The Windermere Estate is a boutique property, set up in the hearts of coffee & cardamom plantation in Munnar region in the Kerala state of India. The awesome place is covered all over by lush green garden & is high up in breath-taking green hills of Munnar.

With a Scottish Highlands feel, this nature retreat is situated on a hilltop at 5000 ft. Having the most spectacular views, this little gem is located up at 1,600m amidst vivid green tea plantations and the mighty Blue Mountains. Wooden beams, floorboards & terracotta tiles with linen and lace curtains add a warm, comfortable & homely feel to the beauty of the estate.

Dr. Simon bought this cardamom plantation estate spread across 60-acre land in the 1990s. It is now better known as an 18 room boutique hotel. Set at one end of a 50 acres plantation. It offers a barbeque view of the Munnar city.


Windermere Estate living rooms

There are three types of rooms, i.e. Estate rooms, Garden rooms, Planters’ room.

Having large windows with private balconies open to the mountainside, curl yourself up with a book & most sighting view of the Mother Nature. Keep your digital cameras & binoculars at your side as you’re expected to be visited by a no. of local birds at all hours.


Windermere Estate dining

Experience in dining here is somewhat different from that of other traditional hotels as nature dictates the entire menu. From the gardens & local markets, freshest produce are picked up every day to prepare a feast for guests traveling here.

Guests, as well as your friends, can enjoy special dining which offers spacious foods here as foods here are brought course by course. It would be a lovelier place for those who love to learn cooking a local dish, as they are superiorly welcome to visit the chefs in the kitchen.

*NOTE: Alcohol is not served here on our premises but however guests are allowed to have a drink inside the privacy of their rooms.


A woody space with an old lovely charm, drenched in the sun, meals are served in the Barn. An eccentric balcony overlooking tea gardens, this was greatly inspired by traditional cardamom curing houses. Thus, it’s a favorite breakfast & a lunch spot for all the guests.


Gather here for a hot cup of tea, a fried snack & some chit-bit conversations with your friends. This ‘Chai Kadai’ is a tea shop institution where hot sizzling Chai is served in charcoal fired large samovars. Relax, roam around, read a newspaper or indulge in gossiping. If you’re among those who’d like to have a mug of tea with some privacy, then pleasant picnic tables are present all across the gardens.


Pride of the estate, this enormous boulder soars high up to 70 feet above the ground. Climb up to the top for enjoying unbelievable mountainous & surrounding valleys view. The exquisite place creates a perfect setting for bonfires & barbeque.


With an old world beauty, that makes everyone fall in love with this lush green valley Munnar hills, there are plentiful things & activities to explore here. Some of these include:


Plan a blissful walk through the plantations here as the sun begins its lineage. This leisurely 4 km walk is surely one of the main highlights of visiting the wonderful estate in Munnar. Many gardens & grounds are covered permanently with evergreen trees & leaves. These are used to attract butterflies & birds.


Nearly every hill stations in Kerala are filled with various beautiful viewpoints. But this Vantage point in the Windermere is exquisitely private, which is easily accessible to worldwide travelers. One will find the most private viewing balcony with the charming views of Cardamom & Tea in the Western Ghats while climbing to the top. Enjoy cloud seeing with spectacular views of bird watching (friendly birds & admiring butterflies).


Watch colorful butterflies playing, read a book while basking in the sun in beautiful mesmerizing gardens of the estate. Guava, coffee & peach trees can be found in the strewed little lawns at Windermere estate.


The library here includes gracious collections of Dr Simon’s books along with hundreds of guests donated books. Choose your lovely time either at the day or night. If reading isn’t your kind of thing, then there’s also a tea garden that gives spectacular scenic views and is well stocked with board games & a stable Wi-Fi connection in the mountains.

A trip to Windermere is incomplete without spending at least an hour curled up


Traditionally overlooking a large expanse of sky or a water body, this granite-tiled little marvel pool isn’t temperature controlled. People find it natural as well as refreshing. So, stretch yourself out on a lounge chair, basking up in the sun while watching the birds flying over to the pool side at the Windermere.


Many birds & beautiful butterflies are also a part of Windermere Estate family as they love to visit the lovely gardens here. One can enjoy the morning whistling sounds of the Malabar & also the singing of the Red-whiskered Bulbul. It becomes one of the favorite things that wake up every visitor with the goodness of morning charm.

Last but not least, the Windermere Estate is, therefore, a popular area for hiking & cycling as well. It promises a true plantation experience to the people coming & staying here. Thus, the wonderful estate is a unique blend of simplicity and luxury, combining modern convenience with an old-world charm.

Hotel Details

Address: Bison Valley – Pooppara Rd, Pothamedu, Munnar, Kerala 685612


Phone : 04865 230 512

Mobile : +91-4865- 230 512