Vembanad House is a cottage encompassed by the tremendous Vembanad lake on every one of the three sides. Behind the house, there are paddy fields and normal tropical gardens,charming towns and delightful old temples.From the sit out before the house you will have a stunning perspective of the lake spread out in all its radiance.

Is a social activity from Vembanad House Kerala. Its principle center and object is Sustainable Development. Dependable Tourism that can bolster the protection of wet terrains, bio-differences and the advancement of groups around is the principle center

vembanad-houseThe lake itself is one of the biggest Kol or wetlands frameworks in Kerala, and is an estuarine framework . It is a mind boggling amphibian arrangement of 95km long beach front backwaters which incorporates tidal ponds, mangroves estuaries sand banks,marshes, and recovered lands,with many-sided system of regular channels and man-made waterways reaching out from Kuttanad in the south to the kol grounds of Trissur in the north.The add up to range of the wetland framework is 1521.5 –approximately 4% of the states geographic area.Vembanad is prestigious for its mollusk assets and sub-fossil stores. It has a high natural assorted qualities, produces hydrological and biological administrations, and backings the work of the nearby populace.

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Fauna of the district requires extraordinary specify and amid the winter months its backings the third biggest populace of more than 20000 water fowls. It is likewise a natural surroundings for a wide assortment of birdsand ocean creatures.

vembanad-house-foodMuhamma is a little town on the bank of Vembanad Lake, in Alappuzha District in Kerala. You can Spot Pathiramanal island amidst the Lake.

It s basic town with individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds and all groups who have a symphonious existence here. Angling ,shellfish gathering and handling mollusk shells,coir making and cultivating are the real occupations of the villagers .From Vembanad House you can see the everyday exercises of angler. In Muhamma you can see heaps of little sanctuaries, you can hear the droning of mantras from sanctuaries and see the grinning villagers and kids.


vembanad-house-roomsWe have an extravagance rooms at Vembanad House, all are molded rooms with huge agreeable beds, substantial closets, composing tables and seats to oblige a family. Family room comprises one twofold in addition to one twin informal lodging regular lavatory. The rooms have their own private sit outs confronting the lake.The stylish feeling of Kerala is shown with loads of old fashioned furniture and customarily cut furniture,mostly made of teak and rose wood. The tasteful feeling of Kerala is shown with bunches of old fashioned furniture and generally cut furniture.The rooms have their own particular private sit outs confronting the lake.


kerala-backwatersKerala is a standout amongst the most looked for after vacationer goals, the world over. Its enchanting occasion spots-shorelines, natural life havens, backwaters, slope stations are all near each other, It is a propelled state with education rates as high as 90%. It is an ideal case of three distinct religions living next to each other in pefect amicability.

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Backwaters are hundreds of years old and allude to the system of numerous streams, trench and regular water bodies mismatching the thin seaside belt of Kerala. They are a one of a kind element and the pride of Kerala in view of the lively group life along the banks, buzzing with its own way of life.


Vembanad Lake:

vembanad-lakeVembanad lake is an unpredictable amphibian frameworks of 96km long costal backwaters ,lagoons,marshes,mangroves,and recovered lands,with many-sided system of normal channels and man-made trenches stretching out from Kuttanad in the south to the kol terrains of Thrissur in the north.The add up to region of the wetland framework is 1521.5 –approximately 4% of the states geographic area.area. Vembanad is famous for its shellfish assets and sub-fossile deposits.The avifauna of this range Requires exceptional mention.During the winter months,the Vembanad bolsters the Third biggest populace of more than 20000 water fowls in india. The Vembanad kol backwaters with its broad system of rivers,lakes,canals,and lagoons,fringed by lavish green coconut forests and paddy fields ,harboring a Variety of birds,is a standout amongst the most appealing back water framework on the planet. Vembanad is a fortune trove for ornithologist and winged creature beaus as a result of its Rich avifauna.


swimming-keralaThe wide quiet lake welcomes you to swim in its waters-exceptionally invigorating! Swimming is a magnificent game for people who are visually impaired or outwardly debilitated. It has been honed for a long time by people of any age, for rivalry, wellness, and fun.


cycling-at-vembanad-house-keralaThis will give you a knowledge into the exercises of the people,helps you make more progress faster..besides being a decent exercise. Cycling can shield you from genuine infections, for example, stroke, heart assault, a few malignancies, discouragement, diabetes, weight and arthritis.Riding a bicycle is sound, fun and a low-affect type of activity for all ages.


spirituality-at-vembanad-houseThere are innumerous sanctuaries around the property and a few capacities or celebrations are continually being praised, subsequently allowing you to find out about the religious part of the land.The delicate sparkling oil lights in the blurring daylight joined by droning or the hints of sanctuary drums will have a quieting impact on you.

The Ayappa sanctuary close-by has a legend connected to it..Its here that Lord Ayappa learnt the conventional Kerala military workmanship, that is the Kalari.

Bird Watching:

bird-watching-at-keralaThe wealth of Nature with all its greeney,thick rich foliage welcomes countless sorts of birds..woodpeckers,sparrows egrets..indeed a winged creature mates paradise.Bird viewing is the survey of feathered creatures in their common living space in the wild, or in their ad libbed territories in urban regions, conceivably even in your own back yard. Winged creature watching includes recognizing feathered creatures and understanding their conduct. This captivating leisure activity is ending up noticeably progressively famous as a side interest appreciated by youthful and old alike.

Boat Ride:

kerala-boat-rideWatercraft ride on a vallam (nearby pontoons) over the wide field of the lake.With such delightful climate and serene water bodies, drifting is certainly a standout amongst the most charming and calming exercises to be done in VEMBANAD HOUSE.

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