MALJI KA KAMRA is exceptionally old, reestablished chateau (haveli) around the local area of Churu, on the edge of Shekhawati district in Rajasthan. The turquoise blue, Wedding cake like layered structure is a building wonder – a one of a kind blend of Shekhawati’s acclaimed fresco artistic creations with European pillared engineering, Italian workmanship deco impacts and Mughal style entryways and curves.

malji-ka-kamra-hotel-churu-rajasthanMalji Ka Kamra is more than 100 years of age’s. The place was utilized as an amusement house for going by dignitaries with specialists being called upon from all edges of Bikaner riyasat. One of the rooms still convey unique painting of Ganga Singh Ji – who used to remain in that specific room amid his regular visits to Churu.

malji-ka-kamra-hotel-churuArranged in the heart of Churu – the slightest investigated of three areas containing Shekhawati – Malji ka Kamra exhibits a one of a kind mix of Italian style development consolidated with resourcefulness of nearby engineers. The tremendously noteworthy stucco deal with the outsides and Shekhawati style wall paintings painted in the insides are a portion of the finest cases of craftsmanship pervasive in mid twentieth century.


dining-malji-ka-kamra-churuAt Malji Ka Kamra, we take pride in our sustenance (simply like any Marwari would) since it is a highlight to anybody’s visit to a Marwari’s home. Situated on the ground floor, our primary feasting lobby used to be the focal point of all move and music exhibitions in unique days. Its’ casual climate and high roof configuration is the ideal setting for a satisfying feasting knowledge. The dinners are straightforward, home-cooked assortment giving you a best vibe of neighborhood Marwari food (basically veggie lover), with a couple non-vegan dishes included for solace of our visitors.

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Those knowledgeable with Marwari cooking and wishing to relish a portion of the more famous Rajasthani luxuries can likewise anticipate a satisfying fooding background as we set up together lavish dishes utilizing freshest fixings from neighborhood advertise.

Village Lunch:

village-lunch-at-malji-kamra-churuTown Brunch/Lunch – For little gatherings, we compose flavorful town cooked nourishment in a true provincial setting. You would be facilitated at a rancher’s home, recently outside the town, in Dhani Kadwasar. Dhani’s ranch deliver are much looked for after in Churu’s vegetable market and known for their freshness. Take a visit, collaborate with family and have average sustenance. Your Rajasthani town encounter can’t show signs of improvement than this.

Rooms and Suites:

malji-kamra-roomsOur rooms property functions as an interesting passage to find Shekhawati’s “open craftsmanship display” past its touristic town of Mandawa. Churu’s havelis, calm and unhustled as they seem to be, fill in as a crisp breath of air and take you to an alternate period of creative excellence. In the meantime, there is much to find around the local area making it one of the best Rajasthan encounters – if your concept of a travel includes knowing the general population, their story and culture, making the most of your own space in peaceful environs and not just finding the landmarks.

Things To Do:

Churu Heritage Walk:

churu-heritage-desertToday a locale town, it was viewed as the second town of the regal condition of Bikaner before autonomy. It is said to have been established in 1563 by a Jat, whose name it took, while the work on present stronghold started in 1739. Churu opens the entryway to the colossal betray of Thar, there are floating sand – ridges around the town, especially on the south and west sides.

The town was an imperative community for the train exchange with the groups of Mantri , Poddar , Bagla and Kothari being among the essential traders of the place. A few havelis in their names still dab the town. A legacy stroll around the old town will take you to striking gloriousness of its rich past.

Wild Life and Birding:

churu-willifeSituated on the edge of the Great Indian Desert, it is home to a decent assortment of creatures and flying creatures. The place settles a special asylum of the most exquisite Antelope experienced in India, “the Black buck”. Other wild creatures found in the asylum are chinkara, fox, juangle feline, rojra alongside numerous occupant and transitory feathered creatures. It lies in transit of transitory go of many feathered creatures and along these lines it is additionally mainstream with fledgling significant others. A portion of the distinctive types of transient winged creatures that can be found in the asylum are harriers, sand grouses, demoiselle cranes, patridges, short toed birds, blue ibis, brownish hawks, majestic falcons and numerous others.

birding-at-malji-kamraNumerous little streams and lakes can be found in specific seasons and the place has an ethereal delight. There are not very many trees that can be found in the Tal Chappar Wildlife Sanctuary and the greater part of the vegetation is in type of meadows.

Camel and Jeep Safaris:

camel-safari-churuA Camel Safari or a 4X4 ride can be masterminded on your desire to appreciate the encompassing desert. For the most part, mornings and nighttimes are charming circumstances for a ride. You see leave as well as get a look into villager’s life, horticulture in these grounds and in addition spot deers and blackbucks for a look into untamed life. Evening safaris can be trailed by Sundowners in rises.

Have you at any point needed to lay outside and simply take a gander at the stars? Look at stars with amazement as you did in adolescence or recount kids the stories behind them. Star looking can be an elating hobby with your family or a sentimental dream with your loved one, as much as it used to be decades back.

Folk Dance and Music:

rajasthani-folk-danceThe derun players of Shekhawati move and strike a little twin-confronted drum made with firmly extended goat gut while singing tunes of Gogaji the snake god. The individuals from this group are vagabonds who used to cure the impacts of a snake chomp. In any case, their exchange is undermined by the invasion of present day veterinary practices. Another with its normal music is the bhopa group – whose routine with regards to summoning the recuperating forces of Pabuji, lord of camels and steeds through a throughout the night recitation of his epic story is currently contracting.

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