Mumbai is one of the most visited cities in India. It’s also one of the most densely populated cities in the world. It is the financial capital of India, home to Bollywood, and a place where people come from all over the world for work, education, or just as tourists. If you are visiting Mumbai for the first time there are lots of things that you can do in Mumbai. While most people go to Mumbai to visit places such as the Gateway of India or Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, many other places are worth visiting while in the city. This can make it difficult to find some peace. But that’s not to say you can’t get out of town on the weekends and explore some amazing places around Mumbai. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of the best day trips to take from Mumbai for you.

Here are some great day trips that you can take from Mumbai:

  • Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves

Located on an island near Mumbai’s Gateway of India, these rock-cut caves date back more than 2,000 years ago and are famous for their sculpture work. The main cave contains 20 reliefs depicting scenes from Hindu mythology, including the creation myth and a battle between deities Shiva and Parvati over a lingam (phallic symbol). The caves also feature several temples dedicated to different deities, including Ganesh and Kartikeya (Shiva’s son), and a series of monolithic sculptures representing various demons. Tickets cost around 300 rupees per person.

  • Matheran


The hill station of Matheran is located around 90 miles northeast of Mumbai and is easily accessible by road or rail. It’s known for its lush forests, cool climate, and stunning views over the plains below. The most popular way to reach Matheran is by train from Kurla Station in Mumbai. Once you’re there, it’s best to hire a taxi as there isn’t much public transport available on the hillside.

  • Lonavala


Lonavala is a town in Maharashtra located about 60 km from Mumbai and offers beautiful views of the Sahyadri Mountains. This weekend getaway spot is also known for its waterfalls, temples, lakes, and gardens. The best way to explore this area is by taking an early morning ride on the toy train from Lonavala station, which will take you to Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves, Bhandardara Dam, and back again with stops at Panorama Point along the way, where you can enjoy panoramic views of Mumbai city. Getting there allows you to see some villages and towns along the way that don’t have as much traffic as Mumbai does! Once there, you can go hiking or shopping at various boutique stores selling clothes, accessories, and more.

  • Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat is the most beautiful place to visit in Mumbai. This ghat is situated near the city of Pune, Maharashtra. The Malshej Ghat, also known as “Devgad Ghat,” offers a picturesque view of the Sahyadri mountain range and its lush green forests and wildlife. Malshej Ghat has many cascading waterfalls that are perfect for trekking. There are numerous waterfalls here like Bhimashankar waterfall, Shivaneri waterfall, Kondivade waterfall, and so on… These waterfalls are located amidst dense forest cover, making them even more beautiful.

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  • Nashik Wine Tour

Nashik Wine Tour

The wine region around Nashik has long been known as one of India’s premier wine regions. More than 100 vineyards here produce wines from local grapes like Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Nashik is also famous for its white teas and saffron production. Nashik to Mumbai one day trip package will allow you to visit several wineries and sample their wines. You can also enjoy a meal at one of their restaurants where you can try dishes made with locally grown produce like mushrooms and vegetables cooked in wine sauce!

  • Adlabs Imagica

Adlabs Imagica

A full day out at Adlabs Imagica is an experience you’ll remember for years! With over 25 rides and attractions, it is one of India’s most popular theme parks. The ultimate fun destination for all age groups, Adlabs Imagica, is the perfect place to take a day trip from Mumbai. The park has been designed so that it appeals to every person visiting it. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your family on the weekend, this is a great option!

  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is located in the northern suburbs of Mumbai and the best day trips to take from Mumbai. It is one of the largest national parks and can be explored by going on a guided trek. You can also take your camera along with you as several species of birds, including peacocks and kites, are found here. If you would like to spend more time in nature, this is the perfect place as it has a lot; including adventure activities like rock climbing, rappelling, and camping.

  • Kashid Beach

Kashid Beach

If you want the best one day trip near Mumbai for couples then Kashid Beach is a good choice. Located just outside Pune, this beach has calm waters perfect for swimming. You can also rent paddleboards if you want to get out on the water or go fishing off the pier — though we recommend bringing your equipment as none is available there. If you want to do something more adventurous like parasailing or jet skiing, some operators offer these services nearby.

  • Mahabaleshwar


The Queen of all hill stations, Mahabaleshwar is a beautiful place to visit. It is located in the Sahyadri hills (Western Ghats) at 4,721 feet above sea level. This tour is as popular as the Taj Mahal day tour. You can go here for several reasons, the most popular reason being to catch a glimpse of the scenic beauty. It has been rated as one of the best hill stations in India; which is no surprise because it has a lot to offer you. Mahabaleshwar has several places worth visiting, such as The Lingmala, Chinaman and Dhobi waterfalls and Elphinstone point, and more.

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