side to the Sutlej-Indus River. There have been plenty of things and spots that you have to explore. Experience the magnificence of Rajasthan with our Rajasthan group tour package. Enjoy your trip with us and make a lot of memories on this exceptional trip.

Rajasthan houses a fantastic demonstration of arts and structure, courtesy of it being a princely spot. Every separate kingdom of Rajasthan has a different style of art and structure. That has been making it one of the very culturally diversified spots throughout the globe. Here we will cover the very popular and attractive locations in Rajasthan that you have to explore

Here Know The Most Famous Locations to Cover in the Rajasthan Group Tour 

  1. Mount Abu 

Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a hill station that gives extreme perspectives of the location. The hilly plateau of the summit means that there has been a huge area to explore. Not to define abundance of appeals. Nakki lake has been a popular location close to Mount Abu.

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Also, you can even rent an inexpensive paddle boat to get in the water. And relish the magnificence of the lake and hills. Also, of attraction in Mount Abu would stand the Dilwara Temples

  1. Ranthambhore National Park 

Ranthambhore National Park 

This park has been also a wildlife sanctuary. Also, the spot has been popular as one of the top locations throughout the globe to watch tigers. You can book a wildlife safari with our Rajasthan vacation packages. In order to relish the park and see the tigers closely.

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A small gypsy has been the right choice for braver visitors. As well as the big vehicle canters give a little more security. Moreover, the tigers in this park boast wildlife that comprises hyenas, leopards, sloth bears, and a lot more. On a safari, you would have an opportunity to watch the Ranthambhore Fort.

  1. Bikaner 


However, the location of Bikaner has an attractive palace. As well as a historic fort, and even a camel research center. Several people know it as a spot for gourmets with a sweet tooth. One of the domestic specialties you would surely wish to try has been Kesar Kulfi. A lovable and chilled dessert that has been tasty as well as refreshing hot weather.

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In addition, Desert safari has been also famous in Bikaner. And you can enjoy the camel ride to analyze the domestic culture and spot. This is not possible to miss Junagarh Fort of the Bikaner.

  1. Chittorgarh 


Chittorgarh city has been located at the edge of the Berach River. The city has been renowned for one specifically impressive appeal – The Chittorgarh Fort. The fort has been one of the biggest in the country. Also, this has been protected by seven gates.

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Furthermore, the structure of this fort will definitely allure you. You can secure a lot of memories in this fort. You can make a family trip and enjoy this with our Rajasthan family tour package. We have been providing an agent who can guide you more about the fort.

  1. Bundi 


Bundi has been an amazing spot. And this has been a location that has been widely popular for its step walls. The city still has over 50 step walls that you can explore. A very popular step wall has been the Queen step wall.

Also, noted that the city has Taragarh Fort and now the fort has a staggering art gallery. Run the city climate effortlessly at one of the lakes covering the city. Take a wildlife safari at Ramgarh Vishdhari Sanctuary.

  1. Pushkar 


Pushkar has been popular as a holy spot. This has been renowned for its Brahma Temple and camel fair. This has not been possible to miss the temple. Due to the usually chiming traditions that take place many terms a day.

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As well as, Pushkar has been also home to many other temples devoted to Lord Vishnu and Shiva. Each November, Pushkar held a camel fair and attract a lot of visitors to explore the appeals. So, get the Rajasthan group tour package and experience the beauty of this fair.

  1. Jodhpur 


The city of Jodhpur has been situated at the corner of the Thar Desert. The city has been filled with beautiful temples and forts. The city has been a historic spot with a lot of attractions.

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No trip can accomplish without a trip to Mehrangarh Fort. The biggest fort across the Rajsthan. The fort has been home to an elegant mirrored hall. As well as detailed sandstone screens in the ZenaniDeodi.

  1. Jaipur 


As we know Jaipur has been the capital of Rajasthan. A thriving spot teeming with amazing appeals and things to do. The city has three huge forts – Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, and Nahargarh Fort.

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Also, worth experiencing has been the City Palace. This has been an elegant combination of the Rajput and Mughal layouts. That has been so large, that a lot of visitors cannot explore it in a day.

So, if you are interested to explore the Rajasthan tour then these locations have been giving you a lot of exceptional memories. In case you looking to know how can I plan for Rajasthan tour, then all you have to do, get in touch with us and make your trip effortless, amazing, and memorable.

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