Settled in the midst of the warm buzz of Mattancherry’s old bazaar, India’s First exhibition hall inn sits tucked away in a 1877 silo that adjoins the tranquil Cochin waterfront channel on one side and opens out onto the bazaar street on the other. The enchanting pitched rooftop, earthenware tiled structure was changed from its before days as a storehouse and later a godown that put away ayurvedic herbs into a curious historical center lodging by the Ebrahim Siblings.Afthab and Arshad Ebrahim, hailing from the Singeri group of Kutchi Memon plunge. The family moved from Gujarat in the mid 1800’s to Cochin and have shared important bits of their family history at the inn.

The Waterfront Granary Museum Hotel – Kochi


Uncommon family photos and relics exhibit a period that has been solidified in time. The historical center lobby on the round floor houses a gathering of models, original copies, furniture and increasingly that go back hundreds of years and tell numerous a story.The abounding bazaar outside the inn has been exchanging fragrant flavors, rice and heartbeats for a considerable length of time. The sourcing point for antiquated dealers from over the world the bazaar took after the deal framework for a considerable length of time.


Silk, stoneware and therapeutic herbs were boarded onto wooden boats to Europe. Antiquated pitched rooftop structures sits cheek by cheek while dealers still lead their business in rice, heartbeats, tea and flavors.On the opposite side of the inn lies the Mattancherry channel, the conduit that interfaces the sea to the port and backwaters. On the inverse shore is Willingdon Island, worked by Sir Robert Bristow, lodging the port expert workplaces, wharfs and terminals for boats to billet when they approach Cochin Port.


The Gallery Inn Gloats Of 16 Interesting Rooms; 5 With The Old World Appeal Of Godown Entryways And High Wooden Roofs; 3 Rooms With Water Front View; 3 Suite Rooms; 4 Rooms With A Bazar View And 1 Standard Room. The Sumptuous Utilization Of Beautiful Athankudi Hand Made Tiles For The Ground surface Adds To The Draw Of The Inn.


A Swimming Pool To Stay in shape, A Back rub Space To Restore, A Library To Keep You Refreshed With The Past And The Present And An In House Journey Pontoon To Ship Visitors For A Stunning Perspective Of The Dusk Are Recently A portion Of The Attractions At The Waterfront Storage facility. The Inn Has An Appealing Multi Cooking Eatery, The Dealers Deck Roosted On A Breakwater Ideal Out In The Ocean, Where The vast majority Of The Traveler Voyage Boats Go By And A First Of Its Kind Outdoors Bistro On The Patio, Asanjo Masalo Sitting above The Port And Serving Selective Customary Kutchi Tidbits And Beverages.


A Genuine Exhibition hall Lodging, The Waterfront Silo Likewise Has A Boutique Shop Where Visitors Can Purchase The Floor coverings, Trinkets And Collectibles. The Waterfront Storage facility Welcomes You To Make the most of Our Amazing Warmth And Friendliness And Be Our Advantaged Visitors While In Kochi.