The last year, a drastic outbreak of the COVID has caused great losses to the tourism industry. Compared to other industries, a country’s tourism industry is highly affected because of internal and external shocks. If you want to know the impact of COVID-19 on India travel industry and its future, here we mention a complete guide for you.

The tourism industry has been one of the most substantial patrons to India’s GDP. The sector even creates a huge employment centre. The COVID-pandemic has critically affected the tourism industry in India and worldwide, covering sectors such as tour operators, hospitality, travel agents, air, sea and land transportation industry, and others. Travel and tourism companies will have to recuperate the trust and confidence of people in the recovery period to travel again after the pandemic.

According to the WTCC, the coronavirus pandemic is supposed to cost the tourism industry at least USD 22 billion, ending in a loss of 50 million jobs worldwide. India is no exception; tourism has experienced a notable decline throughout 2020. In such a condition, India is no exemption; tourism has experienced a notable decline throughout 2020. GOI has a vital role to play in the revival and development of the tourism industry. GOI requires to take instant support propositions under the Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) to minimize the result of COVID-19 on the tourism industry.

The tourism industry is apparently the worst-hit sector because of the pandemic and the sequential limitations commanded throughout the lockdown phase and also exceeding. The revival of this industry should be a major concern for GOI.

Role Of Travel And Tourism In India

In the year 2018, travel & tourism offered 9.2 per cent to India’s GDP and created 26.7 million jobs in that year. The tour and tourism industry operates workers in cities and offers an earning support for the provincial community.

The tourism sector accounts for 12.75 per cent of employment in India, 5.56 per cent of it is direct, and 7.19 per cent is indirect. According to the Ministry of Tourism (MOT) annual report for 2019-2020, over 87 million people were employed in the 2018-19 India travel sector.

Effects Of COVID-19 on Travel And Tourism In India

  • Because of Coronavirus, the Indian tourism and hospitality business is anticipating a dormant job loss of 38 million.
  • With global and domestic tourism on pause, the need for turbine fuel has essentially declined.
  • Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) determines the hotel, flight, and tour sector collectively may undergo a loss of about Rs. 85 billion, having in mind the tourism limitation required on international visitors.
  • The impact of Coronavirus would be considered on both white and blue-collar jobs.
  • The hospitality industry in India is awaiting nearly zero interest in the instant term and a drop of 50 per cent in the months to come.
  • There is a menace of job loss of almost 15 per cent in the hotel and restaurant industry when the lockdown is lifted because they will not notice an instant rush in demand.

Coronavirus may have made the speed of the travel and tourism industry in India to an absolute pause; however, it has not yet broken the vitality of the individuals comprised in this sector. The blow may look harsh; however, there is still hope left. We trust, if we endure and stay in this unitedly, you as a visitor and we as operatives, we will get in this what sounds like a nightmare. Therefore, we request you to not give up on your plans for domestic trips this year. When things are in position, we will be behind with our best travel services.

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