One of the best unique stays in Rajasthan, Chanoud Garh, is a splendid 300 years old fort palace that attracts thousands of visitors every year. For its marvelous imperial splendor, this property is widely spread across an extensive area of about 200,000 sq feet. Standing as an oasis amidst the golden sands of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, the famous Chanoud Garh is a stunning home-like structure that is fully engrained in the history of India. The outstanding place has been restored & transformed into a heavenly heritage stay that aims at bringing together the Rajput hospitality all done with bespoke experiences.


Accommodation in Chanoud Garh

This hotel comprises of seven spacious rooms which are all done up lavishly. Likewise, old days, these were built during the colonial period in India. All these rooms having en-suite facilities & a private lounge area are inspired by the architecture of the Victorian era. Britishers, as well as other travelers, sought a comfortable, cozy stay here during their hunting expeditions.

With a perfect blend of Marwar, Mewar & Raj era structure, this Chanoud Garh offers ten expansive suites that are all furnished with charming, strange & old living furniture.


Dining in Chanoud Garh

The luxurious has three dining venues named the Janana Mahal Crown, the Khelikhana & the Moti Mahal. Each one of them offers a wonderful dining experience to the travelers.

A very cool, calm & beautiful place, Moti Mahal is the main dining hall where fresh breakfast & lunch is served. The Moti Mahal is equipped with wonderful original hand paintings illustrations with walls & spectacular views through the Jharokhas.

Generally, on the rooftop terrace at a community table, which is hosted by Thakur Ajeet Singh ji, dinner is an amazing candle-lit affair here, especially in summers.


There’s so much more than just history & hospitality!


Experience the breath-taking spectacular views of the saltwater pan shimmering under the desert sun while moving on a fortifying drive in the countryside. The amazing site is also the home to several migratory birds that flock from one place to another in search of food & due to weather change.

Heritage Walk

Explore the enchanting lives of the Royals without even leaving the grounds of the Garh as the head of the family, Thakur Ajeet Singh ji of Chanoud takes you through the 300-year-old history of the family and the property.

Village Walk

A Village Walk Tour, which weaves its way through historical temples, the local school, and the shops of artisans who continue to make each item by hand, following in the footsteps of their ancestors.


Colorful, vibrant & lively festivals form an integral part of everyone’s life. It brings a unique form of celebration, dance, song, merriment & enjoyment.

So, be it a festival of lights -Diwali,  the festival of colors – Holi or the monsoon festival – Teej, the family, invites its guests & travelers to dressed up in admiring traditional attires at the Garh. Become a huge part of immensely popular Celebrations here & bring home unforgettable experiences.

Chanoud Garh, is a classical Indian heritage hotel with a personal touch that one cannot buy from anywhere. Explore the best of rural Rajasthan while planning a visit & stay in this heritage hotel in the most captivating state of India.

Hotel Details

Address: Village Chanod Mdr 105, Pali, Rajasthan 306602, India


Phone :+91-2938282550

Mobile : +91-9983322955,+91-9828669221