Hemis festival of Ladakh has other names like Ladakh Purnima or the Ladakh Autumn Festival. It is one of the unique and traditional festivals of India. The festival indicates the start of the cold winters and the festival is determined by the rich tradition from the past of Ladakh, it is mainly known as Mini Tibet, which indicates the means of Pahalgam in India.

When is Hemis Festival Ladakh Celebrated?

The end of June/start of July is to celebrate the Hemis festival Ladakh, which is celebrated in many parts of India and which includes Ladakh too. The festival attracts too many tourists who are arrived there to celebrate with joy and peace. It also attracts the people who came to visit Ladakh in June and July. Many Buddhist priests and other Buddhists from Sri Lanka and Nepal arrive in Ladakh to celebrate this festival.

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Hemis festival is going to be celebrated at the start of 28th June till 29th June 2023.

How is Hemis Festival Ladakh Celebrated?

The Hemis Festival begins with the Fires of “Bakula”. The music and dances are to be done in a very traditional and decent manner. Fire indicates the symbol of power and giving luck away in the coming year. The day also starts with the declaration of seven very good days. The activities and games are to be performed at the Hemis festival in Ladakh. The “Bakula” is to be fired in the morning and the “Buddha” is to fire at noon.

When “Kuldevta” has taken out in the late afternoon it indicates that the blessing and power has come to earth. A decent occasion happens to take place in the afternoon that full city is surrounded by candles and flowers and then the festival continues.

Durga Dur took place during the evening this Brahmin female performs a dance that indicates fertility and then their husband arrives and gives the blessing to the Durga which derives the ceremony name Durga Dur. It is celebrated at the large big hall where a large number of people can come and enjoy this peaceful festival with joy and happiness.

Why is the Hemis Festival Ladakh Celebrated?

Hemis festival Ladakh is memorialized on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava. It is mainly a two-day occasion of celebrating the victory of good and loss of the evil. The lord Padmasambhava defeat the bad and evil forces with the help of Vajrayana Buddhism. So, to remember the birth of Padmasambhava celebrate the day with joy and lots of happiness.

What is exclusive about Hemis Festival Ladakh?

While enjoying the view of the valleys, mountains, and rivers the full city of Ladakh emerges with the celebration of the Leh Ladakh festival which lasts for two days, and enjoying the moment of Hemis Monastery. It starts with a follower taking the blessing of a portrait guru in the early morning and musicians start playing the music when the ceremony is running. The masked dance makes the festival more attractive and it is also known as Cham. It is a type of slow form of dance and indicates the war between good and evil in which good use to win.

Other than that, there is a fair where you can purchase the Tibetan warriors, and the people over there are well dressed up and looks very traditional view worth watching it.

Main Attraction of Hemis Festival Ladakh

The colourful costumes which are worn by the locals of Ladakh are the biggest attraction in the Hemis festival. Women used to wear coloured and embroidered kameez with shawls which are matching to the kameez. The men usually wear white and simple outfits. The cloth material is usually stitched with Churida and hung from bamboo poles. The clothes look traditional and people use to look more attractive. Some of the more attractive for the Hemis festival of Ladakh are-

  • Cham Dance-: The masked dance which is also known as cham dance indicates the loss of the evil and the win of the good. Monks wear gowns, elaborate masks, and headgear according to the tradition which is going on. Every mask shows its significance as well as its meaning.
  • Handicrafts-: The most popular things are handicrafts among people during the Hemis festivals of Ladakh. There is an exhibition of handicrafts which attract the tourist to buy it. There are many gemstones, eye-catching jewelry, carpets, and baskets, these things add more charm to the festival.
  • The Local Drink-: Chang is the traditional liquor that is usually intake during the festival. This is a traditional drink that consists of rice water and added with other ingredients and which looks drink different from others.

 Highlights of Hemis Festival Ladakh

  • The masked dance indicates the defeat of evil over good which is the highlight of this festival. People use to do many drama activities during the festival and there are many people who surround the stage completely to watch. The people use to wear their traditional forms of clothes every person looks very attractive with the clothes which they wear.
  • At the end of the drama, they use to dance and celebrate it with full joy and happiness and the dance theme indicates the loss of the evil and winning of the good people.
  • The Tibetan year used to add more fun with the monkey aka 12th year. The people over there are surrounded by the spiritual power of the guru Padmasambhava. Various people surround and see the thangka which is decorated very beautifully. The Thangka consists of gems, stones, and pearls on it.

How to reach Hemis Festival Ladakh?

By Train:- The railway station nearest to Ladakh is Jammu Tawi. After reaching Jammu Tawi you need to travel by cab or taxi.

By Air:- The nearest airport is Leh and from Leh, Ladakh is around 34 kilometers so preferable after reaching the airport take a cab.

By Bus:- A number of private and government buses are available to go between Shrinagar to Leh. First of all, you need to reach Leh by bus and then take a cab to reach Hemis festival In Ladakh