Built in 18th  century by His Highness, Madho Singh ji of Jaipur, The Royal Heritage Haveli opens its entryways following 150 years as a boutique inn.

Presently possessed by Maharaj Jai Singh of Jaipur, the Royal Heritage Haveli is controlled by his niece Angelique and her significant other Pradip.

Known for their warm cordiality, Angelique and Pradip give every visitor a customized and honest taste of the former period of the Maharaja’s lifestyle.

An ethereal goal , the Royal Heritage Haveli is finished with drifting gardens, tranquil yards, rich insides and stately living territories. Just fourteen suites and one condo are in benefit as the lodging is devoted to giving a calm and serene sanctuary of space and extravagance to the recognizing few.
Experience the Royal in each corner
Appreciate a get-away from the everyday with uncommon hosts, consummated over eras.

Appreciate lunch or supper, enhanced with the hints of nature as you sit under the skies in the tranquility of the inward patio.

Royal Suite Room

White material and remarkable administration add to the experience. Be that as it may on the off chance that you might want to eat secretly, there is forever our formal feasting range that is a comfortable alcove of isolation with restricted seating, individual administration and the awe inspiring reverberation of a fresco divider that rises upto the roof and back, adding to the lofty experience of eating like sovereignty! Of course, sluggish breakfasts can be delighted in our long, languid verandah that opens up to the sun also, its glow.

Comfertable stay in Heritage Hotel

Beautifully wanted to hold light within the interiors as it channels through exquisite angled entryways and settles on frescoes on the dividers in congruity with the shades of every suite. Classy household items involve key regions while present day conveniences lie gently among silk and velvet upholstery on handpicked, conventional furniture that decorates each, very much designated suite.

Lavish and expansive, every suite has its own particular sitting aera for your liberality. A ruler’s lifestyle at the Royal Heritage Haveli.