After the dawn of the 21st Century, traveling to other countries became relatively easy which kickstarted the tourism industry. People traveled to other countries for experiencing different cultures, cuisines, and heritage. This also gave the chance to those people who’s forefathers migrated from their homelands in the 19th & 20th Century to discover their ancestor’s roots.

India was under British rule for about 250 years, during this period many Indians migrated to the other British colonies like South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago, Fiji, Mauritius, etc as a workforce.

fatel-razack-discover-your-indian-rootsEvery now & then, a large no. of people travel to India. Some people often find it difficult or even impossible to find where their roots are in India.  We really got inspired after knowing this story and have written this article regarding Genealogy Travel.

Are you curious about your ancestors’ history? It would be wonderful for those who actually want to find the land where their ancestors lived!

As in the 19th century, numerous people from the Indian state Bihar & Bengal known as Girmitiya laborers traveled to different parts of the world. These migrants are themselves a part of over more than a million of Indian people who travel towards colonies in the Atlantic as well as in the Indian Ocean.

As history depicts, the very first ship of about 217 people left Calcutta on February 16, 1845, to escape from poverty & to forge a new way of life overseas.

Many Countries which received these Indian Immigrants, now celebrate this occasion as Indian Arrival Day on different dates. One of these countries is Trinidad & Tobago which celebrate Indian Arrival Day on May 30 every year to mark the anniversary of the Indian coming to Trinidad. In the 1850s, the first batch of Indians who traveled on the Fatel Razack Ship as immigrants to Trinidad & Tobago were eventually brought as ‘indentured laborers.’ This program has given rise to many significant events that worked on immigration of Indian population to Trinidad.

Every Migrant was made to sign a contract on which an Emigration Pass was issued. This pass had useful information like their names, fathers’ & spouses’ name, ages, occupations, body identification marks, measurements, fingerprints, and previous jobs.

There are so many real-life examples that can be taken as accountable to discover your ancestor roots in India.

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A high-school passed girl & the great-great-granddaughter of Raj Pali, Himanshi Kumari is a first-generation who has her roots in Indo-Fiji while she lives in Australia. Her previous ancestors of 4 generations used to work in sugarcane plantations in Fiji, after moving from India around 139 years ago.

Discover your Indian Roots

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