India is a colorful country with different types of people, their living traditions, cultures, values, ethics, beliefs, and landscapes.

It is consistently ranked as one of the best countries to travel on a budget-trip for having numerous beautiful destinations. As there are several places to visit in India for making your journey even better & cheaper. Let us explore some of the names of the budget places to visit in India that can actually provide you a comfortable & wonderful journey. Below is a list of such budget places that can eventually make this possible for you.

1. Jaisalmer


One of the best places to visit as the well-known destination offers splendid forts, architectural beauty, marvels palaces, and much more. Find numerous fun-filled activities & interesting experiences at economically reasonable prices that will really make your head spin.

No matter wherever your final destination will be, you’ll ultimately amaze yourself while visiting Jaisalmer.

2. Goa

goa-budget places

Up for a pool party? Then, Goa is actually your true destination!

One of the tourists & an underrated place in India, this delightful state in the western part of India has the best home-stays, beautiful beaches & spiritual churches throughout the state. Visiting here, one can find the cheapest rate of accommodation, incredible foody places; spend good time at lovely beaches, rent a bike & roam around the city, grab cheap liquor & else take a dive into the sea.

Everyone must come here across the huge spirit of Goa once in their lifetimes and live the Hippie life at Rock bottom lakes!

3. Jaipur

jaipur-rajasthan-budget places

Another must-visit-place on your list of cheapest tourist places in India! Travel to the pink city Jaipur which is situated in Rajasthan, the westernmost state in India. The Land of Kings is almost on every traveler’s go-to-list as the city is one among the places to explore on a low budget. Also, there are many budget-friendly tours & stay options in this beautiful city.

If you’re going to Rajasthan, the Pink City offers cheap & easy getaway as there is plenty of things to do in Jaipur. It is thus an economical getaway with our Golden Trriangle Tour Packages.

4. Darjeeling

darjeeling-budget places

A beautiful yet gratifying place, Darjeeling is famous for its traditional & pretty little hotels, beautiful tea gardens, small old cottages; all are unexpectedly at low costs. Dawn & dusk time view with snow-laden mountains, delectable cuisines at reasonable prices & divine savor of renowned Darjeeling tea make the place worth to visit.

Add this beautiful destination to your go-to list, which can easily fit your budget. Enjoy its scenic beauty, charming view of the city with our short tour to Darjeeling.

5. Varanasi

varanasi-budget places

From cheap stay, homes top affordable boating rides, this religious place in India offers a lot way & takes little in return. Varanasi provides innumerable options for sight-seeing & a wide variety of foods at different food points with an incredibly low cost. Various temples, ghats, sanctums, sanctuaries and a holy dip in the holy water to cleanse your soul, make Varanasi, a must-visit-place in India. All of these things can be experienced with just a few money in your pockets. Try our 6 Days Delhi Agra Varanasi Tour and enjoy the spiritual journey to Varanasi.

Let’s move on to the land of spiritual Gods for getting an immeasurable essence of spirituality!

6. Amritsar

amritsar-punjab-budget places

The beautiful place is well-known for the famous Golden Temple, which is bound to calm you down & make you stress-free. Enjoy an amazing Golden Triangle Tour with amritsar tour for affordable Price with Us.

It is thus a city endeavoring with the divine ardaas of Golden Temple. A great paradise for all those random travelers, unlimited no. of foodies & devout staunch believers. Staying & worshipping at the Gurudwara is free for all. Men have to pay a nominal amount to stay there, however food & stay is free for girls & women.

7. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal-budget places

Located in Tamil Nadu state in India with incredible scenic beauty, an expanse of pristine hills, and some of the best street foods in the country, a stay at this ‘Princess of Hill Stations’ goes unbelievably easy to your pocket. Kodaikanal gives you homely places to stay and mouth-watering delicious street foods like fried chicken, etc at invariably low prices. Is it hard to believe, right?

All what you need for a great vacation. Plan a trip to Kodaikanal where hills & street food is just a matter of few bucks.

Why travel to India?

As the name itself suggests, India ranks 40th among 136 countries in the trade of Tourism & Travel and had alone entertained almost around 15 million tourists in the year 2017. One will find a lot of cheap places to travel but eventually, get exploited. India has thus become a popular tourist destination for the locals as well as for the outsiders too. Because of the following reasons, the country has maintained her glory:


One can find a rich biological diversity in India as the country has a diverse Flora (Wild Life) including tigers, lions, elephants, camels, etc. and some other unique species of birds like peacocks & various others to be visited at several Wildlife Sanctuaries and at Botanical Parks.

Delicious food

Indian cuisines are as rich & diverse in taste as its culture. You’ll enjoy super tasty, spicy & sweet foods at various local street food stalls.

Multiple Religions & Cultural Diversity

India is multi religion country Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Buddhists & Christians. Such type of diversity dates back to the Kushana Empire, which was one of the oldest known civilizations in Central Asia. India has a vibrant culture of its own and with each province having its own very unique traditions, regional languages, customs, beliefs, dressing styles, folk songs & dances.

Historical Architects & Geographical Diversity

India takes pride as being home to several beautiful historical architects like royal forts, big churches, mosques, temples & grandeur palaces located in almost every part of the country. The country has planes, snow-covered mountains & deserts. There are waterfalls, beaches & lakes, caves, fields & gardens to see.

These are some of the budget destinations in India. Explore all or any one of your favorite tourist place out of these & make your trip the most interesting and ever-memorable. All these Indian destinations offer a quintessential introduction to the history of ancient & modern India.

Travel for the adventure & experience!