Matheran is a slope station and a metropolitan chamber in the Raigad region in the Indian province of Maharashtra. It is a slope station in Karjat Tahsil and is additionally the littlest slope station in India. It is situated on the Western Ghats run at a rise of around 800 m (2,625 feet) above ocean level. It is situated around 90 km from Mumbai, and 120 km from Pune. Matheran’s nearness to numerous metropolitan urban areas makes it a famous end of the week getaway for urban inhabitants. Matheran, which signifies “woods on the temple” (of the mountains) is an eco-delicate area, proclaimed by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India. It is Asia’s just vehicle free slope station.

Louisa Point:


Louisa Point is one of the significant touring attractions of the goal, which gives perspectives of wonderful environment. Situated on a level, this point offer wonderful perspectives of antiquated landmarks, which incorporate strongholds of Vishalgad and Prabal. The fact of the matter is frequented by nature darlings to locate dusk.

Neral Matheran Train:


Matheran Hill Railway is a 2 ft (610 mm) limit gage legacy railroad in Maharashtra, India. The railroads goes under the organization of the Central Railways. The railroad covers a separation of 21 km (13.05 mi), over expansive swathes of woods domain associating Neral to Matheran in the Western Ghats. The Neral–Matheran Light Railway was worked in the vicinity of 1901 and 1907 by Abdul Hussein Adamjee Peerbhoy, financed by his dad, Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy at a cost of 16 lakh (US$25,000).

Panorama Point:


Panorama Point is a vital touring fascination, which is well known for offering a wonderful sight of dawn. The fact is a perfect outing spot from where explorers can locate Chanderi, Navara-Navari, Peb Fort and Mhas-Mal. Hillocks including Hart Point, Porcupine Point and Monkey Point are likewise obvious from the spot.

Prabal Fort:


Prabal Fort, however in ruins, is among the most antiquated landmarks of the district. The fortress was roosted on Prabal Hills on the western side of Matheran. This authentic post was caught by the Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji from Mughals. According to students of history, there was treasure at the fortification amid the season of catch.

Echo Point:


Echo Point is one of the spots in the slope station that offers an excellent perspective of the environment. As its name recommend, Echo Point is outstanding for hearing echoes from the slopes.

One Tree Hill:


One Tree Point or One Tree Hill is a well known site among visitors, which is an unmistakable spot with a solitary Jambhul tree arranged at the best. Climbing through Shivaji’s stepping stool and descending from the slope to valley is an energizing background. According to students of history, the way was found by a British authority of Thane area, Hugh Poyntz Malet.

Rambagh Point:


Rambagh Point is among the mainstream vacation destinations, which offers a chance to see magnificence of the slopes. A standout amongst the most renowned excursion spots in the locale, the fact is enhanced with satisfying and lovely condition. Locating nightfall from the fact of the matter is one of the famous exercises.

Alibag To Matheran:


The aggregate straight line remove amongst Alibag and Matheran is 55 KM (kilometers) and 822.62 meters. The miles based separation from Alibag to Matheran is 34.7 miles. This is a straight line separation thus more often than not the genuine travel remove amongst Alibag and Matheran might be higher or fluctuate because of ebb and flow of the street .