Rann Riders is an ethnically composed eco-resort, set among wetlands and agrarian fields. The resort has innovatively composed houses that mix with the rustic wide open in which it is arranged. Situated close Dasada town, it makes the perfect base to investigate the way of life, weaves and handiworks of the Surendranagar region.The resort offers jeep, stallion and camel safaris in the Little Rann of Kutch, natural surroundings of Asiatic Wild Ass and a birdwatching heaven.

Accomodations and Amenities in Rann Riders Safari Resorts :

accommodations-at-rann-riderEncompassed by wetlands, Rann Riders is an eco-accommodating resort innovatively composed utilizing neighborhood materials to reproduce the presence of a town. Facilities are in cabins, taking after the kooba places of the Bajania people group of Dasada and the bhunga places of the Rabaris of Kutch, improved with mirrors, mud-mortar work and weavings.

Accommodations  Rann Riders Safari Resorts :

Each of the houses has an a/c twin-room, with an agreeable stick bed, a dry dressing zone and a tiled lavatory with western-style latrine fittings and hot-and-cool showers.

Food and Drinks:

rann-riders-resort-dasada-foodRann Riders offers Continental and Indian cooking that can be served on the smorgasbord table, preplated or camp-style around a fire. Roasted nourishment is a claim to fame of the resort. On earlier implication, we serve Gujarati dinners, local claims to fame of the Maliks of Dasada, Bengali suppers and fish.

For veggie lovers, the Flamingo Restaurant has a broad Indian, Chinese and Continental ala carte menu.

Natural History Rann Riders Safari Resorts :

Little Rann of Kutch:

rann-of-kutchOne of the one of a kind exercises offered by Rann Riders is the cross-betray safari over the Little Rann of Kutch in open vehicles.

The Rann of Kutch is a topographically extraordinary scene that was at one time an arm of the Arabian Sea. As the land isolated from the ocean by topographical compels, it turned into a huge, featureless plain encrusted with salt that is immersed with water amid the downpours.

The safari over the Little Rann visits the ‘wagers’, islands on the old seabed that are presently higher grounds secured with grass and scour.

Wild life Rann Riders Safari Resorts :

rann-riders-dasadaRann Riders has an armada of open vehicles for crosscountry safaris in the Little Rann of Kutch, a 4950 sq km untamed life asylum involving an immense span of saline abandon wild scattered with grass-and-scrublands and swamps.

The Little Rann of Kutch is notable as the rest of the natural surroundings of the jeopardized Indian Wild Ass, a great individual from the steed family. Nilgai (blue bull), the biggest gazelle in India can be seen amid the drives. Indian Wolf, Indian and White-footed Desert Foxes, Golden Jackal, Striped Hyena, Desert, Jungle and Fishing Cat, and littler well evolved creatures like bunnies, hedgehogs, gerbil and field mice are found in the haven.

The Little Rann is occupied by forsake abiding reptiles including the Spiny-followed Lizard.

Birds Watching Rann Riders Safari Resorts :

birds-watching-rann-riders-resort-dasadaWith its little lake and broad fields, Rann Riders offers great birding at the resort itself. Dark and lake herons, egrets, pied and white-breasted kingfishers, spotbill, nakta (brush duck), saras cranes and different flying creatures can be seen at the waterfront. The brambles are additionally rich in flying creatures and shikra birds of prey have been seen roosted on the trees at the resort. The resort is additionally a perching spot for ruddy minister (rose-hued starling).

The trees additionally give reasonable settling zones to ibises, egrets and lake herons to breed.During the safaris in the Rann hope to see extensive herds of songbirds, and other dryland flying creatures like sandgrouse, coursers, plovers, visits, larks, babblers, shrikes.

Horse Safari :

horse-riding-at-dasadaThe primary fascination of our steed safaris is the delight of riding great and all around prepared stallions from indigenous breeds over heavenly open nation, rich in untamed life and social attractions. The riding courses can accord to your decision – unobtrusively strolling and jogging in the field, dashing crosswise over open forsake fields, watching feathered creatures and natural life from horseback in the Little Rann of Kutch, or going by towns off the principle street. You can ride close by the wild ass or pronghorns, stop to watch winged animals and even search for other untamed life like gazelle, wolf, fox and jackal.

Fairs and Festivals in Rann Riders Safari Resorts :

Tarnetar Fair (Aug/Sept):

tarnetar-fair-dasadaThe best known about Gujarat’s fairs is held at the notable place of worship of Tarnetar (Trineteshwar), a blessed site privately accepted to have been the first course of waterway Ganga. The reasonable is gone to by qualified herders, who don splendidly weaved umbrellas and unmarried young ladies from peaceful tribes, who get the chance to choose their spouses in the old Swayamwara convention.

The reasonable is said to celebrate the triumph of Arjuna at the challenge held for princess Draupadi in this district. A dunk in the sanctuary tank on this day is considered as favorable as a swim at the blessed showering ghats on the River Ganges.

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