Consolidating the effortlessness and glory of the past period with contemporary solaces and warm administration, Plantation Trails, TATA Coffee’s cordiality image, is a gathering of lodges arranged in the verdant slopes of Coorg and Chikamagalur. Settled in the lap of extravagance, these lodges are roomy, curious and agreeable, and have been the picked occasion goals of numerous a voyager searching for peace and isolation.

coorg-experiences-naturewalkFinish with an in-house gourmet expert, a head servant and housekeeping staff, every cabin gives a genuinely extraordinary ordeal. While remaining with us, keep in mind to appreciate the energizing Bean-To-Cup visit! Our master guide will reveal to all of you there is to think about espresso, and don’t be amazed on the off chance that you get the whiff of vanilla, pepper and different flavors!

Our Properties:


coorg-karnatakaCoorg is a delightful place for vacationer looking for characteristic beautiful spots and energizing treks. Coorg, also called Kodagu lays on the laps of the mountains in South India (Karnataka), beautiful to the degree that it makes you go gaga for nature. The quietness and the innovation of Coorg are untainted and the appeal is without a doubt rough and wild.With lush slants, alluring towns, dynamic display and the regular view, Coorg has a fantastic mix for the voyagers. The perpetual mountain ranges, slants ascending to the sky and the lush undertaking of this place give it an imperative character.


chikmagalur-karnatakaChikmagalur is popular tourist destination as it has a huge number of tourist spots. Chikmagalur is really a very picturesque one, that can be best described as an paradise for relaxation, the surrounding area is known for a different landscape – from the low flatlands to the hilly regions of Western Ghats. Chikmagalur district has a huge number of coffee estates, and is rightly considered to be the coffee hub of Karnataka.

Chikmagalur and its tourism is a paradise for all travelers because it includes loads of tourist destinations, starting pilgrim places to coffee plantation and wildlife tourism spots to adventure sports locations. Hill stations, Well-known Temples, Beautiful waterfalls and National Parks – Chikmagalur has them all!


karadibetta-bungalow-hassanHassan District is one of the 30 locale of Karnataka state situated in the south-western piece of Karnataka in India. The region has had a momentous and rich history. Before, it achieved the tallness of its radiance amid the control of the Hoysalas who had their capital at Dwarasamudra, the advanced Halebeed in Belur Taluk. The locale, noted for its charming characteristic beautiful magnificence is likewise a veritable fortune place of Hoysala engineering and model, the best examples of which are at Belur and Halebeed. Shravanabelagola, in Channarayapatna taluk, which is studded with Jain moduments, is a famous focus of journey for the jains.


deluxe-rooms-karnatakaContaining 3 rooms, all arranged on the primary floor, this cottage can have up to 6 visitors. All rooms are sufficiently bright and breezy and have a fabulous perspective of the encompassing slopes. There is a tranquil corner room where visitors can read or simply appreciate some espresso. The lodge additionally has a garden and a very much characterized parking spot. 3 open, vaporous rooms furnished with hot and cool water, joined shower, and 360 degree perspective of the plantations.Satellite TV is accessible in the basic room.Convenience at the Arabidacool Bungalow is a lavish affair. Visitors have a decision between the Heritage Rooms and Luxury rooms, all of which are furnished with en suite offices. The lodge has a typical living range and additionally a lounge area and gives an awe inspiring perspective of the grand ranches of Chikmagalur.


diningThe cabin has a typical feasting region containing a table for six people. Visitors can look over a shifted rundown of territorial rarities and also select North Indian and Continental dishes. The lounge area is arranged on the principal floor of the lodge and has a view like no other. With glass windows all around, visitors can appreciate a fabulous perspective of the slopes while savoring their most loved dishes arranged by the in-house culinary specialist!



coorg-experiences-birdwatchingWith more than 300 types of winged animals settled in the locale, Coorg is an asylum for untamed life aficionados, nature darlings and prepared birdwatchers and is as elevating for beginners as well. Let our master control you on forested tracts, sharing his insight into the feathered tenants, even as you are welcomed by these animals of flight, both normal and uncommon, be it the Great Black Woodpecker, the Hill Myna, the White-bellied Blue Flycatcher or the Indian Gray Hornbill. Appreciate the untainted backwoods, resounding with an avian choir – the ever steady background to life in the slopes – before coming back to a hot, some espresso.


photography-at-coorg-karnatakaKnown for its amazing excellence, It furnishes a dazzling picture with each snap. Given the rich culture and legacy of the land, the city offers shutterbugs numerous a chance to catch and gather recollections that will endure forever.

Plantation Walk:

plantation-walk-coorgThe prolific valley of Chikmagalur fixed with fragrant espresso ranches is ideal for salubrious, reviving strolls. Investigate the place that is known for espresso with our master naturalist who will reveal to all of you there is to think about the bean, at the same time luxuriating in the sweet fragrance of the espresso berry mixed with fiery tones of cinnamon and pepper. At 4000 feet above ocean level, this is your opportunity to go out for a stroll in the mists.

Belur and Halebeedu temples visit:

belur-halebeedu-templesIt is home to antiquated Hindu design and the notable sanctuaries at Belur and Halebeedu from the staggering Hoysala Empire are an unquestionable requirement visit. These unpredictably made spots of love with excellent carvings give the guest an essence of the fine craftsmanship that was pervasive in the former period.

Coffee Plantation Tour:

coorg-coffee-plantationA sprawling, espresso scented heaven resonating with an ensemble of fowls – everything about the locale is certain to entice the nature darling in you. Begin the day with a trek through the manors with a guide. Find out about the botanical and faunal biological system in the district, welcome the quietude of the forested areas or get baited by a lone creepy crawly at work, all to return revived and tuned in to nature.

Visit the Irpu and Abbey Falls:

abbey-falls-coorgSputtering and falling down rough slopes, the Irpu and Abbey Falls are Coorg’s most loved waterfalls. The spout of water alongside the trilling of winged creatures gives a superb break from the city sounds, while the beautiful perspective of the falls is certain to blow your mind. While the Abbey Falls drops down from a tallness of 70 feet, the Irpu Falls dives down from a stunning stature of 170 feet making a determined thunder in the encompassing woods. Awesome traveler goals, guests throng the place to take a plunge in the waterfalls and absorb the stunning perspective.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary visit:

wildlife-sanctury-coorgA place to investigate your wild side, the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is the ideal place to begin your get-away at Chikmagalur. Spread over a region of more than 490 square kilometers, the save is a thick evergreen timberland. You’d have the capacity to spot a wide range of sorts of types of creatures, for example, pumas, sambar deer, elephants and wild pigs and in case you’re fortunate, a grand tiger may even cross your way!